Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

  1. Gambit 2014 Firth is solid as always. He fits his tailored suits and rectangular glasses to a T. Diaz fares less well. full review
  2. No God, No Master 2014 Interesting politics done in by so-so filmmaking. full review
  3. Odd Thomas 2014 This expensive-looking indie, adapted from a supernatural book series by sci-fi author Dean Koontz, tries too hard for a wacky tone, and winds up merely brain-dead. full review
  4. Omar 2014 The movie grips us partly because Bakri's performance is alternately casual and calculated. full review
  5. Two Lives 2014 This sober look into how war, peace and politics splintered lives is circuitous, but worth puzzling out. full review
  6. Absence 2013 It's been 15 years - can we stop remaking "The Blair Witch Project" already? full review
  7. Adore 2013 [An] embarrassingly breathless portrayal of middle-aged crazy. full review
  8. Aftershock 2013 There is a great final shot ... and the Roth character does find a place with real heat. Otherwise, there's nothing groundbreaking here. full review
  9. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor 2013 Always-good Greenwood ambles through on charm and bemusement, but the film is still an idea in search of meaning. full review
  10. And While We Were Here 2013 Though the film plays like late-era Woody Allen - not necessarily a good thing - and Goldberg's rambunctiousness is more annoying than liberating, there's a serious depth of feeling here. full review
  11. As Luck Would Have It 2013 This dark satire may be hard to watch at times, but its' queasy mix of satire and tough love should be seen for how black comedy can be done outside the U.S. full review
  12. The Attack 2013 A gripping, personal examination of a seemingly unresolvable conflict. full review
  13. Berberian Sound Studio 2013 Fans of Dario Argento and Mario Bava will appreciate the references. Even for newcomers, there are minor chords to enjoy. If only there were less screaming. full review
  14. Black Rock 2013 "Black Rock" is as dingy and dirty as the genre thrillers it appears to want to one-up. All it does, though, is bring everyone down. full review
  15. Breaking The Girls 2013 [Zima] saves some of this plodding thriller - a police investigation alone seems to go on forever - but not enough to make the steaminess pay off. full review
  16. Cockneys vs Zombies 2013 The oldsters are feisty - a gun-totin' granny is played by Pussy Galore herself, "Goldfinger's" Honor Blackman - but the shtick's as flat as old ale. full review
  17. Cutie And The Boxer 2013 They express love and vivaciousness, at once seeming like any couple walking down the street and yet unlike anyone you're lucky enough to spend time with. full review
  18. Dead Man Down 2013 Before it devolves into typical American-style action, there's an intriguing, European-style complexity to Dead Man Down. full review
  19. Drew: The Man Behind The Poster 2013 The summary comes when the low-key Struzan offhandedly reveals what he often hears: "Give it your magic." It's all on view here. full review
  20. Drinking Buddies 2013 We laugh with these people not because they're absurd, but because they're so normal. Swanberg's made the rare film that feels exactly the way your friends do when they don't know you're watching them. full review
  21. Emperor 2013 A methodical but dull fact-based drama set just after World War II. full review
  22. Europa Report 2013 Finally, a found-footage thriller that merits, and expands on, this irrationally popular format. full review
  23. Everyday 2013 The film's day-to-day aches are quiet and lovingly rendered. full review
  24. Evidence 2013 The always beguiling Radha Mitchell can't save this stunted procedural-horror combo. full review
  25. The Family 2013 This unexciting, unfunny would-be action satire is filled with Italian-American stereotypes, decades-old TV-style Mafia cliches, bits of business that never amount to anything and actors so much better than the hoary, one-joke material. full review
  26. The Frozen Ground 2013 The movie's late-night cable feel and skeevy salaciousness grinds everything to a snowy slush. full review
  27. G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 The G.I. Joe team is back, and most of their sophomore movie adventure, G.I. Joe Retaliation, is as bland as their name and as subtle as an exploding tank. full review
  28. A Girl And A Gun 2013 Director Cathryne Czubek's well-researched, incredibly lively chronicle of the way guns are marketed to, coveted by, and portrayed with women is a vital glimpse into a cultural phenomenon. full review
  29. Hatchet III 2013 The crowd that likes these things will certainly be psyched. Everyone else, not so much. full review
  30. How I Live Now 2013 A frosty-eyed, imperturbable actress in "Atonement," "Hanna" and "The Host," Ronan is at least able to sell Daisy's new focus while the movie loses its own. full review
