Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

  1. 360 2012 La Ronde 2011-style is simply a game and its makers expert gamesmen. The film is never less than intriguing. But the artifice shows all too clearly. full review
  2. Bangkok Revenge 2012 full review
  3. Twixt 2012 Easily [Coppola's] silliest work ever. full review
  4. Gun Hill Road 2011 A tired though vigorously acted story about a father confronted with a son who wants to be a girl. full review
  5. The Ledge 2011 An artificial drama enlivened by solid acting but dragged down by contrived melodrama over a fundamentalist nut. full review
  6. Black Death 2010 Religion and morality are both found wanting in this medieval horror-drama devoid of good guys. full review
  7. Christopher And His Kind 2010 full review
  8. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 An utterly fascinating look at many things you didn't know about the Eliot Spitzer scandal. full review
  9. Greenberg 2010 Noah Baumbach again investigates psychologically screwed-up people, although this time with much less comedic impact.
  10. Inhale 2010 The final act hits like a gut-punch. full review
  11. Kaboom 2010 All that's truly strange here though is that Araki gets so few jolts or laughs from this hodge-podge of genres. full review
  12. Today's Special 2010 The film, like a great meal, leaves you wanting more. full review
  13. Vanishing On 7th Street 2010 All the trappings of a horror film without any real horror or jolts. full review
  14. An American Affair 2009 Gretchen Mol, lounging semi-nude as she smokes near an open Georgetown window, would spark any young man's curiosity and recklessness. But the assassination story line is absurd.
  15. The House of the Devil 2009 A horror film with no punch.
  16. Dean Spanley (My Talks with Dean Spanley) 2008 A dull and thoroughly stilly British drama based on the idea of canine reincarnation.
  17. Downloading Nancy 2008 The actors gamely struggle to find some truth here, but their director lets them down: [Johan] Renck sees nothing other than True Events to exploit.
  18. Food, Inc. 2008 A riveting if distressing look at the essentially unregulated American food supply.
  19. Adrift in Manhattan 2007 The film's most effective moments are its quietest.
  20. Deep Water 2006 Deep Water is a stunning documentary that not only beautifully elucidates a nearly forgotten incident but touches on crucial themes involving isolation, sanity, self-worth, impossible dreams, the nature of heroism and limits of human endurance.
  21. Dirty Deeds 2005 As feeble as a teen comedy can get.
  22. Prozac Nation 2005 [Ricci's] performance as a Harvard undergrad battling clinical depression compels your attention every moment she is on screen.
  23. The Forgotten 2004 As the psychological thriller moves steadily into science fiction, the switch in genres is never convincing.
  24. My Boss's Daughter 2003 The mishaps are mostly misfires, and the situations all feel contrived.
  25. People I Know 2003 Ranks with Sweet Smell of Success in its ruthless portrayal of the publicity business.
  26. Equilibrium 2002 Borrows from so many literary and cinematic sources that this future world feels absolutely deja vu.
  27. Girls Will Be Girls 2002 The comedy here is, in every possible meaning of the word, broad.
  28. View from the Top 2002 A flat, superficial comedy that never establishes a tone.
  29. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 2001 There is more tension in Jolie's T-shirts than in the dramatic action.
  30. Zoolander 2001 During its fleeting moments onscreen, the movie's lighthearted spirit and comic energy make for entertaining, escapist fare.
  31. Vatel 2000 Impeccably directed.
  32. The Blair Witch Project 1999 The viewer never glimpses anything more than the shadow of a clever movie.
  33. Teaching Mrs. Tingle 1999 Contains enough amusing moments and unpredictable twists for the film to score with teen audiences.
  34. /titles/197818 Intelligent. full review
  35. /titles/197208 Its imagination is limited. The backstory is shallow and pat. Its characters are mostly one-note. And everything goes on much too long at 133 minutes. full review
  36. /titles/198238 Contrived, awkward and filled with unintended laughs, the film shows signs that someone other than the director got into the editing room and tried to improve things by making the movie go faster. full review
  37. /titles/199938 Firmly re-establishes that studio's leadership in animation at the dawn of the new century. full review
  38. /titles/197500 For a one-joke movie, Fido does a fine job exploring every possible permutation of that joke. full review
  39. /titles/197768 By stripping an action thriller this close to the bone, director William Friedkin has removed too much meat. full review
  40. /titles/197588 An optimistic exploration of what's right and wrong with the world. full review
  41. /titles/200552 Ultimately, the movie may puzzle audiences more than entertain them. full review
  42. /titles/199774 Only ... fans of Meadows' anachronistic Ladies Man caricature are likely to have any interest in this slapped-together, unfunny movie. full review
  43. /titles/200584 A minimalist and unimaginative horror thriller. full review
  44. /titles/200503 It wants only to thrill -- and so it does. full review
  45. /titles/199962 A predictable and cliched dramady. full review
  46. /titles/200541 Lonergan serves his superb screenplay well. full review