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  1. And While We Were Here 2013 An homage to neorealism, the French New Wave and the cinematic power of faces, as well as a lark of sorts for Coiro and Bosworth after their collaboration on Life Happens. full review
  2. Charlie Countryman 2013 A profoundly unnecessary movie. full review
  3. Crave 2013 Helmer-writer Charles de Lauzirika's accomplished debut feature is too funny and self-aware to be disturbing, but it's certainly memorable. full review
  4. Future Weather 2013 Centered around a quietly spectacular performance by young Perla Haney-Jardine, Future Weather integrates a green message into a striking and emotional drama about intergenerational female conflict. full review
  5. Gideon's Army 2013 Like the film itself, Porter's handful of devoted, charismatic attorneys do a righteous job of reminding people that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, and that the criminal justice system seems otherwise disposed. full review
  6. My Best Day 2013 Witty, wacky, multicharacter comedy My Best Day features a rural milieu that's authentically American. full review
  7. My Brother The Devil 2013 An energetic and imaginative tale of siblings at a criminal crossroads. full review
  8. No Place On Earth 2013 A substantial contribution to Holocaust cinema. full review
  9. Pandora's Promise 2013 Most issue docs are propaganda, and Robert Stone's latest is a formidable sales pitch for nukes, yet the film's points are well reasoned and urgent. full review
  10. Thale 2013 It's too wordy by half, saying what it should be showing -- which is ironic, given helmer Aleksander L. Nordaas' able hand, early on, with unspoken, unseen horrors. full review
  11. This Is Martin Bonner 2013 A mood piece, a character study and an exercise in poetic gesture possessed of a sort of evanescent, secular spirituality. full review
  12. Wish You Were Here 2013 Despite its dubious inhabitants, the film consistently entertains by throwing the kinds of curves one should see coming but doesn't. full review
  13. The World Before Her 2013 The contrasts in The World Before Her certainly work in its favor, and Pahuja's balancing act is an accomplished one. full review
  14. 16 Acres 2012 An uncommonly engrossing and articulate documentary. full review
  15. An Affair of the Heart 2012 While she creates an affectionate portrait of the charismatic musician, helmer Sylvia Caminer is really concerned with the meaning of fandom; anyone harboring an inexplicable or arcane passion could conceivably be interested. full review
  16. The Atomic States Of America 2012 The Atomic States of America takes a fairly objective approach to an emotionally volatile topic. full review
  17. Bangkok Revenge 2012 full review
  18. A Beautiful Soul 2012 full review
  19. Beneath The Darkness 2012 A malformed, would-be horror shocker with a deliriously deranged performance by Dennis Quaid, who unfortunately seems to be the only one onboard who thinks he's in a comedy. full review
  20. Big Boys Gone Bananas!* 2012 A David-and Goliath story that delves into corporate scare tactics, legal effrontery, brand protection, media manipulation, online propagandizing and craven behavior. full review
  21. Carol Channing: Larger Than Life 2012 A celebration and a lament -- a celebration of Channing's seven decades as musical comedy star, and a lament that there's really no one like her anymore. full review
  22. Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same 2012 Olnek's sensibility is singular, and the work of the cast -- notably the sweetfaced Haas and the hilariously robotic Ziegler -- make for a movie that seeks, and earns, affection. full review
  23. Deadline 2012 full review
  24. Funeral Kings 2012 A raggedy but refreshing yarn about the near-terminal condition known as male adolescence. full review
  25. The Giant Mechanical Man 2012 Grinding its gears a bit in an attempt to achieve maximum quirkiness, "The Giant Mechanical Man" will meet most audiences' standards for "charming." full review
  26. Girl Model 2012 While Girl Model falls a bit short in the delivery of hard facts and incriminating evidence, it more than makes up for that with its knotty psychological profile of Arbaugh. full review
  27. Good for Nothing 2012 A droll New Zealand parody with a tone so deadpan it becomes laugh-out-loud funny. full review
  28. Hitler's Children 2012 The sins of the fathers have seldom weighed so heavy as in the odd, intriguing and ultimately moving Hitler's Children. full review
  29. Jesus Henry Christ 2012 Too deliberately eccentric to attain quite the level of wigginess it aspires to, Jesus Henry Christ does feature some standout perfs and a refreshingly unconventional approach to telling its slight story. full review
  30. Last Call at the Oasis 2012 Whether the glass is half full or half empty isn't the point of the effervescent Last Call at the Oasis: It's whether there'll be anything in the glass at all. full review
  31. The Magic of Belle Isle 2012 Shaggily sentimental and a few spells short of enchantment. full review
  32. Price Check 2012 [A] charming and slightly unhinged low-budget comedy. full review
  33. Radio Unnameable 2012 full review
  34. Stella Days 2012 There's no shortage of blarney in Stella Days, helmer Thaddeus O'Sullivan's largely winning drama about '50s rural Ireland, but it's blarney with a twist. full review
  35. Sushi: The Global Catch 2012 full review
