Mike Hale, New York Times

  1. Teen Beach Movie 2013 The film's time-warp, movie-nerd conceit is just clever enough to keep you entertained. full review
  2. Apollo 18 2011 Accomplishes something the world wasn't really crying out for: it recreates the tedium of watching the later Apollo missions. full review
  3. Caterpillar 2011 The husband may look like a caterpillar, but it's the wife who goes through a transformation. full review
  4. The Flowers of War 2011 Zhang Yimou revisits the Nanjing massacre of 1937 by making something resembling a backstage musical, with breaks for the occasional ghastly murder or rape. full review
  5. The Robber 2011 The rare mash-up of genre material - in this case kinetic, on-the-run caper - and art-house sensibility that's actually enjoyable, up to a point. full review
  6. True Legend 2011 The fights in "True Legend" become pretty routine. And beyond some lovely mountain scenery and a tiny cameo by a radiant Michelle Yeoh, there isn't much else to look at. full review
  7. Bhutto 2010 While the film gives us a strong sense of Bhutto's personality and strength, can only suggest the daily family and political machinations that were her reality, and leaves no clear sense of the truth of the corruption charges that dogged her. full review
  8. Ip Man 2010 The fanboys and girls won't notice such failings amid the displays of wing chun kung fu--the extras and body doubles do some truly impressive acrobatics--and those with a taste for big historical tearjerkers will be happy as well. full review
  9. Knucklehead 2010 World Wrestling Entertainment continues its effort to meld violent sport with gooey, throwback family comedy in the claptrap road movie Knucklehead. full review
  10. Ong Bak 3 2010 The unrelentingly brutal Ong Bak 2 was a drag after the screwball charm and breathtaking stunts of Ong Bak, and the third installment continues the trend. full review
  11. Today's Special 2010 Hits all the sentimental cliches of the genre as if they were stops on the No. 7 train. full review
  12. Kings of Pastry 2009 You'll be surprised by how devastating the collapse of a chocolate tower can be. full review
  13. Reel Injun 2009 Setting off in his barely road-worthy "rez car," Mr. Diamond films a series of bittersweet, and sometimes bitingly funny, encounters. full review
  14. Valhalla Rising 2009 Mr. Refn, who can pull off stylish brutality (in the Pusher films and Bronson), shows no knack for the kind of visionary, hallucinatory image making that would render Valhalla Rising memorable. full review
  15. /titles/198406 Like its predecessors, "Scream 4" replaces the values of storytelling and suspense with the value of being in on the joke. Unfortunately, in the 11 years since "Scream 3," the joke has gotten pretty old. full review