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  1. The Hole 2012 Cool it may be, but scary (or even mildly shudder-inducing) it ain't. full review
  2. The Time That Remains 2009 The Never-ending Story between Arabs and Jews gets another wryly humorous workout, marbled with personal sadness and mystification, in The Time That Remains. full review
  3. The Burning Plain 2008 Despite an OK-to-good cast led by Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger, plus a handsome tech package, this remains an elaborate writing exercise with few emotional hooks. full review
  4. Bliss 2006 full review
  5. Crossing the Line 2006 Film's rarity value and still-hot subject matter make this required viewing on the fest circuit and cable channels. full review
  6. Free Zone 2005 [The] set-up is given a human face by fine performances and a physical journey that's often more interesting than the characters' emotional ones. full review
  7. The Goebbels Experiment 2004 A well-chosen selection of pictures and archival footage, plus some modern sequences in color, concisely sketch the history of Germany during the 21 years Goebbels continuously kept a diary (1924-45). full review
  8. Lakshya 2004 full review
  9. Shallow Ground 2004 full review
  10. Dead End 2003 full review
  11. Deathwatch 2002 full review
  12. Heartlands 2002 full review
  13. Lost in La Mancha 2002 full review
  14. The Hole 2001 full review
  15. Jan Dara 2001 full review
  16. Shaolin Soccer 2001 As always, Chow shows himself an acute parodist of other genres while adding his own cherry on the top. full review
  17. Complicity (Retribution) 2000 full review
  18. Essex Boys 2000 full review
  19. Highlander - Endgame 2000 full review
  20. Love's Labour's Lost 2000 A luscious labor of love. full review
  21. Merci Pour le Chocolat 2000 full review
  22. Sacred Flesh 2000 full review
  23. An Ideal Husband 1999 Smooth-flowing direction, a shrewdly pruned script and a top-flight ensemble cast that visibly relishes both the dialogue and one another's perfs make this a tony item for upscale, mature audiences. full review
  24. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1999 full review
  25. Ordinary Decent Criminal 1999 full review
  26. East Is East 1998 full review
  27. Little Voice 1998 full review
  28. A Life Less Ordinary 1997 full review
  29. My Son the Fanatic 1997 full review
  30. Office Killer 1997 full review
  31. Hidden Assassin (The Shooter) 1995 full review
  32. The Snapper 1993 Casting and playing are uniformly tops, with special praise for Fionnuala Murphy as Kellegher's best pal, Ruth McCabe as the quiet, long-suffering mom, and the five kids as her loopy brothers and sisters. full review
  33. /titles/197415 full review
  34. /titles/197166 full review

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