Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

  1. The Act Of Killing 2013 What Oppenheimer is after is a parallel story, a glimpse into the minds of men who can recount mass killings and think "Those were the days." full review
  2. The Angels' Share 2013 If you want to look for it, you'll find a layer of metaphor (the distilling process as a symbol of the characters' evolution) and social-realist commentary amid the gentle, life-affirming laughs. full review
  3. Augustine 2013 Though the tone is solemn, I took the finale as a knowing, agreeably dirty joke. full review
  4. Berberian Sound Studio 2013 A one-trick pony, but it's a reasonably cool trick. full review
  5. Blackfish 2013 "Blackfish" makes a compelling case that the cruelty of life in captivity is the cause for a rash of fatal attacks by orcas on their trainers, aggressive behavior that no so-called killer whale ever has exhibited in the wild. full review
  6. Blue Is The Warmest Color 2013 The film's French title is "The Life of Adele, Chapters 1 and 2." At the fade-out, you feel, with sympathy and hope, how much more lies ahead of her. full review
  7. Caesar Must Die 2013 A film somewhere between documentary and neo-realist drama. full review
  8. Computer Chess 2013 A shambling, Altmanesque ensemble comedy. full review
  9. The Croods 2013 It's the kind of rib-tickling, emotionally satisfying, universally appealing effort that gives computer animation a good name. full review
  10. Crystal Fairy 2013 The movie is a little Mobius strip of laughter and pain. full review
  11. Cutie And The Boxer 2013 Heinzerling captures candid, touching moments that illustrate the awe-inspiring power of love and acceptance. full review
  12. Drug War 2013 [To] gives a solid 90 minutes of edgy foreplay before delivering the goods. full review
  13. Gimme The Loot 2013 A thousand-watt jolt of mischief, a spunky, funky, ebullient indie that packs its 81 minutes with cinematic exhilaration. full review
  14. The Grandmaster 2013 A deliriously beautiful martial-arts saga, a mix of exuberant violence and restrained eroticism. full review
  15. The Host 2013 There's only so much value that Niccol's slick presentation can add to Meyer's shallow material. full review
  16. How I Live Now 2013 It's breathtaking how many tones and themes are skillfully juggled in "How I Live Now." full review
  17. The Iceman 2013 It's as if one of the sideline characters from "Goodfellas" or "The Godfather" starred in his own spinoff. full review
  18. In the House 2013 The seductions of storytelling drive "In the House," a cleverly structured comic thriller rich with narrative trickery and macabre humor. full review
  19. Inch'Allah 2013 Brochu is mesmerizing as the outsider struggling to make an uneasy peace with her circumstances and the people around her. full review
  20. Inequality For All 2013 President Clinton's secretary of labor lectures on income inequality with a refreshing lack of jargon. full review
  21. Jobs 2013 Other than people who are mildly curious about the guy who put the smartphone in their pocket and the tablet computer in their knapsack, I'm not sure who "Jobs" was made for. full review
  22. John Dies at the End 2013 How can a single movie contain all this awesome craziness? full review
  23. Lovelace 2013 Lovelace bids to whip up hot indignation about an outrage four decades old. Instead, it provokes dismay. full review
  24. Mud 2013 Writer/director Jeff Nichols creates richly realized characters in a tale that moves like a cottonmouth viper, advancing slowly until it strikes with sudden violence. full review
  25. No Place On Earth 2013 After nine years of research, Nicola unearthed an amazing chapter in WWII history. full review
  26. Olympus Has Fallen 2013 "Olympus Has Fallen" is everything an audience nostalgic for the Steven Seagal killfests of the '90s expects and deserves. full review
  27. Only God Forgives 2013 Ryan Gosling and his "Drive" director, Nicolas Winding Refn, sail into the heart of darkness and emerge with a trinket of crackpot porno kitsch. full review
  28. Pandora's Promise 2013 Like many advocacy documentaries, it offers a one-sided argument. This time, however, it's advanced by people who spent much of their lives on the opposite side. full review
  29. Paradise: Love 2013 Ulrich Seidl: sadomasochistic provocateur or compassionate observer of the human condition? full review
  30. Paranoia 2013 "Paranoia" is too sloppy and slack to inspire tension. full review
