Manohla Dargis, New York Times

  1. Big Bad Wolves 2014 All the filmmakers seem interested in is the ugliness of the main Israeli characters, each of whom proves a virtuoso of violence. full review
  2. Child's Pose 2014 A drama with a story as cold, merciless and inevitable as a tomb ... full review
  3. Like Father, Like Son 2014 Mr. Hirokazu again creates a pair of irresistible charmers whose lives are, with increasing emotional violence, upended ... by the very adults meant to take care of them. full review
  4. The Missing Picture 2014 The audacity of "The Missing Picture" - a brilliant documentary about a child who held on to life in Cambodia's killing fields - is equaled only by its soulfulness. full review
  5. The Attack 2013 [An] intelligent, involving movie that's by turns a murder mystery and a politically charged argument about contemporary Palestinian identity. full review
  6. Bettie Page Reveals All 2013 It tends to lurch distractingly, as if Mr. Mori were still trying to figure out how to piece the whole thing together. full review
  7. Caesar Must Die 2013 You can only guess what the lines mean to the inmates, who register as atmospheric blanks at best and brutal exotics at worst, even if the tale that they enact with such earnest vigor works because the original tragedy does. full review
  8. Dead Man Down 2013 The movie might have been better if its Swedish director, Niels Arden Oplev, had played with the genre cliches stuffed in this turkey instead of going for straight-up action. full review
  9. Diana 2013 [Hirschbiegel] nicely conveys an intimate restlessness, only to blow the mood with ominous tidings. full review
  10. Don Jon 2013 [A] deceptively sincere movie about masculinity and its discontents that Mr. Gordon-Levitt, making a fine feature directing debut, shapes into a story about a young man's moral education. full review
  11. Drug War 2013 While Mr. To may not fill the movie with rousing speeches, either by inclination or out of political necessity, the brilliant, unsettling action scenes - ugly, savage, dehumanizing - speak volumes. full review
  12. Girl Most Likely 2013 It's impossible not to root for Kristen Wiig, even while you wait in vain for the funny to pop in her latest. full review
  13. The Guillotines 2013 The blades fly as do the heads, but the movie remains disappointingly aground. full review
  14. The Host 2013 Dopey, derivative and dull, "The Host" is a brazen combination of unoriginal science-fiction themes, young-adult pandering and bottom-line calculation. full review
  15. Interior. Leather Bar. 2013 Simultaneously an act of creation and deconstruction. full review
  16. It's a Disaster 2013 An underbaked comedy about eight people facing their mortality. full review
  17. Jobs 2013 After a while, you don't care. full review
  18. Like Someone in Love 2013 Every shot - everything you see, and everything you don't - imparts a disturbing and thrilling sense of discovery. full review
  19. Lovelace 2013 There's a lot in this story about victimization and agency that Mr. Epstein and Mr. Friedman never satisfactorily address. full review
  20. Man of Tai Chi 2013 Keanu Reeves's down-and-dirty and generally diverting directing debut. full review
  21. Pandora's Promise 2013 You need to make an argument. A parade of like-minded nuclear-power advocates who assure us that everything will be all right just doesn't cut it. full review
  22. The Prey 2013 It's no insult to say that it doesn't aspire to art-house significance, just to white-knuckled entertainment. full review
  23. The Rocket 2013 A pretty, somewhat sleepy and finally strange once-upon-a-time tale... full review
  24. Sightseers 2013 Working from a script by Ms. Lowe and Mr. Oram, Mr. Wheatley continues in the same bludgeoning, amusingly if dubiously deadpan fashion for what soon feels like an overextended joke. full review
  25. A Teacher 2013 Ms. Fidell ... has a fine eye but not the makings of a feature-length movie here and, it quickly becomes clear, isn't interested in this relationship or the moral, ethical and legal issues it raises. full review
  26. A Touch of Sin 2013 A blistering fictionalized tale straight out of China, "A Touch of Sin" is at once monumental and human scale. full review
  27. Upstream Color 2013 A deeply sincere, elliptical movie about being and nature, men and women, self and other, worms and pigs ... full review
  28. 360 2012 Mr. Morgan has written some good movies, notably "The Queen," and Mr. Meirelles has won fans for neo-exploitation titles like "City of God." There's no way to know what went wrong with "360" and whether it was this uninvolving and shallow from the start. full review
  29. 56 Up 2012 These are moving images of touchingly vibrant lives at certain moments in time and space. full review
  30. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 2012 The fluidity and convenience of digital moviemaking tools explain some of its freshness, as does Ms. Klayman's history as a budding documentarian. full review
