Jeff Strickler, Minneapolis Star Tribune

  1. For the Bible Tells Me So 2007 If you can look beyond the polemics, this is also a powerful story about the emotional pain and psychological trauma that splits families and breaks hearts. full review
  2. The Hunting Party 2007 On paper, there's no way that The Hunting Party should work. But onscreen, it defies the odds. full review
  3. The Constant Gardener 2005 Viewers who like real-world issues interwoven with their fiction -- much in the style of author John Le Carre, whose novel is the basis for this movie -- should find plenty to chew on. full review
  4. Into Great Silence 2005 [Some] viewers are likely to consider this nearly three-hour, nearly soundless documentary as a chance to catch up on their sleep. full review
  5. Neil Young: Heart of Gold 2005 It will be hard for any Young devotee not to succumb to the music, as Demme turns the movie theater into a concert hall. full review
  6. The World's Fastest Indian 2005 The inspiring true story The World's Fastest Indian should be mandatory viewing for anyone who has ever said, 'I'm getting too old for this.' full review
  7. Danny Deckchair 2004 An entertaining flight of fancy. full review
  8. Dust to Glory 2004 Dana Brown's documentaries crackle with passion. full review
  9. Me and You and Everyone We Know 2004 July is a delightful discovery, as both a filmmaker and a performer. full review
  10. Brother Bear 2003 Messages about appreciating the world around you and a reworking of The Lion King circle-of-life riff are likely to be warmly accepted. full review
  11. Camp 2003 You'll have trouble keeping your toes from tapping. full review
  12. Dirty Pretty Things 2003 Ejiofor, a veteran British stage actor, is well cast. full review
  13. Holes 2003 Fills a hole in the genre by not treating kids with kid gloves. full review
  14. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 2003 This is Owen's picture. He broods, he seethes, he plots. Sometimes he even speaks, but it's not necessary. One glance from Will is enough to send chills down anyone's spine. full review
  15. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen 2003 Amusing and insightful. full review
  16. Loser 2003 full review
  17. The Recruit 2003 full review
  18. The Triplets of Belleville 2003 Depending on your perspective, it's either visionary or weird. full review
  19. Lost in La Mancha 2002 full review
  20. Pumpkin 2002 full review
  21. Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002 full review
  22. We Were Soldiers 2002 full review
  23. Amelie 2001 full review
  24. Novocaine 2001 full review
  25. Waking Life 2001 For a movie heralded as the cutting edge of visual innovation, Waking Life is disappointingly dull in every other respect. full review
  26. Gossip 2000 A taut second half in which the plot turns back on itself in some surprising twists makes up for the lethargic first half. full review
  27. Blow Dry 2000 full review
  28. Reindeer Games (Deception) 2000 full review
  29. Better Than Chocolate 1999 full review
  30. Boys Don't Cry 1999 full review
  31. Brokedown Palace 1999 full review
  32. Double Jeopardy 1999 full review
  33. Mansfield Park 1999 full review
  34. Runaway Bride 1999 full review
  35. The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 full review
  36. A Walk on the Moon 1999 full review
  37. Belly 1998 full review
  38. Little Voice 1998 full review
  39. Nightwatch 1998 full review
  40. Phantoms 1998 full review
  41. Amistad 1997 full review
  42. The Apostle 1997 full review
  43. Breakdown 1997 A taut suspense film. full review
  44. The Castle 1997 full review
  45. McHale's Navy 1997 full review
  46. Mimic 1997 full review
  47. Mouse Hunt (Mousehunt) 1997 full review
  48. The Peacemaker 1997 full review
  49. She's So Lovely 1997 full review
  50. The Wings of the Dove 1997 full review
  51. Big Night 1996 full review
  52. Citizen Ruth 1996 full review
  53. The Ghost and the Darkness 1996 full review
  54. Ridicule 1996 full review

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