Jason Anderson, Globe and Mail

  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2008 A noisy, hectic and largely unthrilling adventure. full review
  2. Deep Water 2006 The details just get stranger and stranger. full review
  3. Old Joy 2005 Wise, resonant and genuinely special. full review
  4. Little Black Book 2004 The movie's tone veers wildly from scene to scene before taking an unexpected turn in the final scenes. full review
  5. /titles/197772 Boy Culture is an undemanding but sufficiently engaging serving of smut and sentiment. As such, it reclaims territory that queer cinema has largely ceded to TV shows like Queer as Folk, The L Word and Six Feet Under. full review
  6. /titles/197378 The movie's uninteresting characters, boneheaded dialogue and flagrantly nonsensical narrative detract considerably from the virtues of the visual design. full review