Jay Weissberg, Variety

  1. I Killed My Mother 2013 There's much to praise, especially the oh-so-real dialogue, but true psychological penetration is lacking and Dolan's hunger to prove his talent results in a superfluity of styles. full review
  2. The Square 2013 The Square understands that the Revolution itself is a work in progress, and while its immediacy means it, too, will soon be superseded, it stands as a vigorous, useful account. full review
  3. More Than Honey 2012 Most striking in "Honey" are closeups of the bees in their hives, symbiotically working together in creating their new queen: Imhoof rightfully spends time detailing the extraordinary nature of bee social structure. full review
  4. The City Dark 2011 An informative, well-rounded look at light pollution told with a star-gazing enthusiast's passion for his subject. full review
  5. My Normal 2009 full review
  6. Nightmares in Red, White and Blue 2009 full review
  7. Were the World Mine 2008 The clunky script keeps pulling everything to an earthbound level well below the desired airy realm. full review
  8. Deficit 2007 full review
  9. Agnes and His Brothers 2004 In shuttling between drama and farce, more than a few balls get dropped. full review
  10. /titles/199967 Even for sci-fi, some logic has to enter the plot, which also needs to be devoid of major holes if it's not to fall into ridiculousness, and that, unfortunately, is where Automata lies. full review
  11. /titles/198368 Itself the object of political wrangling, Beauty has numerous scenes of enormous power, though removing one unnecessary plot strand would allow deeper probing elsewhere. full review
  12. /titles/197589 Four childhood friends from the slums are recruited by Islamic fundamentalists and turned into suicide bombers in Nabil Ayouch's affecting, strongly edited Horses of God. full review
  13. /titles/197689 Sure, some of these dames and geezers are fun, and it's heartening to see them pushing themselves for what's likely their last expedition, yet Gaynes forgets that even schmaltz needs salt and pepper. full review
  14. /titles/199546 This blood-spattered pseudo-Freudian nonsense is suitable only for the most avid giallo groupies. full review