  31. If I Were You 2013 Bloody awful. full review
  32. Insidious: Chapter 2 2013 Comes upon a few quirky solutions and movie-ripoff scares before settling into a kind of coma. full review
  33. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files 2013 [It feels] like a late-night cable-news hack job. full review
  34. Jobs 2013 Like the man it's about, "Jobs" is thin and unassuming, but keeps surprising you with ideas and innovation. full review
  35. Killing Season 2013 Tables keep turning, traps keep springing and the actors keep acting, acting, acting. full review
  36. The Lifeguard 2013 This sorrowful, achingly wise little drama has a lot to say about the dangers of hanging on to youth at all costs. full review
  37. Linsanity 2013 Banal and fawning, with Lin coming off as a pious, charmless subject. full review
  38. Machete Kills 2013 "Machete Kills"? "Machete Bores" is more like it. full review
  39. Man of Tai Chi 2013 Say what you will about Keanu Reeves, he knows his strengths. So for his first directorial effort, he chose to do a martial-arts flick with a postmodern tinge. full review
  40. Maniac 2013 Ever wonder what Frodo Baggins would be like as a serial killer? full review
  41. Men at Lunch 2013 Delicious. full review
  42. Mother Of George 2013 Director Andrew Dosunmu's film is big-hearted and rich, frequently using slow motion to underscore an artful intimacy. full review
  43. Mud 2013 Sadly, Nichols, who made the superb Take Shelter, gets mired in mood this time around. But there's still an evocative sense of childhood exploration, and a gritty performance by Matthew McConaughey. full review
  44. My Amityville Horror 2013 [Feels] like an episode of "In Search Of" on steroids. full review
  45. Narco Cultura 2013 South of the border, the constant terror of bloody battles over drugs and territory has influenced music, movies and a level of star worship. But the glimpses we get here are a bit listless. full review
  46. Night Train To Lisbon 2013 "Murder on the Orient Express," this ain't. full review
  47. Paranoia 2013 "Paranoia's" twitchiness is like an actual twitch: it's contrived and clunky, and you forget it in an instant. full review
  48. Passion 2013 With no heat at all and a woefully disjointed cast, De Palma's danse macabre never catches fire. full review
  49. Petunia 2013 The movie is never deeper than the average sitcom episode ... which makes Lahti's A-game that much more valuable. full review
  50. A Place at the Table 2013 As important and eye-opening a documentary as you'll see this year, "A Place at the Table" makes it impossible to think of hunger as merely another symptom of a shredded social safety net. full review
  51. Populaire 2013 When things change to a rom-com template, things get slightly more rote, but in everything from film stock to (slightly overactive) score, "Populaire" is a nice shift to another time. full review
  52. Red Flag 2013 Owing a debt to Albert Brooks' early comedies, "Red Flag" might be too much if it weren't just right. full review
  53. Rising From Ashes 2013 Ashes is joyous and uplifting, full of spirit, memorable athletes (including Olympian Adrien Niyonshuti) and remarkable achievements, both big and small. full review
  54. Rubberneck 2013 The film works better as an uncomfortable character drama than as a murky family mystery, which Karpovsky deepens with some psychobabble. Still, a nicely sinister and shuddersome effort. full review
  55. The Secret Disco Revolution 2013 There's silliness, too, but the facts turn the beat around. full review
  56. The Short Game 2013 This less-than-illuminating work resembles the spelling-bee doc "Spellbound," only with a promise of high-end endorsements and far more pampering. full review
  57. Simon Killer 2013 Sort of "An American Psycho's European Vacation," this indie dramatic thriller mixes sex and violence and still winds up dull. full review
  58. Starbuck 2013 A high-concept goof that's hard-pressed to surmount its twee preposterousness. full review
  59. Stuck in Love 2013 Cliched literary trappings come together in "Stuck in Love," but the final product feels more like a footnote than a finished work. full review
  60. The Summit 2013 Director Nick Ryan mixes in re-creations and actual footage to tell of an ill-fated climb involving an international group of established mountaineers. full review
  61. The Sweeney 2013 Based on a '70s British program, this is a bombastic effort that, while not successful, is still as bracing as a cold pint. full review
  62. Syrup 2013 The story works hard for winking relevance. But this dark lark is like walking around Times Square looking at the flashy logos and lights and thinking you see the message behind the medium. full review
  63. A Teacher 2013 Fidell's mature style and Burdge's lack of guile are engaging. As the film's emotions grow darker, a lack of ideas comes through. full review