  31. A Place at the Table 2013 A well-reported and devastating look at hunger in rural America. full review
  32. The Playroom 2013 Standout Olivia Harris and Parker are heart-wrenching as the vitriolic mother and neglected teen daughter. full review
  33. Room 237 2013 "Room 237" evolves from an ode to movie love at its most delirious to a wry examination of the crackpot mind at work. full review
  34. The Secret Disco Revolution 2013 With the right group of friends and the right amount to drink it could be a rowdy good time. Without intoxicants, it's a gimmicky joke that drags on too long. full review
  35. Shadow Dancer 2013 A respectable political/psychological suspenser, but not a wildly entertaining or enjoyable one. full review
  36. Sightseers 2013 The best way to appreciate this briskly paced sick joke is to view its multiple fatalities as especially pointed examples of slapstick. full review
  37. Something in the Air 2013 Depending on your tolerance for nostalgia, "Something in the Air" is either a bracing flashback to the 1970s wave of student radical fervor or a lengthy ride with some singularly self-righteous and naive troublemakers. full review
  38. Stand Up Guys 2013 I can't argue that performers the stature of Pacino, Walken and Arkin don't deserve better material, yet it's so nice to have them onscreen together I'm in no mood to quibble. full review
  39. Starbuck 2013 The film seems aware when it's being shameless ... and its goodhearted generosity is utterly endearing. full review
  40. The Summit 2013 Ryan's film is visually stunning and viscerally powerful but nearly incoherent in its packaging of information. full review
  41. Turbo 2013 "Turbo" isn't a perfect cartoon, but it's so likable that, like its humble hero, you have to root for it. full review
  42. Upstream Color 2013 A cerebral, mournful mystery that resonates like a tuning fork struck on a far-off star. full review
  43. War Witch 2013 A haunting take on unspeakably grim subject matter, shot on location in the Democratic Republic of Congo. full review
  44. What Maisie Knew 2013 The story is sad, but the talent involved in its telling is elating. full review
  45. Wish You Were Here 2013 Hypnotically watchable but badly flawed by a shrug of an ending. full review
  46. 56 Up 2012 Watching "56 Up" gives you the wonderful feeling of seeing a sociological experiment blossom into something novelistically rich and humane. full review
  47. Marvel's The Avengers 2012 This film is stylish, intelligent and, one hopes, influential on the next generation of superhero movies; it should leave a lasting legacy. full review
  48. Ballplayer: Pelotero 2012 A surprisingly nuanced essay on the collision between poverty, hope, exploitation and passion. full review
  49. Barbara 2012 Though the film runs a mere 105 minutes, it weighs on viewers like an eternity. full review
  50. Barrymore 2012 Mr. Plummer stumbles beautifully, poignantly and often, leering and searching through a haze of memory or, with concern edged with panic, calling for 'a line, a line' much as Richard III calls for a horse. full review
  51. Bernie 2012 A one-of-a-kind comedy based on the real homicide of an innocent old lady. full review
  52. Blancanieves 2012 Most films are experiences to be ignored or at best forgotten. "Blancanieves" is a little classic to be treasured. full review
  53. Brooklyn Castle 2012 Castle is suspenseful, funny and, particularly in its depiction of the challenging home lives of some of the kids, moving. full review
  54. Bully 2012 Bully is less a checklist plan for eliminating abusive behavior than an emotionally powerful wake-up call for a society too long in denial. full review
  55. Butter 2012 This film is dumb, blunt-instrument parody. full review
  56. Chasing Ice 2012 "Chasing Ice" is a grand adventure, a visual amazement and a powerful warning. full review
  57. Cosmopolis 2012 The film is all too faithful to its un-cinematic source. full review
  58. Dark Horse 2012 Todd Solondz, the dean of depressive comedy, is back with another funny, shocking, emotionally probing original. full review
  59. The Dictator 2012 Sacha Baron Cohen's third starring feature, and the first to be fully scripted, is sharp as a scimitar in one scene and wobbly in the next, but it's unfailingly audacious. full review
  60. Elles 2012 This Paris-based film from Polish director Malgorzata Szumowska is a fairly unengaging journalism procedural shellacked with a veneer of elliptical, complicated symbolism. full review
