Gemma Files,

  1. Highlander - Endgame 2000 Kinetic but borderline incoherent, hinging entirely on character relationships whose significance it can't possibly slow down long enough to explain for the newbies in the audience.
  2. Scream 3 2000 New-kid-on-the-block screenwriter Ethan Kruger acquits himself admirably in filling tapped-out creator Kevin Williamson's big, black boots.
  3. The Virgin Suicides 1999 A weird and glorious tribute to ephemera of every possible sort.
  4. Shakespeare in Love 1998 A rollicking good time, full of genuine emotional pull and incandescent acting, and anchored by a passionate love for the theater itself which puts most human liaisons--including Shakespeare and Viola's -- to shame.
  5. The Legend of Drunken Master (Jui kuen II) (Drunken Fist II) 1994 Watching movies like this, you also understand exactly why the increasingly road-worn Chan simply can't do this kind of stuff anymore. But damn, you'll walk out glad he once could.
  6. /titles/199771 It's all just cheap metaphor and stupid spectacle, with technology standing (rather inadequately) in for any sort of genuine inquiry into the fascinating mysteries and difficulties of actual faith. full review
  7. /titles/197463 Truly appalling, repetitive, utterly predictable film. full review

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