Jan Stuart, Newsday

  1. Alone with Her 2007 A B-picture waiting to cut loose in its final 15 minutes, when it devolves into generic stalker-thriller theatrics of the Julia-Roberts-in-distress kind. full review
  2. Cashback 2006 How ironic that Richard Lester had to go all the way to England to make that chef-d'oeuvre of sex comedies, The Knack... and How to Get It, while Ellis stays home and churns out the British answer to American Pie. full review
  3. The Wind That Shakes the Barley 2006 Folks who are heavily invested in stereotypes of thuggish terrorists may balk at Loach's portrait of articulate IRA ideologues. But there is no denying his ferocious grip on our emotions. Barley is one tough and beautiful film. full review
  4. 49 Up 2005 To the extent that it opens a window into the puzzling business of growing older and affirms - with touching reflectiveness and exuberant humor -- the suspicion that we are all in the same boat, 49 Up is priceless. full review
  5. Old Joy 2005 Every frame of Old Joy bespeaks a yearning for a more user-friendly day, when gas was less than $2.50 a gallon and there was always a used record store to unload your scratched vinyl. full review
  6. Oldboy 2004 You will either feel mollified by the hysterically moral denouement or feel offended by the filmmaker's strategy of debasement, which reduces the audience to the mongrel-like prostration of its protagonist. full review
  7. White Chicks 2004 White Chicks feels more like an idea for a TV sketch that would have been much fresher had it been inflated into a movie in the '90s. full review
  8. People I Know 2003 Al Pacino gives a career-crowning performance under Dan Algrant's perceptive direction. full review
  9. Barbershop 2002 Amid the new populist comedies that underscore the importance of family tradition and familial community, one would be hard-pressed to find a movie with a bigger, fatter heart than Barbershop. full review
  10. Below 2002 Twohy knows how to inflate the mundane into the scarifying, and gets full mileage out of the rolling of a stray barrel or the unexpected blast of a phonograph record. full review
  11. Equilibrium 2002 Dour and charmless. full review
  12. Fidel 2002 Ninety minutes of Viva Castro! can be as tiresome as 9 seconds of Jesse Helms' anti- Castro rhetoric, which are included full review
  13. Girls Will Be Girls 2002 To appreciate Girls Will Be Girls to the max, it probably helps to have taken at least one semester of Screen Camp 101. full review
  14. The Master of Disguise 2002 A calamitous attempt at reviving the anarchic, little-kid spirit of Jerry Lewis. full review
  15. The Sum of All Fears 2002 This engrossing, characteristically complex Tom Clancy thriller is shifty in the manner in which it addresses current terrorism anxieties and sidesteps them at the same time. full review
  16. Baran 2001 Majidi's poetic love story is a ravishing consciousness-raiser, if a bit draggy at times. full review
  17. Children Underground 2001 A heartrending act of courage in the guise of a documentary film. full review
  18. Not Another Teen Movie 2001 This parody of teen comedies is just teen comedy by the numbers, for those who can only count to three. full review
  19. The Score 2001 It is the human spectacle of three of America's finest screen actors passing on their wisdom and gifts from one generation to the next that lends this movie a self-reflexive glow and lifts it above the cliches on which it is constructed. full review
  20. Gossip 2000 This propulsive drama about the impact of gossip on a university student population flakes out in the final count.
  21. Vatel 2000 An improbable, if sumptuous, bore. full review
  22. Solo Con Tu Pareja 1991 First released in 1991, Alfonso Cuaron's Solo Con Tu Pareja (Only With Your Partner) is a manic puff of nonsense that plays off the AIDS panic of the preceding decade. full review
  23. /titles/199811 Artificial, manufactured and devoid of credibility. full review
  24. /titles/199812 At the end of the day, Carrey is far more palatable and sincere under a devil's mask than a cardboard halo. full review
  25. /titles/199938 For introducing children to the joys of classical music, the Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoon shorts were far wittier and much less condescending. full review
  26. /titles/198266 A textbook example of the hazards of hiring a writer to adapt his own novel. full review
  27. /titles/197180 A showcase for the buoyant, antic spirit of Jamie Lee Curtis. full review
  28. /titles/199807 It can make for an exasperating ride, since the filmmakers fudge the line between earnest manipulation and flip self-mockery. full review
  29. /titles/198263 It's hard to resist the charismatic teaming of Tony Leung and Andy Lau as a cop and a criminal wearing like hats for cross purposes. full review
  30. /titles/198236 A dumbfounding, cameo-peppered road comedy that demeans everyone associated with it. full review
  31. /titles/199806 [O'Connell and Anderson] are mere pawns in the larcenous career of Jerry Bruckheimer, who will carry on making a plethora of movies that are anathema to anyone with half a brain. full review
  32. /titles/198458 Los Angeles Plays Itself, Alexander's sprawling and incisive meditation on the many uses and abuses of the city of L.A. in the movies, may be the unlikeliest great movie of the year. full review
  33. /titles/199799 This is Sandra Bullock at her teasing, wonder woman best. full review
  34. /titles/197705 A well-intended but confused serio-comedy that flakes out on its central characters. full review
  35. /titles/197826 Brooks and Stroman have taken a classic and flattened it into just the sort of glib, tired-businessman's musical adaptation that Max Bialystock once built his sagging reputation on. full review
  36. /titles/197273 Affecting, slightly overextended film. full review