Jason Anderson, Toronto Star

  1. Crystal Fairy 2013 While the pleasures of Silva's trippy road-trip movie are mostly minor, it still does something major by eliciting Cera's boldest performance to date. full review
  2. Restrepo 2010 Though Hetherington and Junger's film doesn't ultimately have anything new to say about the nature of war, it will nonetheless have a strong impact on those of us fortunate enough to have experienced combat only in its motion-picture form. full review
  3. Adrift in Tokyo 2009 It takes a while to get to its destination, but the journey is a memorable one thanks to the film's charmingly odd sensibility and the affable rapport between our two travelers. full review
  4. Kings of Pastry 2009 What makes Kings of Pastry more than a sugar-coated showcase of culinary porn is its emphasis on the individual human dramas that exist behind all of these delicacies. full review
  5. Food, Inc. 2008 An invaluable primer, Food, Inc. covers a wide array of factors and concerns without becoming excessively polemical or deadeningly earnest. full review

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