Gary Dowell, Dallas Morning News

  1. Below 2002 Becomes swamped early on and spends the rest of its running time dragging itself to Davy Jones' Locker, and us along with it. full review
  2. Equilibrium 2002 What it lacks in originality it makes up for in intelligence and B-grade stylishness. full review
  3. Irreversible 2002 It's a gritty, vicious assault on the senses, one that very nearly evaporates due to writer-director Gaspar Noe's short-changing of the narrative. full review
  4. Get Over It 2001 It's predictable but charming. full review
  5. Shaolin Soccer 2001 A quirky, lighthearted and pleasantly goofy Hong Kong comedy. full review
  6. Amores Perros 2000 The cinematic equivalent of a one-two gut punch. In a good way, that is. full review
  7. The Weight of Water 2000 The jarring jumps between disconnected stories and watered-down sensationalism make for a soggy experience. full review
  8. Gojira 1954 It's less of a monster movie and more of a morality play about the dangers of nuclear experimentation. full review
  9. /titles/198256 Mr. Kitano slips into the title role like a second skin. full review
  10. /titles/198406 Though director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson don't quite generate the lightning-in-a-bottle energy that made their first Scream movie a hit, they manage to awaken a 15-year-old slasher franchise that has been dormant for a decade. full review
  11. /titles/199839 The Yes Men feels padded at only 83 minutes, as if the footage had been stretched to fill the running time, but it gets the point across that humanity is sorely missing from the corporate world. full review