Peter Brunette,

  1. Hamlet 2000 Ultimately, I don't think that Michael Almereyda's modern-day adaptation of Hamlet really works, but it's a lot of fun along the way.
  2. The Yards 2000 The film's intense realism has a transcendent quality that makes it feel -- dare I say it? -- almost Shakespearean in the depth and scope of its commentary on the human condition.
  3. Teaching Mrs. Tingle 1999 Even a fantasy, whoever it's for, has to have a plot that minimally makes sense, characters that make decisions based on coherent personalities, and a consistent tone. Unfortunately, Teaching Mrs. Tingle lacks all three.
  4. Antz 1998 An excellent piece of work!
  5. Jack Frost 1998 Let it melt!
  6. Shakespeare in Love 1998 Occasionally profound and frequently hilarious!