  61. Flight 2012 The film tackles serious issues of addiction, legal intrigue and personal responsibility, with Denzel Washington in top form as a heroic yet morally compromised protagonist. full review
  62. God Bless America 2012 Goldthwait's ranting dialogue is stingingly funny and Murray and Barr are so agreeable you may find yourself rooting for "the bad guys." full review
  63. Headhunters 2012 'Headhunters" is a frighteningly well-made thriller about an amoral art thief on the run. full review
  64. Hellbound? 2012 First, one man's dogma is another's heresy. Second, some people are inclined to offer the final word on matters of which they have no firsthand knowledge. full review
  65. The Hunger Games 2012 Viewers who like a side order of political allegory with their science fiction will find much to savor here. So will romantics, fans of feminist heroines and action enthusiasts. "The Hunger Games" is that rare creation, an event movie of real significance. full review
  66. I Wish 2012 What a kind and wise movie this is. full review
  67. The Imposter 2012 Layton's film joins the top ranks of nonfiction films because he recognizes that in this case no solution could be as engrossing as the questions. full review
  68. The Island President 2012 [An] engaging, gorgeously photographed documentary. full review
  69. Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012 By the time this graceful film is over you understand why Japan has declared the bald, bespectacled Jiro a national treasure. Even if you've never tasted sushi, the man's singleness of purpose will inspire you. full review
  70. Last Ride 2012 The title more or less gives away the film's design, but the predestined journey is taut and tragic nevertheless. full review
  71. A Late Quartet 2012 An auspicious feature debut for a director whose sensitivity to emotional harmonies is as rewarding as his reverence for timeless, transcendent music. full review
  72. Little White Lies 2012 The script is banal, but the acting company and the locations are easy on the eyes. full review
  73. The Loneliest Planet 2012 Why expend more energy on the film than its makers did? full review
  74. Lore 2012 It's a harrowing walk through the heart of darkness. full review
  75. Memorial Day 2012 A family saga as much as a war story, it chronicles a generations-spanning Minnesota military family whose servicemen harbor life-changing combat experiences they can't easily talk about. full review
  76. Monsieur Lazhar 2012 The film is rich in naturalistic, tossed-off details. full review
  77. More Than Honey 2012 "More Than Honey" may be the most visually beautiful documentary ever made. full review
  78. Nuit #1 2012 Some of their dialogue is twaddle -- they're not philosophers -- but the feelings are electric. full review
  79. October Baby 2012 The closer Hannah gets to her goal, the more insistent the sermonizing becomes. By the time she confronts the woman who rejected her (a careerist lawyer), we are neck-deep in Lifetime TV bathos. full review
  80. The Other Dream Team 2012 Here's a twist on the plucky underdog sports movie. The Other Dream Team adds rock 'n' roll and eastern European history to the rah-rah mix. full review
  81. The Paperboy 2012 "The Paperboy" suggests something Tennessee Williams might have come up with, if he didn't know how to string together a plot. full review
  82. ParaNorman 2012 Humor depends on character, context and continuity, none of which is in abundant supply in "ParaNorman." full review
  83. Post Mortem 2012 Unfortunately, the pacing also moves at a zombie shuffle, with shots held past the point of ennui to agony. full review
  84. The Queen of Versailles 2012 "The Queen of Versailles" is beautifully constructed and frequently uproarious. full review
  85. The Raven 2012 Director James McTeigue has no feel for humor or terror, making what could have been a witty pastiche into another cheesy slice-and-dice horror flick. full review
  86. A Royal Affair 2012 The film moves along crisply, looks great and stimulates the brain (I am a sucker for torrid romances propelled by quotes from Rousseau and Voltaire.) full review
  87. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 A confident, quick-witted romantic comedy that is a giddy joy from start to finish. full review
  88. Samsara 2012 Fricke's Super 70 Panavision camera gives us ravishing images without comment, allowing us to infer whatever connections we choose. full review
  89. The Sapphires 2012 "The Sapphires" sparkles with sass and Motown soul. full review
