Jonathan Foreman, New York Post

  1. 13 Going on 30 2004 It's a surprisingly charming and fresh comedy that only becomes painfully saccharine in its last 20 minutes.
  2. Darkness Falls 2003 Could just as well have been titled Dumb Then Dumber for the way its plot makes decreasing sense even by the low standards of B horror flicks.
  3. Gigli 2003 An inept attempt to do Elmore Leonard by Martin Brest, a filmmaker whose coarse sensibility makes him catastrophically unqualified to the task.
  4. The Human Stain 2003 A compelling, sexy and often moving film.
  5. Mona Lisa Smile 2003 Sanctimonious, relentlessly predictable and willfully ignorant of the period it's set in.
  6. Scary Movie 3 2003 Mediocre spoof.
  7. Ararat 2002 The Armenian genocide deserves a more engaged and honest treatment.
  8. Equilibrium 2002 Illiterate, often inert sci-fi action thriller.
  9. The Master of Disguise 2002 No one but a convict guilty of some truly heinous crime should have to sit through The Master of Disguise.
  10. The New Guy 2002 Uneven, with long sections that are completely unfunny.
  11. The Sweetest Thing 2002 An awkward hybrid of genres that just doesn't work.
  12. XXX 2002 Unfortunately, its efforts to pander to this pubescent demographic are often laughable.
  13. Along Came a Spider 2001 From the very beginning of the movie, irritating implausibilities speckle Mark Moss' script.
  14. The Animal 2001 OK lowbrow comedy about a man given superpowers by animal organ transplants.
  15. Baran 2001 A far more impressive and affecting piece of filmmaking and storytelling than most movies put out by Hollywood this year, and offers, as a bonus, a glimpse into a fascinating, contradictory society.
  16. The Glass House 2001 Just another thriller that feels mass-produced.
  17. Not Another Teen Movie 2001 Many of the movie's targets are just too big and too obvious to elicit more than a smile of recognition, and the movie quickly degenerates into little more than a game of spot the (generally unfunny) reference for fans of the teen genre.
  18. Riding in Cars with Boys 2001 It strains for bittersweetness, but a heavy directorial hand (wielding a ladle of schmaltz) tends to overwhelm both the humor and the pathos.
  19. Vanilla Sky 2001 The end isn't satisfying enough to justify their efforts and your time.
  20. Zoolander 2001 Works better than most movie comedies adapted from TV sketches.
  21. Committed 2000 In Committed [Graham] finally gets the chance to carry a movie, and she does so admirably.
  22. The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick 2000 Anyone with less than an encyclopedic knowledge of Dick's work will leave this film clueless as to what the Gospel According to Philip K. Dick might actually be.
  23. Hamlet 2000 Embarrassingly sophomoric.
  24. Highlander - Endgame 2000 Its story is so incompetently constructed that the long lulls between nonsensical action scenes make you wonder if it was written by a prepubescent fan.
  25. Our Song 2000 A languid but refreshingly real depiction of female adolescence in the inner city.
  26. Vatel 2000 Cold and uninvolving.
  27. The Yards 2000 Remarkable for the way in which every character has more than one side.
  28. Boys Don't Cry 1999 A haunting, superbly made film.
  29. In Too Deep 1999 Slow and predictable!
  30. Teaching Mrs. Tingle 1999 Teaching Mrs. Tingle an ugly, failed attempt to pull off a Heathers - style, teen - oriented black comedy.
  31. The Virgin Suicides 1999 It's hard to remember a film that mixes disparate, delicate ingredients with the subtlety and virtuosity of Sofia Coppola's brilliant The Virgin Suicides.
  32. The Wood 1999 Artificial, tension-free.
  33. Iron Monkey 1993 Highly entertaining escapist fare.
  34. /titles/197808 It is not only an amazing technical accomplishment, it's also the wittiest and best-voiced animated movie to come along in years. full review
  35. /titles/199828 Becomes laugh-out-loud awful, with dreadful, lame lines delivered painfully badly -- as if a different screenwriter and director had taken over for the movie's final act. full review
  36. /titles/197807 Affectionate, often clever and unflaggingly funny! full review
  37. /titles/198243 Initially gripping, eventually cloying POW drama. full review
  38. /titles/198236 The originality and intelligence that made Smith's Clerks and Chasing Amy such refreshing pleasures are all but absent. full review
  39. /titles/199795 It's a shame that Salva so suddenly and permanently leaves the suggestive territory of the movie's first third. full review
  40. /titles/197705 There hasn't been a Hollywood 'message' movie as smug or cheesy as The Next Best Thing in quite a while. full review