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  1. Civic Duty 2007 Civic Duty sends you home depressed, but at least it makes you think. It's a breed of film that's rare to find on the summer movie slate. full review
  2. Day Watch 2007 It's a playful, surrealistic antidote to standard genre entertainment. full review
  3. Evening 2007 Great cast, mediocre writing. full review
  4. Mr. Bean's Holiday 2007 For a silly kids movie about an accident-prone man on a trip to the beach, Mr. Bean's Holiday is actually quite mean-spirited and pretentious. full review
  5. Click 2006 With its lurching blend of scatology, sentimentality and sci-fi, the movie is a mess. It's also sexist, bigoted and misanthropic. Of course, those qualities used to be part of the star's charm. full review
  6. Keeping Up With The Steins 2006 A barrage of bad jokes, offensive stereotypes and dated reference points, the movie is like Meet the Fockers on overdrive. full review
  7. Last Holiday 2006 Latifah's carpe diem spirit sustains the picture, even when the script is carpe dumb. full review
  8. Aeon Flux 2005 The picture climaxes with the crashing of a blimp, an image that encapsulates the Hindenburg scale of its failure. full review
  9. Factotum 2005 While the acting is good, the narrative is flat and repetitious. The director doesn't connect the scenes into a meaningful character study. full review
  10. The Fog 2005 Lock your doors. Bolt your windows. And for heaven's sake, stay away from the multiplex. full review
  11. Get Rich or Die Tryin' 2005 The improbable Jackson-Sheridan collaboration yields an immensely entertaining film. full review
  12. The Ice Harvest 2005 The film is bitter from start to finish, a one-note fable of greed and loathing shellacked in sleaze. full review
  13. 13 Going on 30 2004 Frothier than the sweetest drink at Starbuck's and deft in the slapstick department, the actress turns a generic female version of Big into a raucously charming teen fairy tale. full review
  14. Little Black Book 2004 All Little Black Book offers is a pileup of sitcom scenarios overlaid with annoyingly glib narration, a la Sex and the City. full review
  15. Me and You and Everyone We Know 2004 The debut film from performance art crossover Miranda July delivers an unlikely blend of irreverence and optimism. For all its dark humor and fringe qualities, the movie never descends into easy misanthropy. full review
  16. Spanglish 2004 Doesn't match Brooks' prior efforts because the characters are too broadly written. full review
  17. White Chicks 2004 Even though they go preachy in the end, these chicks with quips deliver scattered bouts of hilarity. full review
  18. Love Actually 2003 Yet another pandering, half-baked romantic comedy. full review
  19. Stander 2003 It is less a character study than an action pageant, cycling through the exploits of its anti-hero with an emphasis on flash and adrenaline. full review
  20. American Dreamz 2002 It's a disappointing effort from witty writer-director Paul Weitz (American Pie, In Good Company). He tries to weave a subversive tapestry a la Nashville but only tells a story full of holes. full review

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