  90. Side by Side 2012 A trim, informative 99-minute primer on celluloid film, which to many viewers has a warmth and feel as soothing as buttered popcorn, and the brave new world of digital cinema. full review
  91. Silent House 2012 Silent House feels like a psychotic episode come to life. It's impressive and oppressive, and it very effectively gets on your nerves. full review
  92. Sleepwalk With Me 2012 Birbiglia's pleasingly nasal delivery and agreeable presence holds it together. full review
  93. Step Up To The Plate 2012 Foodies will drink in the beauty of the meal preparation and the stunning architecture of the modernist restaurant. full review
  94. Tonight You're Mine 2012 While the story is pure contrivance -- two antagonistic performers get handcuffed together, fighting until they fall in love -- the soundtrack is lively and the characters grow on you. full review
  95. The Waiting Room 2012 It's a vivid portrait of the crisis in health care policy, with the caregivers and clinic itself as much on life support as the sick people. full review
  96. We Have a Pope 2012 On the surface, this Italian dramedy about a troubled cardinal reluctant to accept his election to the papacy is a likable, understated farce. Look closer and you'll see that it has serious issues on its mind. full review
  97. What to Expect When You're Expecting 2012 An amiable but disjointed movie with too many stories and not enough storytelling. full review
  98. The Woman in the Fifth 2012 Those who prefer tidy, "Murder, She Wrote" closure are advised to shop elsewhere. full review
  99. Albert Nobbs 2011 This is a costume drama where the costume is the drama. full review
  100. The Artist 2011 It's a rocket to the moon fueled by unadulterated joy and pure imagination. full review
  101. Bellflower 2011 Glodell doesn't have the emotional intelligence or filmmaking finesse of the early Martin Scorsese, but his film is a new-millennium descendant of "Mean Streets." full review
  102. Brighton Rock 2011 Joffe commits the novice director's mistake of using every visual trick in the book and a few not yet recorded. full review
  103. Buck 2011 One of the most valuable things a film can do is to take you to a place or introduce you to a character you haven't encountered before. full review
  104. Coriolanus 2011 Ralph Fiennes turns one of Shakespeare's least-loved plays into a slashing, muscular but uneven modern drama in his film-directing debut. full review
  105. First Position 2011 It's in the quick audience-reaction shots of the young dancers' exultant parents and cringing private instructors that the movie finds its most nakedly human moments. full review
  106. Footloose 2011 It's an eruption of joyous, jitterbugging energy and a polished piece of filmmaking. full review
  107. Forks Over Knives 2011 A persuasive documentary on the health benefits of a whole-foods and plant-based diet. full review
  108. Friends With Benefits 2011 A savvy, satirical date movie that holds the conventions of romantic comedy up to self-aware spoofing while still delivering the goods. full review
  109. Goodbye First Love 2011 "Goodbye First Love" is a very lifelike film in the sense that life does not often imitate entertainment. full review
  110. Hobo With a Shotgun 2011 The movie just blows chunks. full review
  111. Into The Abyss 2011 It's like a TV crime reality show made by an alien. full review
  112. Ironclad 2011 This English sword-battle drama is a mess. But there's a violent simplicity and a lack of pretentiousness that's refreshing. full review
  113. Keep the Lights On 2011 The cast, uniformly excellent, draws us into a vibrant, energetic Manhattan where commitments are forged and broken through sheer chance and those seeking permanence must continually resist temptation and ennui. full review
  114. Khodorkovsky 2011 Navigating a tangled tale such as this is like entering a hall of mirrors. "Khodorkovsky" doesn't do a good enough job of Windexing them. full review
  115. The Kid with a Bike 2011 The film should be required viewing for everyone who has lost faith in the power of random acts of kindness. full review
  116. Like Crazy 2011 The cast creates such a naturalistic sense of empathy -- a complicity, even -- with the viewers that we're swept up into their characters' lives. full review
  117. Magic Trip 2011 Records a lot of silly misbehavior but only minor merriment. full review
  118. Our Idiot Brother 2011 It's mediocre in a passive, energy-sapping way midway between humdrum and ho-hum. full review
