John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

  1. 24 Exposures 2014 This outing will please Swanberg's followers but lacks the polish required to attract a broader genre audience. full review
  2. The Art of the Steal 2014 The end result satisfies both our vicarious greed and the desire some viewers will have to see a priceless work of art wind up in the hands of someone who couldn't care less about its price. full review
  3. Devil's Knot 2014 Compelling feature treatment of the much-documented scandal. full review
  4. G.B.F. 2014 Occasional laughs don't outweigh an incoherent tone in gay-forward teen comedy. full review
  5. Jamesy Boy 2014 True second-chance story doesn't come to life onscreen. full review
  6. Mitt 2014 Achieves in an hour and a half something Republicans wanted desperately to do throughout 2012: It makes Mitt Romney human. Lovable, even. full review
  7. Odd Thomas 2014 Cast and crew generate an enjoyable sense of community in Odd's hometown. Odd Thomas just doesn't leave us with much desire to return there. full review
  8. The Wait 2014 Icily beautiful story of loss-fueled floundering is long on mood and sense of place. full review
  9. Adventures in the Sin Bin 2013 Heavily dependent on Wes Anderson's aesthetic but charming nonetheless. full review
  10. Bettie Page Reveals All 2013 The film's reason for being, though, is the sound of Page's voice -- a worldly, aged Southern drawl -- as she recounts her life story from childhood through retirement. full review
  11. Between Us 2013 The play-turned-film about marital friction is no Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? full review
  12. Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me 2013 Rock doc is a boon to members of the Big Star cult. full review
  13. Birders: The Central Park Effect 2013 Visually splendid doc has a narrow scope but will charm bird-lovers. full review
  14. Concussion 2013 Solid relationship drama centers on an unsympathetic lead. full review
  15. Drew: The Man Behind The Poster 2013 Though it will play well with genre diehards on video, the sometimes awkwardly shot doc is too fawning and narrow in scope to attract much of a crowd in theaters. full review
  16. Errors Of The Human Body 2013 An underheated mad-scientist tale cares more about emotional baggage than thrills. full review
  17. The Fruit Hunters 2013 Delicious doc is a notch above average foodie fare. full review
  18. G-Dog 2013 Doc offers an inspiring case study in acceptance-centric rehab model. full review
  19. Haunter 2013 Clever haunted-house pic will please more than hardcore fright fans. full review
  20. Hey Bartender 2013 This isn't the cocktail doc enthusiasts are waiting for. full review
  21. Informant 2013 Activist groups of all stripes will want to see it, but the force of Darby's personality -- a rich stew of righteousness, arrogance and self-delusion -- gives the doc a psychological appeal independent of politics. full review
  22. Interior. Leather Bar. 2013 The hourlong experiment is mainly for queer-theory students and Francomaniacs. full review
  23. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files 2013 Achieving an almost trance-like intimacy by paring its array of voices down to the essentials, Chris James Thompson's Jeff stands apart from the true-crime pack. full review
  24. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain 2013 full review
  25. Muscle Shoals 2013 Even casual music fans will enjoy behind-the-hits doc. full review
  26. My Amityville Horror 2013 Unusual doc should please both believers and die-hard skeptics. full review
  27. Old Goats 2013 Intriguing non-pro actors are badly served by a half-baked film. full review
  28. The Painting 2013 Lovely but lifeless 'toon is none too subtle in delivering its multicultural moral. full review
  29. The Punk Singer 2013 Doc offers revelations alongside an invigorating recap of Hanna's influential career. full review
  30. Rapture-Palooza 2013 An amusing premise yields few yuks. full review
  31. The Rocket 2013 Formulaic but likeable. full review
  32. Rubberneck 2013 Tale of romantic obsession trades nail-biting suspense for credible realism. full review
  33. Scenic Route 2013 The movie becomes a survival tale and is more successful in its grueling, slightly crazed second half. full review
  34. See Girl Run 2013 full review
  35. Somm 2013 Engaging doc isn't just for wine nerds. full review
  36. Starbuck 2013 Opportunities for sentimentality are everywhere, of course, but a comically oversized group hug is about as syrupy as things get. full review
  37. Terms And Conditions May Apply 2013 Though it mostly summarizes available arguments instead of uncovering new facts, it's an accessible primer that could have some appeal at arthouses. full review
  38. Thale 2013 Odd hybrid doesn't make the most of its folkloric premise. full review
  39. Touchy Feely 2013 Shelton's latest is warm but less endearing than its predecessors. full review
  40. The Trials Of Muhammad Ali 2013 An invigorating doc brings the long-forgotten controversy to life. full review
  41. 56 Up 2012 Self-contained enough for theatrical auds new to the series, it will play best with those who've come to care for these Brits over time. full review
  42. Addicted To Fame 2012 Behind-the-scenes look at Anna Nicole Smith's swan song is barely more competent than the exploitation flick it examines. full review
  43. The Babymakers 2012 Viewers may suspect the filmmakers have no clue about the actual operation of fertility clinics and sperm banks (the plot depends on some pretty dubious practices, particularly involving donor anonymity), but most will be laughing too hard to care. full review
  44. Beware Of Mr. Baker 2012 Colorful, loud doc digs into the peculiar life of one of rock's most bombastic drummers. full review
  45. Brooklyn Castle 2012 Socioeconomic concerns bring depth to doc about pre-teen chess whizzes. full review
