Joshua Katzman, Chicago Reader

  1. The Switch 2010 This New York-based comedy directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck distinguishes itself with three-dimensional characters and an engaging storyline. full review
  2. Outsourced 2007 A sweet if predictable variation on the premise of the ugly American, redeemed by Hamiton's dry performance, some nice comic turns by the Indian supporting cast, and a droll script by Jeffcoat and George Wing. full review
  3. Deep Water 2006 Osmond and Rothwell's depiction of his unraveling is an exquisitely structured drama. full review
  4. Freshman Orientation 2005 John Goodman has a nice turn as a queen with a heart of gold. full review
  5. The World's Fastest Indian 2005 This compelling fact-based story is [Donaldson's] best effort in years. full review
  6. /titles/198266 Director Griffin Dunne, working from Dirk Wittenborn's adaptation of his own novel, pounds away at the analogy between the inherent cruelty of the tribal rituals of the Iskanani and those of the well-heeled. full review