  119. Polisse 2011 Bluntly edited, with no hand-holding transitional scenes, the film is an intimate portrait of an idealistic, understaffed, sometimes wrongheaded team battling youth prostitution, thievery rings and adult predators from every class of society. full review
  120. Revenge of the Electric Car 2011 If you thought you'd never mist up at a nonfiction movie about plug-in autos, you're in for a surprise. This is a surprisingly emotional trip, and a very enjoyable one. full review
  121. The Robber 2011 The film boasts several turbocharged chase-and-escape sequences, alongside understated character analysis. full review
  122. Surviving Progress 2011 They shy away from proposing solutions, and the filmmakers capture humanizing clashes that illustrate the challenges of finding a balance that serves all parties. full review
  123. This Must Be The Place 2011 With its overbearing eccentricity, rib-nudging irony and confusion of tones, everything in the film is either underdeveloped or overstated. full review
  124. Trishna 2011 While the film never delves deep enough into its characters' emotions to be truly spellbinding, it's well worth seeing. full review
  125. Undefeated 2011 Volunteer high school coach Bill Courtney says, "Football doesn't build character. Football reveals character." The triumphant sports documentary "Undefeated" proves that it does both. full review
  126. The Ward 2011 The horror master's first film in nine years is not the comeback we had wished. full review
  127. The Women on the 6th Floor 2011 The film doesn't blaze adventurous new trails, but it dramatizes the stories of those underappreciated servants with an engaging mix of romance, droll humor and upstairs-downstairs social consciousness. full review
  128. Young Adult 2011 It's a step in a new direction, both for the creative team and for movies, a mature and humane comedy centered on a misanthropic female antihero. Think of it as "Juno's" wicked stepsister. full review
  129. All Good Things 2010 "All Good Things" has the eerie power of a nightmare. full review
  130. Biutiful 2010 "Biutiful" is devastating. full review
  131. Blue Valentine 2010 Bright-eyed youth and bedraggled adulthood alternate in a sad spectacle beautifully and sensitively portrayed. full review
  132. Casino Jack 2010 The film tries to encompass all of Abramoff's encyclopedic chicanery and chokes on the sheer volume. full review
  133. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 It was the birth of the modern human soul, and cinematic explorer Werner Herzog's fantastic "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" is the delivery-room video. full review
  134. City of Life and Death 2010 Lu tells the heartbreaking, nearly unbearable story with compassion, controlled fury and unflinching realism. full review
  135. The Company Men 2010 "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Office Space" made most of the same points vividly long ago. "The Company Men" is a lovingly prepared dish served cold and stale. full review
  136. Countdown to Zero 2010 This handsomely produced film argues that nukes can be eliminated through enforceable international agreements, just as chemical and biological weapons have been banned. full review
  137. Greenberg 2010 Even among the cavalcade of finks and egoists that populate Baumbach's body of work, Greenberg is a doozy. full review
  138. Heartbeats 2010 Not too deep but oh so pretty, "Heartbeats" presents a hyper-stylized look at a love triangle, a sort of "Jules and Jim" for millennials. full review
  139. I Am Love 2010 A pall of deadly self-indulgence spreads as the story moves from operatic passion to soap-opera melodrama. It's as if director Luca Guadagnino filmed a synopsis of the script rather than a fully realized screenplay. full review
  140. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work 2010 Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, a hilarious and unsettling look at the rewards and costs of compulsive celebrity, shows Rivers in all her multifaceted glory. full review
  141. The Kids Are All Right 2010 The Kids Are All Right is a smart, cheerful, character-driven relationship comedy. In other words, it's a miracle. full review
  142. The King's Speech 2010 Put aside the finery, eloquent dialogue and sublime acting, and you have a marvelous odd couple farce featuring Bertie and Lionel, a timid, tongue-tied king and a casual, self-assured commoner. full review
