Joe Brown, Washington Post

  1. Clueless 1995 Parents are traditionally invisible and/or lame in teen flicks, but Dan Hedaya, as Silverstone's sharklike litigator dad, does a drop-dead Robert Shapiro, biting off some of the best lines in the movie. full review
  2. Unzipped 1995 full review
  3. Beverly Hills Cop III 1994 The most lackluster entry in the franchise. full review
  4. The House of the Spirits 1993 full review
  5. For the Boys 1991 full review
  6. Paris Is Burning 1991 full review
  7. Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 Brutally beautiful, darkly comic sci-fi full review
  8. Scrooged 1988 This is not a 'good movie' -- in fact, it's a sprawling mess -- but I like it. full review
  9. /titles/197444 An otherwise very funny scene featuring Thing amounts to an extended ad for Federal Express, and the rap beats from Hammer's new album boom from passing cars in several scenes -- nothing will date this movie faster. full review
  10. /titles/198213 It's a one-joke movie, a funhouse ride, the cinematic equivalent of having a rubber spider thrown in your lap. But it doesn't matter if you reject the wispy script or the plot, which has as much substance as a spider's web; you'll jump every time. full review
  11. /titles/198220 Based on a comic book, deliciously corny but not campy, "The Rocketeer" is the movie Dick Tracy and Batman wanted to be. full review
  12. /titles/197801 A quick check of the exiting audience found many smiling -- and still clutching tissues. full review
  13. /titles/199789 The sequel to last year's breakaway hit offers more of the same, but it's somehow fresher, funnier and more endearing than the airheaded original. full review