Mark Feeney, Boston Globe

  1. Dirty Wars 2013 Scahill's so busy Being A Reporter - capital letters are definitely called for - it gets in the way of what he's reporting on. full review
  2. Europa Report 2013 What isn't straightforward about the plot is either hackneyed, implausible, or both. full review
  3. Good Ol' Freda 2013 Brian Epstein needed someone to run the nascent Official Beatles Fan Club. Freda, just 17, got the job. full review
  4. The Iran Job 2013 A lively, engaging documentary directed by the German filmmaker Till Schauder ... full review
  5. Linsanity 2013 A little game footage can go a long way; and a lot of game footage, no matter how good, goes a very long way. full review
  6. Muscle Shoals 2013 [An] alternately maddening and magnificent documentary. full review
  7. Museum Hours 2013 One of the world's great art museums, the Kunsthistoriches is the true star of the movie "Museum Hours." full review
  8. Pandora's Promise 2013 Robert Stone's documentary contends that the only feasible answer is nuclear power. full review
  9. A Place at the Table 2013 A tighter focus, or even just a voiceover narration, might have helped. full review
  10. Starbuck 2013 Bertrand does his jelly-belly best to keep "Starbuck" a comedy. But even the broadest shtick can't prevent a movie that features a Busby Berkeley-style group hug from becoming a male weepie. full review
  11. The Trials Of Muhammad Ali 2013 The archival footage in Bill Siegel's documentary "The Trials of Muhammad Ali" is wondrous. How could it not be, featuring the gentleman in the title. full review
  12. 5 Broken Cameras 2012 What we do see has an immediacy and intimacy that's involving. It also can feel a bit wayward and cumulatively wearying. full review
  13. Backwards 2012 The neatness of the plotting becomes almost comical after a while. Construction is one thing; contrivance is another. full review
  14. Brooklyn Castle 2012 Katie Dellamaggiore's lively and affecting documentary introduces us to a cast of characters that's very winning (in both senses of the word). full review
  15. Compliance 2012 There is a level of stupidity displayed by the people in this movie that beggars belief. Their behavior is to stupidity as the Death Star is to a doughnut. full review
  16. Cosmopolis 2012 Poor Pattinson does the best he can. He's not terrible. But he's definitely out of his element, if not beyond his depth, an altar boy in a bishop's robes. full review
  17. Dark Horse 2012 Solondz has made a career out of specializing in highly aberrant views of middle-class life. full review
  18. Detropia 2012 "Detropia" feels somewhere between loose (which is good) and aimless (which isn't). full review
  19. Hitler's Children 2012 The moral weight of "Hitler's Children" is unmistakable. So is that weight's inertness. full review
  20. The Imposter 2012 Beverly Dollarhide, Nicholas's mother, says of the period after her son's disappearance, "My main goal in life at that time was not to think." Apparently, the filmmakers have taken a cue from her. full review
  21. The Invisible War 2012 "The Invisible War" makes all too clear that the military isn't very good at justice. full review
  22. Last Ounce of Courage 2012 The problem with this numbskull travesty isn't that it's fatuous and smug (which it is). It's that it's slack and dull. full review
  23. Lawless 2012 Much of the action may be nearly as grim as in director John Hillcoat's previous feature, "The Road" - "Lawless" is very bloody - but the scenery and production design are a whole lot nicer. full review
  24. October Baby 2012 "October Baby" looks and feels like a Lifetime movie waiting not to happen. full review
  25. Orchestra Of Exiles 2012 Writer-director Josh Aronson's flaccid "Orchestra of Exiles" squanders the material's promise. full review
  26. Samsara 2012 The result is like an issue of National Geographic gone mad. full review
  27. Whores' Glory 2012 Glawogger has the good sense mostly to stay out of the way and let the material speak for itself. full review
  28. Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey 2011 The most interesting part of this lively, likable documentary is the journey. full review
  29. Brighton Rock 2011 What was once an impurely pure outpost of Graham Greeneland now feels a bit like the Who's "Quadrophenia,'' with mods and rockers mixing it up around the edges. full review
  30. The City Dark 2011 The documentary tries to take on too much, but Cheney's enthusiasm for the subject makes that understandable. full review
  31. Farmageddon 2011 The one-sidedness of "Farmageddon'' isn't just an artistic failing. It's an argumentative failing, too. full review
  32. Jig 2011 "Jig'' is involving, if at times overly slick. full review
  33. Rapt 2011 "Rapt'' is smooth, cool, and efficient. It's a movie with very little wasted motion - or, for much of its length, wasted emotion. full review
  34. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness 2011 This is a person you'd enjoy spending time with and learning from. That's certainly the case with Dorman's film. full review
  35. The Story Of Film: An Odyssey 2011 It's wildly ambitious, often extremely good, occasionally maddening, and always stimulating. full review
  36. Surviving Progress 2011 A slick jeremiad, "Surviving Progress" is expertly made (it's far from tedious) but intellectually muddled. full review
  37. The Rape of Europa 2007 Not helping matters are Joan Allen's blanched tones as narrator, or the general flatness of the talking heads. full review
  38. Deep Water 2006 To reveal Crowhurst's decision would be to spoil a stunning tale. Deep Water is not itself comparably stunning. full review
  39. Becket 1964 Everything that Doctor Strangelove is -- daring and inspired, vibrant and brilliantly staged -- Becket is not. full review
  40. /titles/197534 The price of good intentions is that it looks and feels like an extended public-service announcement for goodness. full review
  41. /titles/199931 "Jack Ryan" is slick, loud, assured, overplotted (way overplotted), fairly diverting, and pretty much empty. full review
  42. /titles/200167 The subtitle declares rather than alludes. It is what it is, as Bill Belichick (that gridiron Ben Bernanke) would say, bluntly informing what the movie is about. full review
  43. /titles/197388 The only self-examination he ever subjects himself to would appear to involve a shaving mirror and lather. full review

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