  31. Arbitrage 2012 Mr. Gere is one of cinema's great walkers, graced with a suggestively predatory physical suppleness, and he slips through the movie like a panther. He's the film's most deluxe item. full review
  32. Arcadia 2012 Ms. Silver's ability to translate the liminal into cinematic terms, to catch those moments between innocence and knowing, childhood and adulthood, unforgiving and forgiving, makes her someone to watch. full review
  33. Atlas Shrugged: Part II 2012 The producers are going to have to hire a better director if they want moviegoers to be curious enough about this Galt guy to buy a ticket for the presumptive third and final chapter. full review
  34. Barbara 2012 "Barbara" is a film about the old Germany from one of the best directors working in the new: Christian Petzold. full review
  35. Brooklyn Castle 2012 It's deeply satisfying watching these public school, hard-knock kids win, and Ms. Dellamaggiore knows it. full review
  36. A Burning Hot Summer 2012 Here and elsewhere you linger in moments that, like memories and dreams, can feel severed from storybook time. full review
  37. Casa de mi padre 2012 "Casa de Mi Padre" demands that you not take it seriously, and for the most part that's easy to do. full review
  38. Cosmopolis 2012 Mr. Cronenberg's direction throughout "Cosmopolis" is impeccable, both inside the limo and out. full review
  39. Dangerous Liaisons 2012 Schadenfreude carries a delectable tang no matter the language, and as the history of Hollywood shows, stories about pretty people behaving badly remain reliably alluring. full review
  40. Deadfall 2012 "Deadfall" brings to mind those dark, old-fashioned entertainments in rotation on Turner Classic Movies that suck you in with their genre machinery, sullen beauties and despair. full review
  41. Dredd 2012 Every so often there's a suggestion that a police state may actually be a lousy idea, but this thought dies even faster than the disposable characters. full review
  42. The Forgiveness of Blood 2012 The Albanian tradition of blood feuds partly inspired Mr. Marston to make this story, yet what gives it shape are the more familiar conventions of the classic art film, including narrative ambiguity, ellipses and silence. full review
  43. Headshot 2012 A dreamy, elliptical neo-noir about a cop turned killer turned something else altogether. full review
  44. The House I Live In 2012 A model of the ambitious, vitalizing activist work that exists to stir the sleeping to wake. full review
  45. I Wish 2012 Whenever its children are on screen, lighted up with joy or dimmed by hard adult truths, the film burns bright. full review
  46. A Little Bit Of Heaven 2012 A cringe-inducing romantic comedy turned cancer tragedy turned inspirational hosanna about living in the moment, embracing your bliss and other cliches. full review
  47. Loosies 2012 An amorphous, laugh-flecked drama about a New York City pickpocket that mostly comes across as a feature-length advertisement for its likable star and writer, Peter Facinelli. full review
  48. Meet the Fokkens 2012 "Meet the Fokkens" holds your interest, mostly because the sisters (who turned 70 in May) are good company, no matter who they are. full review
  49. The Pact 2012 In the end, like a lot of genre movies, this one pulls from different inspirations, and so weighs in, by turns, as overly predictable and satisfyingly recognizable (part of genre cinema's one-two punch). full review
  50. Playing for Keeps 2012 None of it is especially credible or engaging. full review
  51. Pusher 2012 There's an ugly, jittery beauty to "Pusher," a very fine British redo of a 1996 Danish movie of the same title. full review
  52. Red Dawn 2012 Bradley ... handles the low-fi action well, which helps divert attention from the bargain-bin special effects, bad acting and politics. full review
  53. Solomon Kane 2012 Mr. Basset is too enamored of the usual action film cliches ... But he has a graphic visual style that suits the simplistic material and he keeps you watching even as the wet, sucking sounds of skewered flesh grows tedious. full review
  54. Starlet 2012 A thrillingly, unexpectedly good American movie about love and a moral awakening ... full review
  55. Teddy Bear 2012 A largely likable tale about a 38-year-old man-child trying finally to grow up. full review
  56. We Have a Pope 2012 Mr. Moretti finds broad comedy in the antics of some clerics, who can seem as sweet as children, but in Melville there is pathos and there is tragedy, and not his alone. full review
  57. The Woman in the Fifth 2012 Although Mr. Pawlikowski often shows Mr. Hawke in medium and long shots, the actor draws you close. full review
  58. The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu 2011 A cinematic tour de force that tracks the rise, reign and grim fall of its subject. full review
