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  1. G.B.F. 2014 Until being young and gay is a nonissue for everyone everywhere, these kinds of stories will always have their place. full review
  2. American Mary 2013 Writer-director siblings Jen and Sylvia Soska allow their film to turn slack and unfocused after an enticingly lurid, wickedly tense first half. full review
  3. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor 2013 With the nimble Greenwood and a kinder, gentler-than-usual Posey in charge, "And Now" proves a thoroughly engaging lark. full review
  4. Antiviral 2013 If Cronenberg's not yet a dead ringer for his iconic dad, he's taken an intriguing first step. full review
  5. Assault On Wall Street 2013 Boll spends so much time painting Jim into the corner required to "justify" his bonkers actions that once the film's fuse is irrevocably lighted, viewers may have already checked out. full review
  6. Bridegroom 2013 A poignant, powerful tale of first love and untimely death as well as a practical, frankly undeniable, plea for marriage equality. full review
  7. Camp 2013 The film, though nicely performed, rarely builds into the kind of gripping emotional journey it clearly intended. full review
  8. Come Out And Play 2013 For horror fans, there are ... enough gruesome images, icky concepts and "don't-go-there" moments to carry the day. full review
  9. Dead Before Dawn 3D 2013 The game cast commits to the lame-o material but it's a losing battle from the jump. full review
  10. Electrick Children 2013 Though unevenly told and at times too fanciful for its own good, "Electrick Children" marks an intriguing feature debut for its risk-taking writer-director, Rebecca Thomas. full review
  11. Geography Club 2013 When it comes to constructive gay-themed material aimed at teens, perhaps half a loaf remains better than none. full review
  12. Graceland 2013 A tense, twisty cinematic artichoke brimming with moral complexity and intriguing shades of gray. full review
  13. The Happy Sad 2013 An engaging look at a pair of New York couples whose love lives intersect, crisscross, circle and backtrack in hip and provocative ways. full review
  14. I Am Not A Hipster 2013 "I Am Not a Hipster" is the kind of lovingly crafted, deeply affecting drama that gives small indie films a good name. full review
  15. Informant 2013 What emerges is a vague, often chilling impression of an unpredictable opportunist and provocateur who may not even be sure himself. full review
  16. The Lifeguard 2013 Although writer-director Liz W. Garcia's wistful, angsty tale treads familiar ground, the filmmaker has crafted a credibly flawed and conflicted heroine who holds interest. full review
  17. Linsanity 2013 A plethora of Lin family home-video clips, riveting archival and Leong-shot footage ... help tell the icon's remarkable story. full review
  18. Lost And Found In Armenia 2013 So shamelessly wallows in its broad humor, silly contrivances and retrograde stereotypes it almost dares you to be annoyed. Mission accomplished. full review
  19. The Network 2013 Feels a bit too cloistered and the subject perhaps too limited for feature-length attention. full review
  20. No Place On Earth 2013 Add one more extraordinary survival tale to the canon of Holocaust documentaries: "No Place on Earth." full review
  21. A Place at the Table 2013 The filmmakers vividly illustrate the power and depth of the long-spiraling problem of "food insecurity" by immersing us in the hardscrabble lives of a cross section of our nation's poor. full review
  22. Terraferma 2013 Involving, thematically rich ... yet also quite timeless ... full review
  23. Upside Down 2013 Just enjoy its dazzling visuals, dream-like inventiveness and lush romanticism. full review
  24. War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State 2013 At under an hour, the film, which also touches on White House-driven leaks for political gain, can't help but feel a bit incomplete. full review
  25. 28 Hotel Rooms 2012 The intimate romantic drama "28 Hotel Rooms" should prove a fine calling card for its first-time writer-director, Matt Ross. full review
  26. Addicted To Fame 2012 "Addicted" proves a strangely sad yet wildly compelling cautionary tale. full review
  27. Amber Alert 2012 All things considered - micro-budget, unknown actors, no real special effects, the point of view of a single video camera - "Amber Alert" proves a resourceful little thriller. full review
  28. Backwards 2012 Although this modest indie may not make a huge splash, it just might inspire some hearty younger viewers - especially women - to grab a set of oars and find their bliss. full review
  29. Barfi! 2012 Despite a hard-working cast, a lush score, exotic location shooting and scattered warmth, "Barfi!" is ultimately more endurance test than entertainment. full review
  30. Blue Like Jazz 2012 An overlong mishmash of coming-of-age comedy, social satire and spiritual think-piece whose ultimate stance on religion feels awfully fuzzy. full review
  31. Broken Roads 2012 [Chambers] shows an uncertain, frequently heavy hand. full review
  32. Burn 2012 Vividly captures a year in the life of eastside Detroit's Engine Company 50. full review
  33. Carol Channing: Larger Than Life 2012 A terrifically entertaining, smartly constructed trip down memory lane with one of the American stage's most legendary troupers. full review
  34. Citizen Gangster 2012 Morlando has crafted a stylishly shot and evocatively designed period piece. But it's the dashing, quietly charismatic Speedman who proves the main draw, holding our attention even when the movie doesn't. full review
  35. Collaborator 2012 Oddly, it's Donovan's performance here that proves the movie's weakest link, though his writing and helming tie for a close second. full review
  36. Crooked Arrows 2012 "Crooked Arrows" might involve two lesser-seen screen subjects - Native Americans and lacrosse - but it still can't break free of the usual underdog sports picture tropes. full review