  64. Texas Chainsaw 2013 "Texas Chainsaw 3D" sees itself as over-the-top and knowing, but what we ultimately get is simply eyes without a face. full review
  65. Touchy Feely 2013 Shelton's oh-so-slight veer toward whimsy and artifice this time turns her previous strengths into weaknesses. full review
  66. Turbo 2013 A sort-of escargot-meets-"Cars" adventure, it has some sharp vocal turns and remains fun even when its inventiveness runs out of gas. full review
  67. Upstream Color 2013 "Upstream Color" is weird, but it's worth the time. full review
  68. V/H/S/2 2013 "V/H/S/2" may be hit-and-miss, but it's what midnight movies were made for. full review
  69. War Witch 2013 This intense, gripping drama is utterly transporting. full review
  70. What Maisie Knew 2013 The aggravatingly manipulative What Maisie Knew feels, perhaps deliberately, as if its emotions were drawn in brightly colored crayon. full review
  71. White Reindeer 2013 Clark's script goes from funny little observations about the odd serenity people can get from resisting normalcy to shoehorned-in bits that aim for the rafters. But when the movie needs to be astute, it is. full review
  72. Winnie Mandela 2013 Distant and obvious, it takes a story with many angles and reduces its edges, becoming a glorified TV movie. full review
  73. Wish You Were Here 2013 Though much of the film is overcooked and overwrought, it's well-played, and writer-director Kieran Darcy-Smith keeps us guessing, and watching. full review
  74. 16 Acres 2012 This interesting but undeniably bottom-line-minded chronicle of the rebuilding at Ground Zero provides a unique look at civic strife and a city's spirit. full review
  75. 28 Hotel Rooms 2012 While Messina and Ireland are fine company, writer-director Matt Ross' conceit tires you out. full review
  76. 56 Up 2012 It shows that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. And how, in case we forget, every age can predict the next. full review
  77. Any Day Now 2012 Director Travis Fine gives his period details flourish and lets Cumming and Dillahunt create well-rounded characters, but "Any Day Now" winds up treacly. full review
  78. Arbitrage 2012 Rather than seeming pat, Jarecki's straightforward cynicism is pointed and purposeful. full review
  79. The Awakening 2012 This stately chiller owes a lot to 1960s British flicks like "The Innocents" and "The Haunting," but unfortunately heads towards cliches with every step. full review
  80. Brake 2012 Talk about being boxed in: This thriller is half-"24," half-"Buried" and, despite a few twists, unable to move anywhere. full review
  81. Bringing Up Bobby 2012 Actress Famke Janssen wrote and directed this half-spiky, A-for-effort dramedy about a grifter mom struggling to raise her preteen son on the road. full review
  82. Chasing Ice 2012 You won't want to look away - not only because of the gorgeous images, but also because of the reality it presents. full review
  83. Crooked Arrows 2012 Routh ... does a killer Tom Cruise-in-"Jerry Maguire" homage in this swift little sports dramedy. full review
  84. Deadfall 2012 Watching this violent potboiler is like observing a thief knock off a convenience store, then seeing him lock his keys in the car. full review
  85. Decoding Deepak 2012 Like its subject, the movie is not as calculating as it seems. full review
  86. Detachment 2012 It's nice to see righteous anger in a movie. If only the education drama "Detachment" knew what to do with it. full review
  87. Detropia 2012 What the movie captures overall looks like a scene from a sci-fi, postapocalyptic nightmare. full review
  88. Dredd 2012 "Dredd" is a lot of murk and grunt with no inner engine. And the unnecessary 3-D only makes it look muddier. full review
  89. The Expendables 2 2012 Stallone is once more an amiable host. He even pulls off heroics despite having an ill-advised 'stache laying over his mouth, which nowadays looks like a squished octopus. full review
  90. Fat Kid Rules the World 2012 Billy Campbell adds solid support as Troy's overprotective dad. Wanting so much to save his son from pain, this father becomes a jerk in the process. full review
  91. For Ellen 2012 Dano's moments of strangled silence are awkwardly moving. full review
  92. The Front Line 2012 While its tone and humanity offset the futility of each side's need for one crucial hill, much of this intense, honorable film is too drawn-out. full review
  93. Generation Um... 2012 "Um" winds up as empty as its mean streets are phony. full review
  94. The Giant Mechanical Man 2012 Under a few layers of urban twee is a sly, knowing little romantic comedy full of spiky performances. full review
  95. In Our Nature 2012 This could be renamed "Mope-Faced Kingdom." full review
  96. Jesus Henry Christ 2012 It winds up just being annoying full review
