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  1. A Haunted House 2013 Mean-spirited, badly made and unfunny is one set of disasters; adding in storytelling incompetence adds to the catastrophe. full review
  2. We Are What We Are 2013 We Are What We Are is a re-make that succeeds superbly while remaining true to the strange and sad intimately grotesque spirit of the original. full review
  3. We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks 2013 Alex Gibney's latest, "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks," is very good -- manage to do both. full review
  4. Brake 2012 Your mileage enjoying Brake may vary, but even if you spot the final destination coming, it's a pleasant enough joyride. full review
  5. Bringing Up Bobby 2012 '"Bringing Up Bobby" is hardly an auspicious debut for Janssen as a director, but, at the same time, there's enough there to suggest that a next attempt would be worthy of investigation... full review
  6. Pusher 2012 ... it feels like just another movie about crime and drugs as Frank's week goes from bad to worse. full review
  7. Buck 2011 ... a rare documentary as intellectually and philosophically rewarding as it is emotionally moving. full review
  8. Knuckle 2011 Knuckle is a curiously riveting work. full review
  9. My Week with Marilyn 2011 It's too bad that Williams didn't have a script or director that would have given the film a better chance of attaining greatness. full review
  10. Peep World 2011 ...the film's so flat and sour that when the whole cast are gathered together around a communal dinner table, all you want to do is escape the acid, claustrophobic rancor of its unpleasantness. full review
  11. Henry's Crime 2010 You wish anyone on either side of the camera had a cup of coffee and then the energy to throw out weak scenes and flawed motivations while picking up the pace. full review
  12. The Kids Are All Right 2010 Cholodenko's film stands as one of the best American films of the year precisely because it's willing to look at what love truly gives, and what it truly takes. full review
  13. The Switch 2010 Thanks to Bateman's truly winning performance as a bit of a loser, "The Switch" manages to earn our laughter and our respect in equal measure. full review
  14. Vanishing On 7th Street 2010 A little more polish in the writing could have made it a must-see, but as it stands, it's a fairly solid B-movie matinee with a nicely calibrated mix of intellectual dread and visceral shock. full review
  15. Waiting for Forever 2010 Waiting for Forever isn't just bad; it's fascinatingly bad. full review

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