Paul Tatara,

  1. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002 For a movie that's so full of anger and confusion, there sure aren't many memorable clashes, aside from the ones that take place in the kids' imaginations. full review
  2. America's Sweethearts 2001 The script is full of half-considered character stances. full review
  3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2001 A near-masterpiece, replete with marvelously fanciful images and a touching love story. full review
  4. The Glass House 2001 One look at Terry and Erin's home, and you can sense director Daniel Sackheim gearing up for a tsunami of hogwash. full review
  5. Zoolander 2001 Finally points Stiller in the right satirical direction, even though his central topic could just as easily be skewered in 10 minutes. full review
  6. About Adam 2000 If anybody still thinks Kate Hudson is getting too much mileage out of being Goldie Hawn's daughter, they'll be pleasantly surprised by the range she shows in About Adam. full review
  7. All the Pretty Horses 2000 Matt Damon's earthy movie star performance is well worth seeing, but don't go in expecting a sustained sense of drama. full review
  8. Blow Dry 2000 A tedious comedy. full review
  9. The Emperor's New Groove 2000 A silly little movie that's smarter than most of the self-important features that came out this year. full review
  10. Malena 2000 Like Malena herself, the movie ends up nothing more than a great-looking mess. full review
  11. Vatel 2000 It's just deadly, deadly dull. full review
  12. Ravenous 1999 full review
  13. She's All That 1999 Director Robert Iscove isn't really taxing his imagination, but that's probably just as well. full review
  14. A Walk on the Moon 1999 full review
  15. Antz 1998 Allen provides plenty of comic relief, and the computer-generated animation is pretty impressive. full review
  16. Little Voice 1998 full review
  17. Velvet Goldmine 1998 full review
  18. The Castle 1997 full review
  19. Cop Land 1997 It's pretty funny, actually, that Stallone gained 40 pounds to play this role, and what the movie needs more than anything else is to eat a salad and do some sit-ups. full review
  20. /titles/197169 Though the movie is inept in a number of key ways, what it really lacks is a lead actor who can carry his scenes with an un-doggish panache. full review
  21. /titles/197461 May be the most interesting movie of the year. full review
  22. /titles/197833 About as tense as a game of connect-the-dots. full review
  23. /titles/197456 I kept waiting for the plot to kick in. And waited and waited and waited. full review
  24. /titles/197460 This is a very winning debut film that features a powerful central performance. full review
  25. /titles/197832 The most delightfully original children's film of 2001. full review
  26. /titles/197731 full review
  27. /titles/199381 full review
  28. /titles/197167 Rounders' script is pretty shabby going. Well, not shabby, really, just simplistic. full review
  29. /titles/197457 full review