Michael Booth, Denver Post

  1. Crazy Love 2007 I could tell you all the surprises that make the loopy documentary Crazy Love such an odd treat, but then I'd be undermining the whole point of telling you to go. full review
  2. Keeping Up With The Steins 2006 By the time the Fiedlers are getting serious about their arguments and their hugs, we've grown to like them. full review
  3. Nacho Libre 2006 High concept still fails without writers filling in the blank spots, and 'Jack Black in wrestling tights' is funny for about as long as the trailer you've already seen. full review
  4. Venus 2006 Venus succeeds because there is no hint of smugness in sight. full review
  5. Prozac Nation 2005 Truly depressing, a dark, mean and screechy film that still looks half-finished after years on the shelf. full review
  6. The World's Fastest Indian 2005 The World's Fastest Indian takes off at full-out maudlin and never bothers to throttle down. full review
  7. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2004 Go see it before you buy another stock you don't understand. Go see it before you bank your retirement on the company pension fund. Go see it before you vote in another election. full review
  8. The Forgotten 2004 We get all of Moore, which is a lot, but only half a story, which is not quite enough to make The Forgotten a winning thriller. full review
  9. Hotel Rwanda 2004 The world stayed out of Rwanda for fear of doing an imperfect job. Bold filmmakers are at their best when they mature beyond that kind of paralysis. full review
  10. Oldboy 2004 It is brutally epic. full review
  11. Brother Bear 2003 Disney has turned the call of the wild into the stultifying murmur of group therapy. full review
  12. Cold Mountain 2003 A sublime story of brute living and ethereal yearning. full review
  13. CSA: Confederate States of America 2003 Kevin Willmott pulls off an amazing trick with the fake documentary CSA: The Confederate States of America. On the lowest of budgets, he rewrites history on the grandest scale. full review
  14. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen 2003 It's a curious movie, in the best sense, acknowledging that everybody is obsessed with something, then finding out why this particular group of people is obsessed with this particular pastime. full review
  15. Saved! 2003 A wickedly funny movie well worth seeing. full review
  16. Scary Movie 3 2003 If you don't think Mother Teresa commemorative bobbleheads are funny, this movie is definitely not for you. full review
  17. The Station Agent 2003 There's a lot to discover in The Station Agent. New faces, terrific acting, gentle directing and more than a few geeky train facts. full review
  18. American Dreamz 2002 American Dreamz pulls off that rare feat of shooting at dozens of big targets, and hitting so many of them that we want to stand up and cheer because someone even tried. full review
  19. Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002 [Director Phillip] Noyce shows their awful, eventually uplifting journey without flinching, and the arid Australian wilderness is a co-star of the film. full review
  20. Secret Things 2002 Deteriorates into a silly farce that lands somewhere between Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and Guccione's Caligula. full review
  21. Love the Hard Way 2001 There must be some reason to worry over the fate of these people, but it's not in the movie. full review
  22. The Breakfast Club 1985 In nine hours of threatening, bickering and, eventually, poignant (but never maudlin) self-revelation, the stereotypes dissolve and re-form. full review
  23. Grease 1978 Grease holds up for new generations because it captures the enthusiasm of youth and the vibrancy of California's sunshine-and-cars culture. full review
  24. Robin Hood 1973 Compared with modern Disney films, which are dominated by the self-absorption and eventual self-discovery of their main characters, Robin Hood offers surprisingly stark and interesting social questions. full review
  25. The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still may at first look like goofy, outdated science fiction, but its timeless warnings about violence, nuclear confrontation and the difficulties of policing the planet have made it an enduring cultural classic. full review
  26. /titles/197186 Fun to watch. full review
  27. /titles/197191 Though slightly uneven, this film version of Ella Enchanted never wavers from the magic of author Gail Carson Levine's words for girls: The demands of obedience should not be used to chain their souls. full review
  28. /titles/197823 Kramer vs. Kramer is definitely a movie to watch together -- your kids may well seek shelter under your arm, glad to know their own families enjoy more peace. full review
  29. /titles/197498 Accomplished film. full review
  30. /titles/197862 That heart-stopping beginning tells us Herzog is again in top form, richly depicting the true story of the only American POW known to have escaped from Laotian captivity. full review
  31. /titles/197816 The mystery of Fischer's talent and torment adds depth to Searching for Bobby Fischer, about a young New York chess prodigy who doesn't want his genius to ruin his life. full review

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