  97. Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012 An extraordinary morsel of a movie, and yes, you'll want sushi afterward. But it won't taste like Jiro's. full review
  98. K-11 2012 Points for niche audaciousness, but that's all. full review
  99. Kill List 2012 It would be easy to say that the final minutes of this mixed-up thriller make everything before it meaningless, but that would indicate the odd conclusion has meaning, too. full review
  100. Knuckleball! 2012 With elements of "Moneyball" and a twist of the narrative arm, this look at how Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey became knuckleball experts is a real kick. full review
  101. Last Call at the Oasis 2012 It may not all flow smoothly, but it often provokes a reaction similar to that of Jack Black, who's briefly seen doing a commercial and whose eyebrows dance a salsa when told what's been purified out of the product he's endorsing. full review
  102. A Little Bit Of Heaven 2012 A little bit of hell. full review
  103. Little White Lies 2012 Can tout a gorgeous setting, a group of appealing actors and a mastery of the art of wine-fueled conversation. full review
  104. The Loneliest Planet 2012 The film delivers in unexpected ways, and then ponders what it means. full review
  105. Lore 2012 A disconcerting and eerie film, made even more memorable since it's seen through the prism of childhood's end. full review
  106. The Moth Diaries 2012 Harron can do little with this bloodless drama, a shadow of such quiet vampire treats as "Let the Right One In" and "The Addiction." full review
  107. Orchestra Of Exiles 2012 It's amazing a Hollywood retelling hasn't happened already. full review
  108. The Paperboy 2012 There is so much sweaty, gum-smackin', Southern-accented *acting* going on, you'd applaud if you weren't appalled. full review
  109. Perfect Sense 2012 Sadly, even aficionados of the Cinema of Extinction may make "Perfect Sense" an Omega choice. full review
  110. Price Check 2012 Disjointed, tonally numb and short of laughs, this indie comedy hasn't got a fresh ingredient in it. full review
  111. Radio Unnameable 2012 A treasure trove of both visual and aural footage makes this terrific doc a keeper. Its affectionate appreciation of one man's long, strange trip through history make it a helluva lot of fun. full review
  112. The Raven 2012 This wannabe Sherlockian thriller is like a night spent at Madame Tussauds, watching mannequins strangle other mannequins. full review
  113. Side by Side 2012 Film enthusiasts especially will appreciate this wonky but fascinating documentary about the process of making movies. full review
  114. Silent House 2012 The tricky camera moves that fill up "Silent House" make for one-half of a nerveracking horror film - before the movie's obviousness just gets on your nerves. full review
  115. Sleepless Night 2012 This tense French thriller never goes anywhere new, but nonetheless keeps up an admirable adrenaline kick till the end. full review
  116. Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You 2012 His pain may be useful to James someday, but to viewers, it's annoying right here and now. full review
  117. Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap 2012 The faces and voices are endlessly compelling as they talk about what inspires them to lay down beats and recall the early days in New York. full review
  118. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie 2012 So bad, it's bad. full review
  119. Until They Are Home 2012 Amazing archival footage, narrated by Kelsey Grammer, puts us right there. Memories shared by servicemen and families help us feel the importance of the subject. full review
  120. Waiting For Lightning 2012 Colorful folks and cool stunts abound, but casual viewers may still utter a big "Why?" full review
  121. Welcome To Pine Hill 2012 Writer-director Keith Miller's existential tone and Harper's gentle approach and giant soul turn this New York story with a final twist into something special. full review
  122. Angels Crest 2011 There's actually less here than meets the eye. full review
  123. Apollo 18 2011 Has no thrills, no chills, no scares and contains a villain, or several of them, actually, that will turn you to stone -- from boredom. full review
  124. Brighton Rock 2011 A beautiful-looking noir about a British gangster whose trap for a witness messes up his mob life. full review
  125. The City Dark 2011 An illuminating documentary about what constant exposure to artificial light does to our bodies, our minds and the natural world. full review
  126. First Position 2011 Their devotion to their art is admirable, and the film gets under the skin, if never really in our blood. full review
  127. Forks Over Knives 2011 The radical notion at the heart of the acclaimed doc "Forks Over Knives" is that eating animals and animal-produced foods has costs -- on our economy, our health-care system and on ourselves. full review
