Leslie Felperin, Variety

  1. Gambit 2014 Middling in every respect. full review
  2. As I Lay Dying 2013 Franco offers up a competently acted, technically adequate Cliff Notes take on Faulkner's narratively refracted tale of dirt-poor Mississippi folk in mourning. full review
  3. Augustine 2013 Anchored by two intense, intertwined perfs by veteran Vincent Lindon and relative newcomer Soko, this period drama offers a coolly febrile study of madness, Victorian sexual politics and power. full review
  4. Horrid Henry: The Movie 2013 Films aimed at families usually plant some jokes to ensure accompanying adults aren't bored witless by an endless stream of goofy gags, but Horrid Henry: The Movie flies defiantly against this trend. full review
  5. I Give It a Year 2013 Even if the emotional mathematics don't quite add up, enough diversion is provided by pic's broader comic setpieces to paper over the cracks. full review
  6. Kiss Of The Damned 2013 Kiss reimagines its bloodsuckers as horny, supercilious Eurotrash with addiction issues, sucking the life blood from naive American thrill-seekers. full review
  7. Paradise: Hope 2013 Austrian weirdmeister Ulrich Seidl's sometimes grueling but consistently compelling Paradise trilogy concludes on a surprisingly wistful, tender note. full review
  8. War Witch 2013 Along with the moral lesson, Nguyen remembers to give auds some pleasures, including the exquisitely chosen soundtrack of African folk and pop music, Nicolas Bolduc's cinematography and the very artful use of sound throughout. full review
  9. 5 Broken Cameras 2012 Unlike the more sophisticated chronicle of resistance Burma VJ, it pays scant attention to the larger political context or, indeed, the strategies and tactics of protest in an age that offers sophisticated means of media management. full review
  10. Arcadia 2012 The ever-reliable Hawkes does what he can with the material, but his part is too thinly written to convince. full review
  11. Fast Girls 2012 full review
  12. Putin's Kiss 2012 full review
  13. Side by Side 2012 Although laid out with such clarity that any layperson could catch the gist of what's being discussed, Side by Side is not afraid to get nitty-gritty about more technical matters. full review
  14. Walk Away Renee 2012 Renee really does feel something like a remake of Tarnation, this time with more budget and less feeling. full review
  15. Beautiful Darling 2011 full review
  16. Black Pond 2011 full review
  17. The Caller 2011 full review
  18. Ironclad 2011 Ironclad might be the perfect actioner for gorehound fanboys gaga for medieval trappings, but all others may find this British-American-German co-production a bit of a drag. full review
  19. Jig 2011 There are too many personal stories and themes (rivalry, triumph over adversity, the nobility of sportsmanlike determination...) slugging it out here. full review
  20. Pina 2011 A tribute to Pina Bausch, one of modern dance's most groundbreaking choreographers, pic lets the artist's work speak for itself via big, juicy slabs of performance. full review
  21. Swinging With The Finkels 2011 A contempo contribution to the august British tradition of lame, unfunny sex comedies. full review
  22. Armadillo 2010 full review
  23. Centurion 2010 Rousing if slightly predictable. full review
  24. Rubber 2010 Pic offers auds few reasons to want to see it beyond its one-joke premise. full review
  25. The Secret of Kells 2009 With its jewel-bright colors and intricate use of lines, the result is absolutely luscious to behold. full review
  26. Eldorado 2008 Small but damn-near perfectly formed serio-comedy. full review
  27. Elegy 2008 Sparse, low-budget drama, helmed by Spaniard Isabel Coixet, intelligently translates Roth's meditation on lust and mortality without soft-pedaling its narrator's brutally honest, unabashedly sexist views. full review
  28. Let's Make Money 2008 full review
  29. Beaufort 2007 Although there's muted criticism here of military strategy, script endeavors to maintain a politically neutral stance, sticking to the ground soldiers' points of view, rendered convincingly here by cast and third-time helmer Joseph Cedar. full review
  30. Itty Bitty Titty Committee 2007 Great title, shame about the movie. full review
  31. Stoned 2005 Mines the story of Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones for a note-perfect pastiche of Swingin' '60s style, but is less satisfying in other departments. full review
  32. Fond Kiss..., Ae, (Just a Kiss) 2004 full review
  33. /titles/198207 The ambition is laudable even if the execution isn't as smooth or detailed as it might have been. full review
  34. /titles/197208 Although more flashily assembled, pic's relentless onslaught charms less over a running time almost 25 minutes longer. full review
  35. /titles/199377 Kim Ki-duk's latest is a gloriously off-the-charts study in perversity. full review