  143. A Little Help 2010 The film suffers from an uncertain tone, playing serious situations for laughs while supplying Laura with a drinking habit and a hair-trigger temper that come across as problems rather than endearing foibles. full review
  144. Marwencol 2010 Producer/director Jeff Malmberg tells the amazing true story with tenderness and tact. full review
  145. Monsters 2010 A stunning piece of work that packs a devastating emotional wallop. full review
  146. Nowhere Boy 2010 A Great Man biography gone comically wrong. full review
  147. Restrepo 2010 After the recent avalanche of pundit-filled advocacy documentaries about health care, failing schools and environmental collapse, it's a bracing experience to be trusted to think for oneself. full review
  148. Senna 2010 There's not an ounce of fat or a wasted shot throughout. full review
  149. Somewhere 2010 Another "woe is me, I'm famous" wallow. full review
  150. Tabloid 2010 McKinney, a born performer, is in her glory as she spins her version of the affair. full review
  151. The Whistleblower 2010 Somewhere inside this movie is a thought-provoking thriller about the collateral damage caused by geopolitical do-gooders. Too bad it never emerges. full review
  152. Agora 2009 Some may consider "Agora" sound history, others may label it heresy, but I call it thumping good drama. full review
  153. Antichrist 2009 To watch the Danish provocateur's new film is to experience unrelenting pain, shading into revulsion, while being inspired by his virtuoso command of the medium and sharp intelligence. full review
  154. The Art Of The Steal 2009 Marshaling a wealth of archival and new material, it made me want to hop on a plane to Philadelphia to see the original before it's emptied. full review
  155. The Boys Are Back 2009 Has there been a better film about single fatherhood than The Boys Are Back? None that I recall. full review
  156. Bruno 2009 I don't know how many more times Baron Cohen can go undercover, but it looks as if he'll never run out of bigotry, idiocy and hypocrisy to spoof. full review
  157. Double Take 2009 Hardly earth-shattering enough for a 5-minute short, much less an 80-minute movie. full review
  158. Extract 2009 Bateman suffers under an ever-mounting pile of indignities with strained patience. Most viewers will probably view the fitfully amusing movie the same way. full review
  159. Fish Tank 2009 The characters are guarded, and as we come to understand them scene by scene, they become ever harder to sort into convenient categories of hero and villain. full review
  160. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest 2009 The film huffs and wheezes under the strain of its narrative baggage. full review
  161. Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel 2009 A studiously airbrushed portrait of its subject, this obsequious biography of Hugh Hefner highlights his undeniable and important good works, while skirting any serious effort at context or psychological insight. full review
  162. The Limits of Control 2009 This interminable trifle from indie icon Jim Jarmusch aims to be the last word in ironic cool, but it comes across as the work of a fatigued dilettante. full review
  163. The Nature of Existence 2009 After 90 minutes of scattershot quips, I felt like I was wearing spiritual beer goggles. full review
  164. Ondine 2009 Ondine is so good it hurts. full review
  165. Survival of the Dead 2009 Shuffle, shuffle, limp, limp. That's not the shambling gait of the zombie hordes in George Romero's Survival of the Dead, but the draggy pace of the movie itself. full review
  166. Valhalla Rising 2009 It's a chilly, often slow, uncompromisingly harsh film, but Refn's images will sear your retinas. full review
  167. Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen 2009 Here's a rarity: a reverent, respectful biography of a medieval Benedictine nun. full review
  168. Bronson 2008 Part literate black comedy, part surrealistic character study, part horror movie, Bronson is a sophisticated confection, rich and dark, sprinkled with bitter little jokes. full review
  169. The Burning Plain 2008 The film is strikingly photographed and intensely acted, but the tone is overwrought melodrama. full review
  170. Food, Inc. 2008 Food, Inc. tackles a vast problem, but sends us home with glimmers of hope. full review
  171. I Sell the Dead 2008 The budget was clearly minuscule, but writer/director Glenn McQuaid's deft dialogue, strong characters and clever plotting attracted some impressive acting talent. full review
