Jeff Millar, Houston Chronicle

  1. The Tigger Movie 2000 Cute. full review
  2. Double Jeopardy 1999 Beresford's straight-ahead approach to the material, as a heart-tugger, is 180 degrees wrong. full review
  3. eXistenZ 1999 It's good art direction in search of an idea. full review
  4. The Haunting 1999 The actors are basically helpless with this. full review
  5. An Ideal Husband 1999 Parker has made a sensible cinematic translation of Wilde's play, intercutting scenes which would have been played consecutively on the stage. full review
  6. In Too Deep 1999 Plot not deep enough. full review
  7. Music of the Heart 1999 For its first three laps, this inspirational - teacher movie moves too slowly, even with the head start I give inspirational - teacher movies. full review
  8. The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999 Perhaps at 90 or so minutes, it would have been the Hitchcockian thriller that it isn't at the beginning but turns into. At two hours and 20 minutes, there's too much of the film that feels like reiteration. full review
  9. Tarzan 1999 Simply a smashingly well-done example of animated storytelling. full review
  10. Teaching Mrs. Tingle 1999 The movie needs a few more ideas and a lot more thrills to excite viewers, whether young or old. full review
  11. The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 Very sexy and very smart! full review
  12. The Prince of Egypt 1998 The handsomely animated Prince of Egypt is an amalgam of Hollywood biblical epic, Broadway supermusical and nice Sunday school lesson. full review
  13. Shakespeare in Love 1998 It's a literary burlesque, remarkably clever and quick on its feet. It is ardently romantic but is at its best when it is funny. And it's funny. full review
  14. Wide Awake 1998 The fact is, just too many of the characters and plot points are right out of the stock room: the obligatory fat kid; the obligatory bully; the obligatory kid whose parents can't really afford Catholic school tuition ...
  15. Amistad 1997 Halfway into Amistad comes the point where Steven Spielberg pulls the lever, and the stink and horror and bestialities of slavery spill around our ankles. We can't look away.
  16. Chasing Amy 1997 As funny as the observational outrage humor of Clerks, but Smith is working harder.
  17. Good Burger 1997 The vast majority of me -- which is not 11 -- wanted several times to run screaming into the lobby and plunge my head into the nacho hot-cheese cauldron.
  18. Jackie Brown 1997 Turns out that author Elmore Leonard and director Quentin Tarantino are not the odd couple after all.
  19. McHale's Navy 1997 I didn't laugh once, not even giggle.
  20. Beautiful Girls 1996 Portman was memorable as the little girl in The Professional, but her work here throws off an eeriness in its revelation of such huge talent in one so young.
  21. Big Night 1996 It will paste a big, sloppy smile on your face from its opening moment. Good luck at dislodging it.
  22. The English Patient 1996 This is the real thing, and real things don't come along very often, so you'd better snap them up when they do.
  23. Restoration 1996 While this sly and sumptuous new film offers just the single word as its title, it will make you think of all you learned about Restoration comedy -- and drama -- in that long-ago History of the Theater 101 course.
  24. /titles/197164 If there has been a major Hollywood release with a higher body count, I don't remember it. full review