Michael Phillips, At the Movies

  1. Casino Jack And The United States Of Money 2010 It really is compelling. full review
  2. I Am Love 2010 You have an actress that plays just every moment for keeps without milking it. full review
  3. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work 2010 You really do get the sense that she is tuning out the camera half the time and you're getting honest glimpses of everything. full review
  4. Restrepo 2010 It's the best thing I've seen in a long time. full review
  5. The Art Of The Steal 2009 I think it's gripping. full review
  6. The Boys Are Back 2009 I didn't think there was a minute of truth in this thing. full review
  7. Fish Tank 2009 This is disturbing stuff, [but] unexpectedly hopeful in its outlook. full review
  8. The Fourth Kind 2009 No, no, no, no. full review
  9. Ondine 2009 It sort of falls flat. full review
  10. The Burning Plain 2008 It's not really a who-done-it, it's more of a when'd-ya-guess-it and a who-cares. full review

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