Jessica Winter, Village Voice

  1. Stoned 2005 The rock hero starts out dead and so does the movie. full review
  2. About Adam 2000 Squanders its potential themes. full review
  3. Kadosh 1999 full review
  4. Music of the Heart 1999 Solid raw material, but the execution is overcooked: The kids are cutesy, and Meryl Streep as Roberta is hyperaddled and indecisive about which outer-borough accent to affect. full review
  5. My Life so Far 1999 full review
  6. The Legend of Drunken Master (Jui kuen II) (Drunken Fist II) 1994 Chan has always seemed like a silent-screen virtuoso self-catapulted into modern times. full review
  7. Rosemary's Baby 1968 Hunched, black-eyed, leering, John Cassavetes's Guy is a contaminated satanic canal in himself. full review
  8. /titles/197738 Charles Shyer (who processed the Parent Trap and Father of the Bride updates) plays coy with most matters sexual-an odd and puritanical approach to a character who molds his entire existence around the procurement and enjoyment of sex. full review
  9. /titles/198238 A flashback to a heroin casualty on a rain-soaked playground is a crucial visual aid, but any punch-drunk victim of Deuces Wild might prefer the needle to the damage done. full review
  10. /titles/197822 McConaughey is insufferably smug as always, while the bewilderingly miscast Diva appears bored and impatient. full review

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