  128. Gun Hill Road 2011 A coiled feeling hangs over writer-director Rashaad Ernesto Green's assured, engrossing feature film debut. full review
  129. Inside Out 2011 Loyalties are tested and Scorsese ripped off until audiences may feel as if they're in a movie deathlock. full review
  130. An Invisible Sign 2011 Alba certainly tries her best at portraying not just a beauty but also a beautiful mind, yet very few things add up despite director Marilyn Agrelo's efforts. full review
  131. Jig 2011 Bourne belabors the judges' final decision to such an excruciating length, it makes the whole movie feel a bit more cloddish than it should. full review
  132. Knuckle 2011 While the film becomes slightly redundant, the anger and strife its characters cannot overcome is awful, poetic and, frankly, astonishing. full review
  133. Our Idiot Brother 2011 Despite a pleasantly laid-back demeanor, you wish it would just get focused. full review
  134. Sanctum 2011 If you're able to think of characters as just air bubbles to get past, then dive in, the excitement's fine. full review
  135. Sarah Palin: You Betcha! 2011 [Makes] her sound simply like an evil Tupperware lady. full review
  136. Seven Days In Utopia 2011 Like a cliche tent at the State Fair, with lessons in oil painting, fly-fishing and church to help us all find our center. full review
  137. Tomboy 2011 Its young heroine is proud to be herself; there's just not much for her to do beyond that. full review
  138. The Ward 2011 Carpenter's economical but mundane chiller is possessed more by previous ghoul-friend flicks than it is by his better work. full review
  139. The Whale 2011 Parents should know that the ending makes the last moments of this family-friendly documentary as tough as "Bambi." But the lessons about friendship are gigantic, indeed. full review
  140. All Good Things 2010 The film ends up wrestling itself into a corner, though it's saved by a corrosive central performance from Ryan Gosling and a disconcertingly hypnotic feel. full review
  141. Armadillo 2010 The movie's strength and audacity comes from the Danish soldiers, who confront civilians with wariness or bluntness, exalt in their victories and hesitantly exhibit fear in each others' company. full review
  142. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 Director Werner Herzog's latest cinematic mind trip blows you away with its beauty, though not necessarily due to its exquisite use of 3-D. full review
  143. Centurion 2010 Marshall shows off the breathtaking landscape, but with interiors, he populates the ale houses and encampments with cliches. full review
  144. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 It uncovers truths while framing events as a gripping whodunit. Gibney puts mystery back into a story we thought we knew. full review
  145. Inhale 2010 The film soon traffics in "Babel"-style cultural crises and melodrama. Still, as a tale of parental desperation and the cost of conscience, "Inhale" comes from a thought-provoking place. full review
  146. Knucklehead 2010 Well, at least someone is trying to emulate the Farrelly brothers -- except "Knucklehead," director Michael W. Watkins' half-assed, halfhearted attempt to copy the Farrellys' out-there style is missing both their jackassical riffs and their heart. full review
  147. The Switch 2010 It's Judd Apatow lite, Farrelly brothers special blend. Just call it When Harry Met Sally and Her Ovum. full review
  148. Waiting for Forever 2010 Director James Keach's movie is so annoyingly dipsy-doodle that TV veteran Bilson, trying hard to look haunted and angsty, is boxed in. full review
  149. An American Affair 2009 Sketchily written, clumsily directed and poorly acted, even history-conspiracy aficionados will be left cold. full review
  150. Antichrist 2009 Artfully horrific but artificial and soulless. full review
  151. The Fourth Kind 2009 Badly acted by everyone (including the director, Olatunde Osunsanmi, who appears onscreen), this insipid jumble's idea of fright is incessant screaming. full review
  152. Serious Moonlight 2009 Meg Ryan really needs to steer clear of embarrassments like this. full review
  153. World's Greatest Dad 2009 Once the movie shifts gears, it becomes a timid Donnie Darko-like surrealist fable. full review
  154. The Babysitters 2007 It reads like a Cinemax special event, and as good as Leguizamo and Waterston (daughter of Sam) are, the skeevy, fantasy-fulfillment plot that drives David Ross' movie is uncomfortably risky business. full review
  155. Auf der Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven) (On the Other Side) 2007 Like a more personal, less pretentious version of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Babel, this spiraling dissection of circumstance, choice and fate is more about thoroughness of vision than tricky storytelling. full review