  46. Burning Man 2012 The extremity of the film's slice-and-dice approach is invigorating at the outset but may also prompt viewers to suspect they're being challenged for no good reason. full review
  47. Charles Bradley: Soul Of America 2012 full review
  48. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding 2012 Finely crafted English period piece works best for those who like their love stories romantically doomed. full review
  49. Citadel 2012 U.K.-set monster movie has few scares, plenty of noxious overtones. full review
  50. Death by China 2012 Doc offers plenty of good reasons to worry about China, but is astonishingly heavy-handed. full review
  51. Detropia 2012 Doc about Detroit's state of abandonment offers snapshots and sounds but little new information. full review
  52. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel 2012 Vivid, delicious trip through the heyday of fashion mags is a must for followers of clothes, print design, and high society. full review
  53. Fat Kid Rules the World 2012 K.L. Going's celebrated young-adult novel gets sensitive adaptation by actor-turned-director Matthew Lillard. full review
  54. The Flat 2012 Engrossing doc finds buried bonds between an Israeli family and an important Nazi. full review
  55. The Giant Mechanical Man 2012 A romance whose anodyne find-your-bliss theme is likeable but underwhelming, Lee Kirk's The Giant Mechanical Man doesn't fully exploit its premise's charms. full review
  56. God Bless America 2012 Semi-comic fantasia of violence against vapid pop culture can't do justice to its own ideas. full review
  57. Grassroots 2012 Poli-sci students may roll their eyes at true story of an upstart campaign for Seattle City Council. full review
  58. The House I Live In 2012 Powerful doc argues that the War on Drugs needs a dramatic rethinking. full review
  59. The Island President 2012 A portrait of defiant optimism as a last-chance means of survival, Jon Shenk's The Island President offers not only a Mandela-like tale of political heroism but a much-needed perspective on climate change. full review
  60. Jesus Henry Christ 2012 Mildly nutty comedy about a teen prodigy suffers from an underwritten script and overstylized gags. full review
  61. Kill List 2012 Deeply edgy, gory crime film maintains perfectly calibrated tension before dropping a bombshell that will be too much for some viewers. full review
  62. Knuckleball! 2012 Well-produced sports doc puts viewers in the pitchers' shoes. full review
  63. Loosies 2012 Making romance a big part of the mix dooms a movie already saddled with one of the worst titles in recent memory. full review
  64. Nature Calls 2012 full review
  65. Seeking Justice 2012 Neither the script's conspiracies nor Nicolas Cage's performance is weird enough to trump the film's generic feel... full review
  66. Shut Up and Play the Hits 2012 LCD Soundsystem's die-hard fanbase will appreciate this concert documentary, but few others are likely to think it demands big-screen viewing. full review
  67. Sushi: The Global Catch 2012 It isn't all bad news in a doc suggesting sustainability and culinary pleasure aren't mutually exclusive. full review
  68. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie 2012 Adult Swim's cult series makes awkward stab at the big screen. full review
  69. The Waiting Room 2012 Waiting Room never seems to be shoving its moral perspective down viewers' throats. full review
  70. The Zen Of Bennett 2012 Friendly doc offers plentiful guest stars but only one perspective on the singer's career. full review
  71. And They're Off... 2011 The mock-doc approach is more stale than usual in TV vet Rob Schiller's racetrack comedy. full review
  72. Angels Crest 2011 Drama about the small-town aftermath of a child's accidental death can't match its sincerity with dramatic heft. full review
  73. Girl Walks Into a Bar 2011 full review
  74. Sarah Palin: You Betcha! 2011 Fleshing out now-familiar tales of misconduct and bad judgment, Palin investigation is entertaining but holds no dramatic discoveries. full review
  75. Centurion 2010 Unpretentious swords-and-sandals film crafts a tight survival drama out of Roman Empire lore. full review
  76. Waste Land 2010 A joy to watch despite the abject poverty it contains. full review
  77. Kings of Pastry 2009 Documentary peeking into a high-stakes French competition will fascinate foodies. full review
  78. /titles/197276 A numbingly unfunny sex farce full review
  79. /titles/197992 The film becomes a hodgepodge that will enlighten few viewers. full review
  80. /titles/199742 Dennis Quaid goes Psycho in dull Texas-set thriller. full review
  81. /titles/197880 Greg Grunberg helps keep things light in a Corman-esque monster movie. full review
  82. /titles/197695 Survival tale in the next ice age is dull and derivative. full review
  83. /titles/197527 ADHD take on the teen comedy incorporates slasher comedy and pop-culture obsession, and will entertain those it doesn't alienate. full review
  84. /titles/198141 Insufferably certain of its own charm and a lot less interested in educating viewers than it purports to be, Jeremy Seifert's GMO OMG offers an introduction to genetically modified food that is only slightly more thoughtful than the movie's title. full review
  85. /titles/197607 Entertaining doc is sweeter than expected and will be an eye-opener for young fans. full review
  86. /titles/197515 full review
  87. /titles/197141 A convincing tale of a too-early coming of age gets strong performances from a cast of newcomers. full review
  88. /titles/198170 Blood-spattered crime comedy benefits from whip-smart pacing and quirky Scandinavian attitude. full review
  89. /titles/197785 Formulaic and often hard to swallow, the picture offers little beyond the familiar pleasures of Duvall's old-coot mode. full review
  90. /titles/197779 The life of the mind trumps family ties in Swedish coming-of-age tale. full review
  91. /titles/197525 full review
  92. /titles/197591 Thomas Haden Church bridges the credibility gap in snowed-in fugitive tale. full review