Odie Henderson, Chicago Sun-Times

  1. The Iran Job 2013 I confess to being a sucker for sports movies, the ones with the "Big Game" at the end. "The Iran Job" has all the requisite elements of that cinematic subgenre, but strives for something deeper. full review
  2. Peeples 2013 Chism's cast is game for her shenanigans, and the biggest pleasure of "Peeples" is watching them cut loose under her direction. full review
  3. Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey 2012 Pineda is a great subject, and it's obvious he's the biggest fan of the man who co-wrote and sang most of his current repertoire. full review
  4. Reincarnated 2012 If you're a sober fan of Snoop Dogg's rap songs, as I am, you're in trouble. full review

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