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  1. Emperor 2013 Despite the promising setup, the filmmakers' execution muddles what's inherently dramatic material. full review
  2. LUV 2013 Saved from its predictable plotline by a strong cast and a central relationship written and performed with sensitivity, LUV reveals the stakes of trusting in a role model and the costs when that person turns out to be human. full review
  3. Alps 2012 An impressively taut absurdist drama that's deliberate in its exploration of the value and limits of compassion. full review
  4. Sushi: The Global Catch 2012 The Global Catch may be one-sided in its argument, but it's a persuasive one -- and the next time you eat sushi, you may think twice about ordering bluefin. full review
  5. /titles/197533 Where the film excels is in capturing the quiet revelations in Marie's life over the few days it chronicles - revelations that represent the aftermath of choices made years before, when expectations were higher. full review
  6. /titles/197328 Once Surly and Buddy case the joint, develop a plan, and deal with the inevitable surprises, The Nut Job could be any classic caper flick. full review
  7. /titles/197354 Wolf blends newsreels, archival footage, written personal diaries and vivid 16mm recreations in an entrancing collage that puts the voice of youth at the center of a narrative in which the broad strokes of history tend to overlook them. full review

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