  59. Buck 2011 Holds your attention and heart for a tight 88 minutes. full review
  60. First Position 2011 An appealing, largely upbeat documentary about young ballet dancers duking it out, sometimes on point and in tulle, for top honors at the Youth America Grand Prix. full review
  61. Ironclad 2011 The action is cluttered and the story overly compressed, with a lot of yammering about who's aligned with whom and why (no wonder Mr. Giamatti's eyes keep rolling) in between the geysers of red. full review
  62. The Kid with a Bike 2011 A quietly rapturous film about love and redemption from Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne... full review
  63. Knuckle 2011 While it's frustrating that Mr. Palmer doesn't dig deep into the complexities of the fights, one of the movie's strengths is the honesty with which he confesses his doubts about them. full review
  64. One Lucky Elephant 2011 Happily, while this movie's head may not always be in the right place, its heart is... full review
  65. Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow 2011 The camera movements are graceful, almost ethereal, yet the objects themselves - with their impastos of organic and inorganic materials, their metaphoric resonances, historical allusions and intimations of war - feel unmistakably weighty. full review
  66. Peep World 2011 A a family circus of dysfunction that's so familiar you may feel tempted to place bets on how everything will shake out, and painless enough that you might not resent doing so. full review
  67. Rapt 2011 A solid yet fleet French thriller about a society kidnapping and its shockwaves. full review
  68. Sanctum 2011 The director Alister Grierson, not grasping that bad dialogue is sometimes best delivered quietly, encourages his actors to shout and thrash about, and so they do, like fish out of water and performers out of their depth. full review
  69. Surviving Progress 2011 Zippily edited and nicely photographed, "Surviving Progress" is a fine summary of a hot ugly mess. But like too many short documentaries, it can't do justice to its complex topic or finally to those of us watching. full review
  70. Trishna 2011 Life is suffering, as the Buddha said (including in Hardy's emotionally grinding novels), but it's more complex and contradictory than the ginned-up realism Mr. Winterbottom delivers here. full review
  71. Undefeated 2011 While "Undefeated" travels well-tilled inspirational ground, it's also an irresistible story of football, faith and the lust for happily-ever-after black-and-white endings. full review
  72. The Women on the 6th Floor 2011 Lighter than a meringue and as insubstantial, the French boulevard comedy "The Women on the 6th Floor" was designed for the gentle laughter it easily earns. full review
  73. All Good Things 2010 It's a pretty picture or would be if the ominous music and camera position didn't seem directed at the man portentously lurking in the background. full review
  74. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 What a gift Werner Herzog offers with "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," an inside look at the astonishing Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc - and in 3-D too. full review
  75. City of Life and Death 2010 The horrors it represents can be almost too difficult to watch, yet you keep watching because Mr. Lu makes the case that you must. full review
  76. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer 2010 The good stuff, as far as Mr. Gibney's movie and Mr. Elkind's book theorize, involves the power brokers who...might have had something to do with his downfall. full review
  77. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work 2010 To their credit, the filmmakers don't try to make her look good, and while they omit some of her uglier routines, they don't (perhaps can't) ask you to love her. That's a wise move.
  78. Rubber 2010 By embracing irrationality as his operating principle (or at least by pretending to), Mr. Dupieux lets himself off the narrative hook. full review
  79. Tiny Furniture 2010 By playing a version of herself (and asking her family to go along for the ride), and by closing the distance between art and life, she has gotten at something real. full review
  80. Vanishing On 7th Street 2010 Working from a script with diminishing returns by Anthony Jaswinski, Mr. Anderson smartly frontloads the movie, drawing you in with long shots of deserted cityscapes, the quiet punctured by periodic bird calls and dog barks. full review
  81. The Proposal 2009 Like most Hollywood romantic comedies these days, The Proposal is all about bringing a woman to her knees. full review
  82. The Art Of The Steal 2009 A hard-hitting documentary about a high-cultural brawl.
  83. Extract 2009 Fitfully funny with a low joke-to-minute ratio, Extract plays like two irreconcilable and unfinished sketches, neither particularly fertile comedic terrain.
