Jake Coyle, Associated Press

  1. Dead Man Down 2013 The screenplay by J. H. Wyman is squirm-inducing in its preposterous dialogue and haphazard plotting. full review
  2. LUV 2013 A kind of "Training Day" hoping for interstitial Terrence Malick poetry in the Baltimore landscape of "The Wire" with the occasional sensationalism of an action film. full review
  3. The Babymakers 2012 An increasingly incredulously plotted series of embarrassments about the wounded masculinity of a low sperm count. full review
  4. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie 2012 With limitless absurdity comes a kind of glossy-eyed meaninglessness and extreme tastelessness. full review
  5. Ironclad 2011 An utterly joyless exercise in blood and dirt. full review
  6. The American 2010 It's difficult not to want Corbijn's mournful seriousness to ease up a bit. But The American is nevertheless transfixing in its weary, muted grace. full review
  7. Somewhere 2010 Coppola is brilliant at capturing mood: With cinematographer Harris Savides, her languid camera depicts California melancholy. But substance isn't her game. full review
  8. Cairo Time 2009 The scenery is enchanting and it's clear Nadda was inspired to make the film from the beauty of Cairo. She and cinematographer Luc Montpellier succeed in fashioning a graceful postcard to the city, but a story, too, would have been nice. full review
  9. Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) 2007 Though the histrionics of City of Men are a bit obvious, and it lacks the bravado of City of God, it's ultimately a more rewarding film.
  10. Jackass: Number Two 2006 True to its aim, Jackass 2 probably will leave fans more satisfied than the vast majority of films this year have left moviegoers. full review
  11. /titles/198365 Hunt and Morton don't appear onscreen together until the end of the movie, which makes this feel like two projects forced to mingle. full review
  12. /titles/200148 "The Interview" struggles to really illuminate anything about the stranger-than-fiction Orwellian nightmare that is North Korea, but its attempt is admirable. It deserves to be seen. full review
  13. /titles/198061 Roman Polanski. Sadomasochism. What could possibly go wrong? full review