  172. In Bruges 2008 If you could hoist a film on your shoulders and parade it through the theater for adulation and hoorays, the new British crime comedy In Bruges would be the one. full review
  173. Let the Right One In 2008 Let the Right One In is one of the essential horror films of the decade. It's also one of the most enthralling romances and one of the best films about children. full review
  174. Man on Wire 2008 There's nothing on movie screens now that can compare with the footage of Petit's performance. full review
  175. Rachel Getting Married 2008 It's Hathaway's extraordinary performance that is the film's brightest accomplishment. full review
  176. Sex Drive 2008 It brings a welcome intelligence and an ensemble of really cool, funny actors to the age-old subject manner. full review
  177. The Tale of Despereaux 2008 Flat-footed when it should be fleet, scary when it means to be exciting, and only intermittently emotionally effective, The Tale of Despereaux does a disservice to Kate DiCamillo's well-regarded children's book. full review
  178. Before the Rains 2007 It's standard soap opera dramaturgy in wrinkled linens, loincloths and saris. full review
  179. Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) 2007 A gripping companion piece to the Oscar-nominated 2002 gangster masterpiece City of God. full review
  180. Day Watch 2007 Spectaculars don't come much more bombastic than this goth-Russian supernatural epic.
  181. The Devil Came on Horseback 2007 The gripping documentary The Devil Came on Horseback traces the change of heart that compelled Steidle to break military discipline in 2005 and offer his secret photographic evidence of Sudan's vicious ethnic cleansing to the New York Times. full review
  182. Eagle vs. Shark 2007 The movie is so self-consciously odd and twee it's hard to connect with the sad-sack characters. Waititi borrowed the formula for Dynamite but created a damp firecracker.
  183. Auf der Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven) (On the Other Side) 2007 Loneliness, loss and capricious love guide the fortunes of three families in this powerful, beautifully realized drama by German-Turkish writer/director Fatih Akin. full review
  184. Lars and the Real Girl 2007 Every scene that could be played for pathos uncorks great laughs, while those that could turn crass or silly are compassionate. On every level, this is a labor of love. full review
  185. No End in Sight 2007 Even dedicated news junkies will gain new understanding of a campaign with no end in sight. full review
  186. The Pool 2007 By pushing himself far outside his Midwestern comfort zone and working with non-actors in a language he doesn't speak, Smith has created a fable with universal appeal. full review
  187. The Rape of Europa 2007 The Rape of Europa, an engrossing film based on Lynn Nicholas' 1995 book of the same name, offers a fascinating new perspective on an era that sometimes seems as if it has no more secrets. full review
  188. Surfwise 2007 A riveting documentary that focuses more on weird family dynamics than big waves. full review
  189. Trumbo 2007 This biography is celebratory to a fault. There is scant context about the history and political climate that led to the blacklist. full review
  190. Year of the Dog 2007 A gentle, melancholy and silly movie about a loner whose only secure source of affection is her beagle.
  191. Cashback 2006 It's awkwardly drawn out to feature length with not-truly-comic secondary characters on the supermarket team, and go-nowhere incidents like a soccer match with a rival store and an unresolved encounter with another time-stopper.
  192. Curious George 2006 The makers of Curious George have figured out how to make an innocent cartoon that will amuse knee-nuzzlers without hitting adults like a liter of chloroform. full review
  193. Golden Door 2006 Writer/director Emanuel Crialese gives his atmospheric film a look of daguerreotype authenticity.
  194. Jackass: Number Two 2006 Whether you laugh, shriek or fight the urge to puke reveals as much about you as years of psychotherapy. full review
  195. Jesus Camp 2006 Directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady let the details speak for themselves.
  196. Keeping Up With The Steins 2006 It's not the kind of comedy that makes you laugh till your face hurts, but it'll give your smile muscles a good workout. full review
  197. Maxed Out 2006 If your outrage glands need a workout, be sure to see Maxed Out, a muckraking, emotionally powerful, wickedly entertaining documentary on the dreary-sounding topic of consumer debt.
