Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle

  1. The Forgotten 2004 It's amazing the acting talent assembled for this mess. full review
  2. Hotel Rwanda 2004 Because of the subject matter, this feels like one of those films you see because it's good for you. But it also is an extraordinarily moving drama. full review
  3. Jersey Girl 2004 This is [Smith's] first mature work in which he weds his gift for quirky dialogue and humor with genuine feeling and tries to craft a story with broad appeal. full review
  4. The Manchurian Candidate 2004 An even more powerful comment on its time than the movie on which it's based. full review
  5. Anger Management 2003 Folks who loved Punch-Drunk Love won't care much for Anger Management, but cameo appearances by a host of famous names occur frequently enough that we're forced to stay alert, if only to catch them. full review
  6. The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003 The film is well-acted and looks good, but it's so inconsequential and bland that you wonder what was it about the script that made anyone think it would make an interesting movie. full review
  7. Daddy Day Care 2003 Eddie Murphy hasn't made a good movie in so long, I'm starting to think his bad choices are deliberate. full review
  8. Darkness Falls 2003 Nothing about this makes sense, even by the standards of bad horror movies. full review
  9. Dirty Pretty Things 2003 This is a sordid story but ultimately not a depressing one. full review
  10. The Human Stain 2003 It's a respectable effort that doesn't quite gel, but not for lack of trying. full review
  11. Kill Bill: Volume 1 2003 Despite a draggy section and a problem with proportion, Kill Bill bristles with such vitality it hardly matters that -- at least at the halfway point -- it feels inconsequential. full review
  12. The Missing 2003 There are some Western themes and principles you can't fiddle with. Thankfully, when it counted most, Howard didn't try. full review
  13. Mona Lisa Smile 2003 A Dead Poets Society for girls, substituting Roberts' luminosity for Robin Williams' mania. full review
  14. Radio 2003 I'm happy to report Radio is tolerable. Better than tolerable, in fact, but not much better. full review
  15. Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over 2003 The story is tedious, and the dialogue can sound hokey to adult ears. full review
  16. Tears of the Sun 2003 What's noteworthy is that Tears is simultaneously a gripping action tale and a plea for a policy of engagement, of humanitarian intervention, in parts of the world where oil is not at stake. full review
  17. Touching the Void 2003 A tense, well-made tale about excruciating experiences. full review
  18. The Triplets of Belleville 2003 Wonderfully weird. full review
  19. Barbershop 2002 By far the most mature film to come down the pike in which the name 'Cube' appears more than once in the credits. full review
  20. Below 2002 The reason Below gets beneath your skin is that the scriptwriters know what most current horror filmmakers never learned: Fear is an emotion, not a visceral response. full review
  21. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 Who would've thought a movie about Chuck Barris could be so rich and entertaining? full review
  22. Equilibrium 2002 Giggling at the absurdities and inconsistencies is part of the fun. But the talented cast alone will keep you watching, as will the fight scenes. full review
  23. The Hours 2002 A compelling, moving film that respects its audience and its source material. full review
  24. Lost in La Mancha 2002 Entertaining documentary about how badly everything went. full review
  25. Narc 2002 The movie works dramatically right up until the end. full review
  26. Punch-Drunk Love 2002 [Anderson] uses a hit-or-miss aesthetic that hits often enough to keep the film entertaining even if none of it makes a lick of sense. full review
  27. Russian Ark 2002 This is a stunning film, a one-of-a-kind tour de force. full review
  28. View from the Top 2002 Given the weakness of the script, it's surprising how many top-flight performers participated. full review
  29. Black Hawk Down 2001 Black Hawk Down has a relentless force that makes character development almost beside the point. full review
  30. Amelie 2001 So terrific it might single-handedly rescue the 'feel-good movie' from the garbage heap of overused and discredited phrases. full review
  31. Baran 2001 The tale is simply but effectively told. full review
  32. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2001 Even nonfans of martial-arts movies will want to cheer the fight scenes, which are sheer visual poetry. full review
  33. Pootie Tang 2001 It would've made a great 30-minute comic short. Most of the film is padding. full review
  34. Scary Movie 2 2001 It shows no particular insight into the movies or cultural phenomena being mocked. full review
  35. Waking Life 2001 Linklater mixed his grad-student-on-speed discourses with a few genuinely engrossing yakkers. full review
  36. Amores Perros 2000 An exhilarating debut. full review
  37. Diamond Men 2000 Delightful, low-key comedy. full review
  38. The Gift 2000 The movie has an impressive cast. Blanchett is a terrific actress who deserves better than this. full review
  39. Our Song 2000 We come to care about the characters, and at the end we appreciate having had the opportunity to see the world through their eyes. full review
  40. The Taste of Others 2000 Rich with gentle humor and insight. full review
  41. The Weight of Water 2000 There are a few wrong notes, and the ending is too enigmatic for its own good, but for a studio production the film is uncommonly intelligent and uncompromising. full review
  42. With A Friend Like Harry 2000 Unfortunately, the groove it settles into is a lot less interesting than the possibilities suggested earlier. full review
  43. The Yards 2000 One of The Yards' impressive elements is the way that, while it sometimes strains credibility, it conjures up an entire world -- and an entire world view -- without ever leaving Queens. full review
  44. /titles/197738 Alfie is a bore. full review
  45. /titles/198257 Sprawling and ponderous. full review
  46. /titles/197487 [A] grossly funny black comedy. full review
  47. /titles/197819 It might've worked better if the film had tried harder to turn these characters into living, breathing people, instead of the bickering odd couple that's become such a stereotype. full review
  48. /titles/197497 There's never a question how things will turn out. (If you don't know: Recent Hollywood movies about interracial romance usually turn out well if the guy is white and almost always end tragically if he's black.) full review
  49. /titles/197843 Despite the movie's lack of narrative discipline, it grows on you, in part because it's so easy to identify with these characters. full review
  50. /titles/197817 Dafoe's boundary-pushing yet calibrated performance will crack you up. full review
  51. /titles/197822 It's made with care, which sets it apart from most recent movies of this ilk. full review

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