David Denby, New Yorker

  1. Generation War 2014 In all, "Generation War" has the strengths and weaknesses of middlebrow art-it may be clunky, even embarrassing, but it's certainly never dull. full review
  2. Lovelace 2013 Seyfried, with her huge features crowding her small face, looks like Alice in a very strange Wonderland. But whatever possibilities she may have as an actress are eradicated by the filmmakers ... full review
  3. Mud 2013 Nichols has a strong feeling for the tactility of natural elements-water, wood, terrain, weather. full review
  4. Olympus Has Fallen 2013 Fuqua doesn't deliver on what he has set up. full review
  5. Our Nixon 2013 [A] shrewdly edited collection of news footage and "home movies" taken by members of the Nixon White House staff ... full review
  6. Renoir 2013 The director Gilles Bourdos's sunshiny Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man. full review
  7. Salinger 2013 Salinger is self-important, redundant, and interminable. full review
  8. World War Z 2013 Despite some conventional passages and a soft ending, Forster and Brad Pitt, who is a producer of the film as well as its star, pulled the picture together. They also managed to reawaken in a large-scale movie the experience of shock. full review
  9. 56 Up 2012 Inevitably, one looks in the mirror afterward and thinks, What have I lost? What have I gained? And at what cost? full review
  10. Arbitrage 2012 Part thriller, part character study, and it moves swiftly and confidently, with many details that feel exactly right. full review
  11. The Central Park Five 2012 Central Park is at first discomforting, then enraging, then illuminating. full review
  12. Compliance 2012 Watching Compliance recently, I also began to squirm and talk back, but not because I disliked the movie, which I think is brilliant. full review
  13. Cosmopolis 2012 Despite the constrictions, Cronenberg keeps the space handsome and active. For long stretches, Cosmopolis is dreamy and funny, in an off-centered way. full review
  14. Dark Horse 2012 Solondz is a minor master of black comedy-the flattened emotional responses, the grotesque non sequiturs, the perverse desires lurking under a bland surface. full review
  15. Detropia 2012 This documentary film, about the deconstruction of a great American city, is surprisingly lyrical and often very moving. full review
  16. Flight 2012 At a certain point, great actors want to show us the truth of something that may be far from their lives but that somehow they understand, intimately, all too well. full review
  17. Holy Motors 2012 Carax produces the startling dislocations of reality that Bunuel pulled off, but without the gleeful wit. full review
  18. The Imposter 2012 The movie is fascinating, but it leaves you uneasy, because you don't always know who you're watching (actor? family member?), and you begin to feel that you're being scammed, too. full review
  19. The Paperboy 2012 It's a good story about people who are not what they seem, about identity wavering in the heat-a true swamp tale-but the movie is messily ineffective. full review
  20. Red Hook Summer 2012 A clear failure, yet Lee is getting at things that mystify him. full review
  21. Skyfall 2012 The director, Sam Mendes, has taken a pop concept and solemnized it with Freud, which is not, perhaps, the best way of turning Bond into grownup entertainment. full review
  22. Friends With Benefits 2011 Friends with Benefits is fast, allusive, urban, glamorous -- clearly the Zeitgeist winner of the summer. full review
  23. Keep the Lights On 2011 The two characters are ciphers, and the script, which Sachs co-wrote with Mauricio Zacharias, is by turns underwritten or banal. full review
  24. Somewhere 2010 The movie is funny in a dryly sardonic way about movie-colony rituals and easy sex, but the funk of a noodling movie star is hardly a revelation of the absurdity of the human condition -- or whatever Coppola was getting at. full review
  25. Tabloid 2010 Morris's subject is sexual fantasy and a particular kind of American stupidity-the ability to substitute self-justification for self-knowledge. His tone is merry. full review
  26. Food, Inc. 2008 An angry blast of disgust aimed at the American food industry. full review
  27. Zodiac 2007 Any honest neurotic could probably tell you: the emotional payoff of an obsession is not attaining some longed-for goal -- it's the obsession itself, which fulfills certain needs. full review
  28. Nacho Libre 2006 Nacho Libre, naively made kids' stuff, lacks such minor attributes as a decent script and supporting cast.
  29. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price 2005 For all its missteps, the movie powerfully suggests that Wal-Mart is capable of demoralizing a community so thoroughly that it doesn't have the spirit to carry on its life outside the big box.
  30. Kill Bill: Volume 2 2004 The pop encyclopedist and video-store genius has become a megalomaniac, and the exhilarating filmmaker he might have been is disappearing fast.
  31. The Manchurian Candidate 2004 The first version was acidulous and brazenly absurd; this one is doggedly, wretchedly earnest.
  32. Saved! 2003 A minor work, yet it has a teasing lilt to it, and to make it at all took courage and originality.
  33. Gladiator 2000 Ridley Scott thrusts us so close to the combat that all we see is a lot of whirling and thrashing, a sword thrust here and there, a spurt of blood, a limb severed. There's hardly a scene that is cleanly and coherently staged in open space. full review
  34. The Blair Witch Project 1999 A cunningly conceived and crafted exercise in suggestibility and terror. full review
  35. /titles/197403 Saulnier spills a lot of blood, but he's an extraordinarily responsible and appealing craftsman. full review
  36. /titles/197050 The screenplay for this violent retro schlock was written by Sylvester Stallone, and the movie feels like something out of the early eighties. full review
  37. /titles/199550 As a record of the war, the two films are imperishable. full review
  38. /titles/197293 A pornographic work of art-obsessive, repetitive, at times remarkably eccentric, but never simple-minded or dull. full review
  39. /titles/197294 The movie, a descendant of such eighteenth-century libertine texts as "Therese Philosophe," is less a slice of life than something told and chewed over. full review
  40. /titles/197051 The movie has an undeniable, dour force, but it's basically conventional macho filmmaking, and it's extremely violent. full review
  41. /titles/197795 The sardonic rhetoric may be laid on a little heavily at times, but the movie is blunt and scornfully brilliant. full review
  42. /titles/197207 The engaging, fast-talking idiosyncrasy of [Wahlberg's] performance in The Departed has vanished. full review
  43. /titles/197686 Pretty much a miscalculation from beginning to end. full review
  44. /titles/198197 Violent, often absurd, but full of brilliant surprises. full review

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