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  1. The Devil Came on Horseback 2007 The Devil Came on Horseback is a documentary account of Steidle's ongoing efforts to educate the world about the violence he witnessed as an unarmed military observer for the African Union in 2004. full review
  2. Lars and the Real Girl 2007 The most poignant, well-acted and weirdly funny movie you'll see this year. full review
  3. Mr. Untouchable 2007 Does the movie glorify Barnes and his nefarious profession? Probably, but show me a movie about the drug trade that doesn't hook us first with guts and glamour before the moralizing fall. full review
  4. The Rape of Europa 2007 As thorough as the movie is, it could easily devote another hour to cases like this. full review
  5. Curious George 2006 The biggest surprise of Curious George is how it keeps consistently entertaining at a kids' level. full review
  6. Jackass: Number Two 2006 Just as outrageous as fans were hoping it would be. full review
  7. Last Holiday 2006 Track down the old movie if you crave a real meal. full review
  8. Karla 2005 Things in the movie, like the slasher movie music cues, hint that Karla has exploitation in its veins. The reasons for making it -- and seeing it -- remain more than slightly suspect. full review
  9. Old Joy 2005 The movie captures gorgeous mountain scenery with the simplicity of an Ozu film. It also benefits from the naturalistic performances. full review
  10. Dust to Glory 2004 As with Step into Liquid, Brown proves in Dust to Glory that the thrill of high-speed racing can be shared by fans and non-fans alike. full review
  11. Darkness Falls 2003 Knowing that they don't have the scariest movie around, it would seem as if the filmmakers have vowed to make it the loudest. full review
  12. I Like Killing Flies 2003 The security-camera visuals and intrusive button microphone jutting into the frame give the movie an appealing fly-on-the-wall quality, successfully capturing the old Shopsin's experience for posterity. full review
  13. My Boss's Daughter 2003 If you thought Ashton Kutcher's movie career had nowhere but up to go after Dude, Where's My Car?, wait until you see My Boss's Daughter. full review
  14. Radio 2003 Of course I should know better, but the movie had me blubbering from its first down. full review
  15. Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over 2003 The clever action and throwaway flights of fancy come close to making it worth the 3-D headache. full review
  16. Tokyo Godfathers 2003 Full of charm, grittiness and a solid storyline, the movie deserves an audience far beyond diehard animation fans. full review
  17. Uptown Girls 2003 Gives chick flicks a bad name. full review
  18. Below 2002 Distances you by throwing out so many red herrings, so many false scares, that the genuine ones barely register. full review
  19. Girls Will Be Girls 2002 An often hilarious, always surprising 79-minute burlesque. full review
  20. A Guy Thing 2002 What should have been an entertaining take on screwball comedy conventions with a likable cast is undermined by cheap laughs. full review
  21. The Master of Disguise 2002 A painfully unfunny mess. full review
  22. Paid in Full 2002 Though filmed partly in Canada, Paid in Full has clever ways of capturing inner-city life during the Reagan years. full review
  23. Love the Hard Way 2001 Feels like it was crafted by an outsider, with the cliche-filled dialogue reading like a rough translation.
  24. Scary Movie 2 2001 The inevitable sequel delivers the same schtick, but it's only fresh by half. full review
  25. Shaolin Soccer 2001 Has heart and a freewheeling spirit that makes you smile at the same time you're calling it the stupidest thing you've ever seen. full review
  26. The Tigger Movie 2000 The movie is so refreshingly subtle and sweet compared to other recent Disney features.
  27. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo.) 1966 Of all the great films of the 1960s, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is one of a fistful that can be truly appreciated only on the big screen.
  28. Faust 1926 Still a classic example of eye-popping excess at a time when German filmmakers were among the most innovative in the world.

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