Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

  1. Lunarcy! 2013 Lunarcy! needs to spend more time explaining the man in the moon and less time stalking his sad followers on Earth. full review
  2. Dangerous Liaisons 2012 Much of the cynicism, and thus the fun, of its many Western predecessors goes missing. full review
  3. Dark Horse 2012 You have to admire the filmmaker for what he has achieved thus far in Dark Horse, and mourn Abe's premature departure from the action. full review
  4. Deadfall 2012 Dean and Ruzowitzky want both inexorably tightening plot and keen psychology here, and they can't always have it both ways. full review
  5. Girl Model 2012 A scene where Arbaugh actually visits the models' apartment appears as staged as her concern about the place. full review
  6. Albert Nobbs 2011 The film surrounding the performance is not always as strong, but the centre holds, and magnificently so. full review
  7. Casino Jack 2010 The film has a complicated political story to tell, and its erratically suspenseful narrative often detracts from its central interest - what makes Abramoff tick. full review
  8. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 Gibney doesn't have anything more than tantalizing clues and a huge amount of circumstantial evidence, but he doesn't need much more than that to indict Wall Street itself. full review
  9. Curious George 2006 Gentle enough to satisfy the wee ones but has little to offer their adult companions... full review
  10. /titles/199596 The film quietly and slowly reveals a man struggling internally to find the right response to the restrictions imposed on him and determining that to stop speaking out would itself be a kind of death. full review
  11. /titles/198209 In its tight focus on the man, and its leisurely pace, the film creates an intriguing portrait of a figure caught between the Sixties and the present, and the self and the image. full review
  12. /titles/200104 Johnny English Reborn is funny enough to make you laugh and plausible enough, in an exploding-umbrella type of way, to make you care. full review
  13. /titles/199384 Here's a date movie that will neither cozily cheer you nor satisfyingly thrill you, but instead leave you scratching your head. full review