  37. A Dark Truth 2012 For all the attempted intrigue and mayhem, the film is dullsville, mired by a poky script, unremarkable action and, the hard-working Garcia aside, uninspired performances. full review
  38. Delhi Safari 2012 A painless, if only mildly inventive, animated comedy. full review
  39. The Details 2012 It all adds up to create a dicey morality tale that's as improbable as it is strangely believable. full review
  40. How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? 2012 An architecture lover's dream. full review
  41. Indie Game: The Movie 2012 [A] smart, involving documentary... full review
  42. K-11 2012 "K-11" has the makings of a cult movie campfest but little of the authentic wit, edge or outre vision it would take to get there. full review
  43. L!fe Happens 2012 First-time feature director Kat Coiro gives an oft-tread story a snappy new spin in the hip and enjoyable comedy "Life Happens." full review
  44. Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home 2012 An absorbing, at times heartbreaking look at several former and current denizens of downtown L.A.'s Skid Row ... full review
  45. Mansome 2012 There's no real center to the film's potentially insightful topic, with Spurlock never zeroing in on a cohesive message. full review
  46. Memorial Day 2012 Between all the flashbacks and flash-forwards, you'll need a scorecard. full review
  47. More Than Honey 2012 Oblique narrative aside, you can't beat the film's eye-popping visuals. full review
  48. Nipples & Palm Trees 2012 If the title "Nipples and Palm Trees" sounds dubious, just wait till you see the movie - a dreary, dirty-talking sex comedy from the you've-got-to-be-kidding-me school of filmmaking. full review
  49. October Baby 2012 A film whose poignancy is hard to deny whatever side of the abortion debate you fall on. full review
  50. Price Check 2012 A you-are-there slip-and-slide that follows a supermarket chain's pricing department exec whose life gets upended by a whirlwind new boss. full review
  51. The Revisionaries 2012 Thurman presents a largely even-handed recounting, wisely letting folks - and events - speak for themselves. full review
  52. Sassy Pants 2012 Although it attempts a kind of outre pose, the film ultimately proves a too-gentle juggling act that never quite soars. full review
  53. Step Up To The Plate 2012 A cerebral, dirge-paced outline of a father-son dynamic that asks the audience to fill in too many narrative and emotional gaps. full review
  54. That's What She Said 2012 It's all directed - and played - at fever pitch with an egregious disregard for real-world comportment. full review
  55. Union Square 2012 Propelled by a rangy, superbly colorful performance by Mira Sorvino, the film grabs hold of the viewer from the jump and snowballs toward a deftly moving and concise third act. full review
  56. The Woman in the Fifth 2012 A thankless lead vehicle for Ethan Hawke who's left largely stranded by writer-director Pawel Pawlikowski's opaque adaptation of Douglas Kennedy's novel. full review
  57. 35 And Ticking 2011 Although writer-director Russ Parr sometimes overstays his welcome - peppier editing would have helped - a generally warm approach helps distinguish his oft-told story. full review
  58. Angels Crest 2011 Catherine Trieschmann's script, based on the novel by Leslie Schwartz, barely scratches the potentially loaded surfaces it serves up. full review
  59. The City Dark 2011 Poetic, at times profound... full review
  60. House of Pleasures 2011 "Pleasures" becomes as enveloping - and sometimes as awkward - as one of the L'Apollonide ladies' heaving corsets. full review
  61. Last Days Here 2011 A deft and weirdly affecting portrait of how a drug-addicted man-child knocking on death's door manages an astonishing resurgence. full review
  62. The Last Fall 2011 This is an involving, sympathetic film unafraid to wear its sizable heart on its sleeve. full review
  63. Make Believe 2011 The various sleights of hand are impressive even if we're afforded little insight into their actual execution. Still, it's fun stuff. full review
  64. Nesting 2011 Writer-director John Chuldenko stretches a sitcom episode premise to feature-length breaking point in "Nesting." full review
  65. One Fall 2011 Despite its grander ambitions, the film ultimately feels minor and superficial. full review
  66. Where Soldiers Come From 2011 A work that's less urgent and involving than its intense subject matter might have dictated. full review
  67. The Best and the Brightest 2010 Flies off its comic rails after an engaging start, never to land back on solid ground. full review
  68. Inhale 2010 It takes a while to get there, but Inhale eventually emerges as a tense and morally complex thriller with a devastating twist. full review
  69. Cash Crop 2009 Eye-opening, yes, but Ross never ventures much beyond the mega-crop's production phase and into the specifics of its wider sale and distribution, where things likely get even thornier -- and perhaps more interesting. full review
  70. Five Minutes of Heaven 2009 Ultimately, Five Minutes of Heaven is stronger as a whole than its individual parts. full review
  71. Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel 2009 An involving look at an American icon as well as an adept snapshot of our national zeitgeist from the McCarthy era through the Reagan years. full review
  72. Inspector Bellamy 2009 A sadly bland footnote to an illustrious and influential career. full review
  73. TiMER 2009 Make time for this one. full review
  74. The Beautiful Truth 2008 Comes off mostly like a hybrid of retro-style educational film and late-night infomercial. full review
  75. Bronson 2008 Hardy chomps down on his once-in-a-career role with stunning ferocity and never lets go. He's extraordinary. full review
  76. The Business of Being Born 2008 Pregnant women -- and involved dads -- would be well advised to check out this provocative portrait. full review
  77. Our City Dreams 2008 Their art, like the film itself, is powerful, daring and makes you think. full review

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