  198. Penelope 2006 Penelope sat unreleased for two years, and no wonder. It's a shambles, so inexpertly timed and clumsily directed by newcomer Mark Palansky that it seems like a first-draft edit of some hopeless, abandoned project. full review
  199. Saint of 9/11 2006 This is a loving and handsomely produced biography of Judge, a Franciscan priest of seemingly limitless wisdom, charisma, good humor and charity.
  200. Unknown 2006 Unknown is far from a perfect movie, but it's more amusing than many better-made ones. full review
  201. 49 Up 2005 There are some clear themes to these zig-zagging life journeys, but they tend to be truisms (marriage is hard work but worth it) rather than chest-clutching surprises. full review
  202. Brokeback Mountain 2005 It has become shorthand to call Brokeback Mountain the 'gay cowboy movie,' but it is much more than that glib description implies. This is a human story, a haunting film in the tradition of the great Hollywood romantic melodramas. full review
  203. Factotum 2005 This adaptation captures the late writer's unkempt soul.
  204. Mind the Gap 2005 The performances are solid, even when the roles are aggressively whimsical. full review
  205. Old Joy 2005 At just 76 minutes, Old Joy is a minimalist film, but illuminating, bittersweet, gentle and deeply alive.
  206. The Producers 2005 If this film were any funnier, the world would explode. full review
  207. Stoned 2005 Leo Gregory's performance as Jones fails to capture his rebel charisma, and the film, like its subject, winds up all wet, floating without direction, and lifeless. full review
  208. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra 2004 Blamire has managed to make an inventive and entertaining movie out of stock heroes and villains, vacuous plotting and community-theater-quality special effects. full review
  209. The Puffy Chair 2004 It captures the nuances and rhythms of messy real-life relationships dead-on.
  210. White Chicks 2004 The movie is much more interested in the flatulence gags it can wring out of lactose intolerance than lampooning social intolerance. full review
  211. The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003 For most of its length it coasts by with above-average charm and a solid grasp of messy adolescent emotions. full review
  212. Bulletproof Monk 2003 Bulletproof Monk shoots blanks. full review
  213. CSA: Confederate States of America 2003 Rarely does a promising premise get such lackluster execution as in the satiric CSA: The Confederate States of America.
  214. Something's Gotta Give 2003 While the film won't drive you delirious with suspense about where it's going, the journey is pleasant enough. full review
  215. Tears of the Sun 2003 full review
  216. Tokyo Godfathers 2003 It doesn't make sense to praise an anime movie's acting, does it? Yet you can't help but marvel at the expressive pen-and-ink performers. full review
  217. Touching the Void 2003 Macdonald has done an astonishing job of recreating the climbers' saga of disaster and triumph. full review
  218. Assassination Tango 2002 full review
  219. The Hard Word 2002 'Amiable' is an odd way to describe a crime drama that contains wall-spattering amounts of bloodshed, but it fits The Hard Word. full review
  220. The Hours 2002 full review
  221. Irreversible 2002 full review
  222. Morvern Callar 2002 A film about youthful confusion made without a moment of artistic immaturity or indecision. full review
  223. Poolhall Junkies 2002 This brash little indie is oddly endearing and fun to be around. full review
  224. View from the Top 2002 full review
  225. Black Hawk Down 2001 full review
  226. Ali 2001 full review
  227. Baran 2001 full review
  228. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2001 full review
  229. Shaft 2000 full review
  230. The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 The hippest of all holiday classics, the 1993 release rendered anew in 3-D format remains a postmodern three-ring circus of morbid humor, eye-popping puppet animation and show-stopping songs. full review
  231. Barbarella 1968 It's fun in a 'What were they smoking?' kind of way. full review
  232. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo.) 1966 Leone's blockbuster is balanced on the razor's edge between popular entertainment and art film. It took classic American themes and turned them inside out. full review
  233. Becket 1964 How could you hope for better casting than Peter O'Toole and his acting rival/drinking buddy Richard Burton playing opposite each other? full review

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