David Hiltbrand, Philadelphia Inquirer

  1. Jamesy Boy 2014 For such a seriously street film, Jamesy Boy has some surprisingly sappy moments. But the redemptive ending, while thin, is genuinely gratifying. full review
  2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 2013 This scrumptious sequel follows the same recipe as the 2009 original. full review
  3. The Family 2013 The Family is a film at once strange and intriguing. It can't seem to settle on a tone. full review
  4. Free Birds 2013 A stale turkey hash that heaves a lot of ingredients in the oven but never turns on the gas, a frantic attempt to come up with an animated film built around Thanksgiving Day traditions. full review
  5. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain 2013 If you were to judge Let Me Explain purely on its performance portion, filmed at Madison Square Garden during Hart's 2012 tour, the film would merit a full extra star. But at 75 minutes, it feels too skimpy to rave over. full review
  6. Machete Kills 2013 Machete Kills is a film in which style sardonically routs substance, a cloying gag built around the iconic quality of Trejo's matchlessly craggy face, which resembles a plate of sundried corned beef. full review
  7. Our Nixon 2013 The retrieved home movie footage creates a lambent prism through which the '70s seem like a simpler time. It also makes Our Nixon a uniquely dynamic time capsule. full review
  8. The Trials Of Muhammad Ali 2013 The documentary The Trials of Muhammad Ali is an extraordinarily detailed and textured examination of the man, the time, and the societal forces involved. full review
  9. Turbo 2013 Let's face it: Kids aren't a very demanding audience. If there's color, movement, and a high quotient of silliness, they're happy. full review
  10. Twice Born 2013 A somber slog that takes far too long to reach its overwrought surprise ending. full review
  11. The Central Park Five 2012 It's a vivid and gripping documentary (although, at two hours, somewhat longer than it needs to be), a grave indictment of a city and a system at the breaking point. full review
  12. Dredd 2012 For sci-fi action fans, it's an instant classic. full review
  13. The Expendables 2 2012 Nice to know America's action stars, no matter how old they get, will never lack for gainful employment. full review
  14. Buck 2011 Brannaman is a fascinating character, but Buck is so tightly focused that only avid horse lovers will find it appealing. full review
  15. Bronson 2008 The tone is surreal, at once visceral and clinical, making Bronson an unsettling experience: savage, disturbing, and yet somehow fascinating. full review
  16. Jackass: Number Two 2006 You have to marvel at the way these guys keep coming up with ingenious ways to hurt themselves.
  17. White Chicks 2004 The film's saccharine ending is something of a letdown as the guys' time in high heels teaches them sensitivity and brings them true love. But for most of its raucous run, White Chicks has soul.
  18. Star Trek - Nemesis 2002 While the movie itself wanders off-course halfway through, the coming attractions -- showcasing Nemesis' jacked-up special effects, production values and camerawork -- were a knockout.
  19. /titles/197053 After making a crackling good impression, Alan Partridge overstays its welcome to a harrowing extent. full review
  20. /titles/198387 Fading Gigolo gets an extra star merely for showcasing the egg cream, the Brooklyn beverage that is the nectar of the gods. Shalom! full review
  21. /titles/197351 Honors the source while making some small but significant alterations. full review
  22. /titles/199551 Unless you have an insatiable appetite for goo-goo father-daughter talks, the recordings are tedious. full review
  23. /titles/197631 There isn't an original frame or line of dialogue in Rage. full review
  24. /titles/199320 This is the type of movie best enjoyed as a late-night indulgence on cable. Really late at night, when your eyes are still partially open, but your brain has called it quits. full review