  36. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie 2012 Even fans of their Cartoon Network series or those simply familiar with the pair via YouTube will likely find the extended version of their pathos-and-pain-driven comedy hard to digest. full review
  37. We're Not Broke 2012 A well-researched, brightly presented and provocative argument that the U.S. isn't overtaxed and profligate, but rather a paradise for corporate tax cheats. full review
  38. Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey 2011 Helmer Constance Marks gives us a gentle giant of a man, whose precocious interest in puppets and puppetry was inspired by the same show that made Elmo a cultural fixture, Sesame Street. full review
  39. Cat Run 2011 If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with genre baloney -- and enough shoplifted visual trickery to fill Quentin Tarantino's kitchen sink. full review
  40. Crime After Crime 2011 Although helmer Yoav Potash's approach is low-key and only vaguely cinematic, each instance of judicial malfeasance -- and there are many -- is allowed to toll loudly in its own moral echo chamber. full review
  41. Death of a Superhero 2011 Pic sidesteps cloying sentimentality and heavy-handedness with the help of a solid cast. full review
  42. Forks Over Knives 2011 One of the more convincing, radical and politically volatile docus to come out of the burgeoning good-food genre. full review
  43. An Invisible Sign 2011 Offhandedly charming, if a bit labored in its eccentricity. full review
  44. Karate-Robo Zaborgar 2011 full review
  45. Lemonade Mouth 2011 full review
  46. Magic Trip 2011 Fans of the subject matter, especially students of the Beat era, will find this revisionist reconstruction indispensible; others will share the same tedium claimed by some of the principals on the bus. full review
  47. Bhutto 2010 A worthy portrait of a phenomenal woman. full review
  48. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 For all the information here, Gibney is unusual among investigative documentarians in that he never forgets he's making cinema. full review
  49. Countdown to Zero 2010 A politically urgent picture, it will also literally scare the breath out of what will certainly be a worldwide audience. full review
  50. Freakonomics 2010 dds up to a revelatory trip into complex, innovative ideas and altered perspectives on how people think. full review
  51. The Joneses 2010 full review
  52. Knucklehead 2010 full review
  53. Most Valuable Players 2010 full review
  54. Night Catches Us 2010 Acting, particularly by Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington, is first-rate, but the story is as ramshackle as a South Philly tenement, with an equal number of structural violations. full review
  55. Sons of Perdition 2010 full review
  56. Waiting for Forever 2010 A movie that eludes the viewer's grasp, because it's arguing a position auds will find instinctively wrong. full review
  57. An American Affair 2009 The Cuban Missile Crisis is a year passed and the assassination is looming, and yet Adam's pubescent crises are given Wagnerian emphasis. full review
  58. The Nature of Existence 2009 While it will strike some as smug and others as sincere, pic certainly has a feel-good tone and playful attitude. full review
  59. Serious Moonlight 2009 Many women would probably like to duct-tape their unfaithful mates to a toilet bowl, but watching it happen isn't quite as funny as it sounds. full review
  60. The Trouble with Romance 2009 Very little that anyone here says, or does, has the slightest connection to any known reality, and if a film is going to perform an autopsy on love, the corpse should at least be recognizable. full review
  61. Deal 2008 Deal is perhaps too briskly paced: The narrative moves along a bit too fleetingly for any genuine character development. full review
  62. Diminished Capacity 2008 A pleasant enough diversion, but DC will be bettered watched from the horizontal position of a couch, one to which the film seems all too eager to send you. full review
  63. A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy 2008 A worldly, knowing look at adult affairs. full review
  64. New York, I Love You 2008 full review
  65. Descent 2007 [Rosario Dawson] could have provided a 100-minute closeup and revealed more about human nature and anguish than all of Descent. full review
  66. The Order of Myths 2007 Order of Myths looks good, and its characters are memorable. full review
  67. Saint of 9/11 2006 Saint of 9/11, an unabashed tribute to Judge's life, struggles and Christian mission, does a good job of communicating what made Judge an inspiring figure to many, while making his life's work accessible and understandable. full review
  68. Year of the Fish 2006 That the film is animated gives it an appropriately magical feel, but it can't save the story from being drowned in devices and stereotype. full review
  69. The Outsider 2005 Jarecki certainly thinks his subject deserves such an accolade, and he's made a great-looking film to make his case, one that is edited gracefully and briskly -- and leaves the heady aftertaste of birthday cake. full review
  70. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price 2005 Whatever Greenwald lacks in style he makes up for with a deluge of facts and figures and a populist feel that make his movies, this one included, accessible even to the most politically naive. full review

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