  156. Flawless 2007 There is a nice sense of style, and appreciation for tense face-to-face confrontations among characters trying to ignore the temptations around them. It's sort of the opposite of the current robbery flick The Bank Job - all substance and no flash. full review
  157. The Pool 2007 A quiet, quirky, well-observed fiction about aspiration and connection. full review
  158. /titles/197533 Swanberg ... has a knack for catching human behavior at its most unguarded. full review
  159. /titles/198049 Sometimes, when it comes to getting across specific themes or ideas, creating a mood can do even more than developing a story or writing dialogue. full review
  160. /titles/197312 This is territory covered far more vibrantly in "Margin Call," yet director Costa-Gavras ("Z," "Missing") still has good, old-fashioned indignation to count on. full review
  161. /titles/197316 The initially reluctant, moving duets they finally perform make you feel like, yes, dancing. full review
  162. /titles/197743 If you're on its wavelength, it's a dive into quirky, murky fun. But even if you are, this oddball offering is vague and slippery, a calmer brother to "Brazil" or Orson Welles' Kafka tale "The Trial." full review
  163. /titles/197089 Director Alex Winter tracks the evolution of our tunes, and current glimpses of Fanning, especially, show how small revolutions can have larger, often disturbing, soundwaves. full review
  164. /titles/198490 Sheridan's pacing is turgid and mournful, which lends the story -- sort of like The Shining crossed with Gothika during a sleepover stop at The Amityville Horror -- an air of ponderousness. full review
  165. /titles/199549 Cusack and Jane look like they're improvising much of the time, and while that doesn't lead to a better movie, the off-the-cuff approach is the best thing in the film. full review
  166. /titles/197638 Manic but often morbidly fun ... full review
  167. /titles/197765 Though the film's untested cast struggles with the drama, and the sketched-out story is often banal (there are several amateurish calls-to-mom scenes), the presentation of a specific city subculture is etched from the heart. full review
  168. /titles/199526 The modern, gritty Western "Frontera" takes a lot of the cliches and delicately upends them to tell a tale about undocumented immigrants. full review
  169. /titles/197351 Yet another big-screen version of Dickens' exquisite tale of striving, charity and arrogance highlights the Gothic deliciousness of the tale. full review
  170. /titles/197607 In Milstead's brief 42 years there were separations and reunions, stumbles, success and, finally, a real American family, in movies oddly ahead of their time. full review
  171. /titles/197710 What day-to-day struggles do kids in need face? George Tillman Jr.'s "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete" addresses many of them within a self-contained but successful story. full review
  172. /titles/197776 Pitt, entering his third decade of fame, continues to show how there was always a deadly serious actor in him all along. full review
  173. /titles/197608 Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan are plummy perfection as a British pair in their 60s who hope to reenergize their marriage with a trip to Paris. full review
  174. /titles/198134 Like a too-ardent admirer who sends unwanted poems, the movie's squishy heart is too much. full review
  175. /titles/198418 Well-meaning but uninvolving. full review
  176. /titles/197696 The Music Never Stopped is often static and follows a familiar trajectory. Yet it has power, partly because Simmons does a fine job of showing how hurt Henry is that his taste didn't imprint on Gabe beyond grade school. full review
  177. /titles/197294 Here we go again. full review
  178. /titles/199523 A dangerously cracked creep flick. full review
  179. /titles/197685 As 1992 rolls around, a sense of dread sets in: Are they really going to do every single year? full review
  180. /titles/197631 This is unapologetically low-quality filmmaking, from the stiff screenplay to the crudely brutal fight scenes to the choppy editing. full review
  181. /titles/197700 The aim and the conceit distract from director Ti West's execution. full review
  182. /titles/182776 The movie itself draws on too long, and eventually goes past at least two potential endings and heads right into the ridiculous. full review
  183. /titles/197598 full review
  184. /titles/197388 The matchup, culled from 30 hours of interviews, is intoxicating, and at times maddening, to watch. full review
  185. /titles/198061 An exercise in moviegoing pain. full review
  186. /titles/198048 This comic drama tries too hard to serve up a slice of manic life, but Eisenberg, along with Tracy Morgan and Isiah Whitlock Jr. as the affable druggies, provides some spark. full review

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