  84. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest 2009 Feels like the concluding chapter it is, with neatly tied loose ends and closing remarks, though it unfolds as something of a secular passion play. full review
  85. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009 Noomi Rapace more or less looks the part that the filmmakers don't let her fully play. full review
  86. The House of the Devil 2009 After years of vivisectionist splatter, here is a horror movie with real shivers.
  87. The Limits of Control 2009 A nondramatic work best appreciated as a pure image-and-sound event.
  88. Ondine 2009 In Ondine, a film about a fisherman and a mythical sea creature, Neil Jordan shows his fondness for fantasy worlds. full review
  89. Diminished Capacity 2008 The actors look as if they're having a reasonably fine time, but there's no sense of commitment here, no sense that this was a movie that absolutely, passionately had to be made.
  90. Downloading Nancy 2008 Downloading Nancy is a nasty exploitation flick tarted up with art-house actors and psychobabble.
  91. Momma's Man 2008 A touchingly true film, part weepie, part comedy, about the agonies of navigating that slippery slope called adulthood.
  92. The Tale of Despereaux 2008 Despereaux is a pleasantly immersive, beautifully animated, occasionally sleepy tale. full review
  93. Crazy Love 2007 Far too readily tends to play this pathetic story for laughs.
  94. Evening 2007 Proves that not every book deserves its own film.
  95. The Order of Myths 2007 Wise and soberly affecting documentary about the separate but unequal Mardi Gras festivities that take place each year in Mobile, Ala.
  96. Surfwise 2007 Surfwise has a bohemian vibe and a cool sheen, but it's an eager-to-please, pleasing commercial enterprise with a reassuring narrative arc. full review
  97. The Benchwarmers 2006 Filled with sprays of vomit, fountains of spit and enough hot body air to launch a flotilla of passenger balloons, The Benchwarmers is the sort of trash that Hollywood does really well.
  98. The Ice Harvest 2005 Crammed with barflies, strippers and assorted reprobates, The Ice Harvest easily takes the honors as this holiday season's biggest and dirtiest lump of coal.
  99. CSA: Confederate States of America 2003 Satire via sledgehammer, Kevin Willmott's fake documentary imagines an alternative American history in which the South won the Civil War.
  100. /titles/197111 The filmmakers don't settle for palliatives. Each side is wrong, each side is right, and both have their brutalities. full review
  101. /titles/197876 Ms. Peirce plays up the story's religious themes and Carrie's burgeoning power as she discovers her telekinetic gifts, even as the dread of the female body that deepens Mr. De Palma's version somehow goes missing. full review
  102. /titles/198387 Mr. Turturro's musical choices in "Fading Gigolo" tend to feel, like so much here, generically applied instead of meaningfully coaxed from some essential, lived-in truth. full review
  103. /titles/197500 In the ticklishly amusing satire Fido, the undead stagger along like stunned toddlers. full review
  104. /titles/197144 Mr. Tavernier's filmmaking here is loose, almost casual, and you may not always notice what he's doing with the camera as he frames the ministry's choreographed chaos with its whirling people and parts. full review
  105. /titles/197710 Pitched fascinatingly, at times uneasily, between misery and uplift, "Mister & Pete" tells the story of an endlessly resourceful child who survives the unimaginable over one long summer. full review
  106. /titles/197678 By focusing on such a narrow slice of Nepali life, Ms. Spray and Mr. Velez have ceded any totalizing claim on the truth and instead settled for a perfect incompleteness. full review
  107. /titles/197293 You're unlikely to turn away. full review
  108. /titles/199384 "The One I Love" is diverting, but nothing catches fire, despite Ms. Moss, an amazing actress fast breaking free of the limits imposed on her by "Mad Men." full review
  109. /titles/199333 A tough, tender little movie, "The Retrieval" tells a story of divided souls wandering a divided land. full review
  110. /titles/199320 "Sabotage" isn't any good, even if its jagged, jolting visual excesses and frenzied energy keep you awake, gasping and guffawing by turns. full review
  111. /titles/197700 Shifts from the unnerving to the hollow after it becomes evident that Mr. West is more interested in showing how his characters die than how they lived. full review
  112. /titles/198208 Violette's hold on life can be terrifying, at times ugly, but what she finally makes of that life is beautiful. full review
  113. /titles/197346 It's impossible not to cry at their suffering, but whether you'll feel anything is another story. full review