Peter Debruge, Variety

  1. The Right Kind of Wrong 2014 There are even a few physical gags -- including one involving a slingshot, a hang glider and a precarious arrangement of pastries -- that may as well be lifted from another century. full review
  2. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor 2013 Plop plop. Fizz fizz. Oh, what a missed opportunity it is! full review
  3. Assault On Wall Street 2013 The film seems inexplicably tame, the least interesting execution of a radical concept. full review
  4. The Big Wedding 2013 The film isn't so much funny as it is merely amusing - a laundry list of inappropriate and potentially embarrassing moments that strive mightily, but never quite manage to land the laugh. full review
  5. The Brass Teapot 2013 A fresh riff on "be careful what you wish for" fables. full review
  6. Bridegroom 2013 Super-lo-fi yet highly emotional. full review
  7. C.O.G. 2013 The source material may be David Sedaris (this marks the first time the essayist has allowed one of his pieces to be adapted), but the tone couldn't be more Kyle Patrick Alvarez, who once again steers auds to some gloriously uncomfortable places. full review
  8. Dead Man Down 2013 A derivative collection of brazen plot holes and latenight-cable cliches. full review
  9. Dear Mr. Watterson 2013 Everything you'd expect from a crowd-sourced documentary, designed to celebrate its subject, while mostly just validating the aesthetic taste of its backers. full review
  10. Drew: The Man Behind The Poster 2013 The Norman Rockwell of movie advertising steps in front of the camera for a long-overdue celebration sure to delight fans and heighten awareness of his legacy. full review
  11. Emperor 2013 Half crinoline romance, half crusty military-history lesson. full review
  12. Informant 2013 It's an absorbing puzzle with the potential to intrigue viewers all along the political spectrum. full review
  13. Interior. Leather Bar. 2013 A partly authentic, partly scripted behind-the-scenes featurette that never quite conveys the star's "high/curious" interest in all things taboo. full review
  14. It's a Disaster 2013 A smart, character-driven chamber play in which the cataclysmic offscreen event escalates the tensions between four already testy pairs. full review
  15. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files 2013 Too bloodless for the uninitiated and too remedial for the familiar, but still artful in its own right. full review
  16. The Lifeguard 2013 Drowning in self-pity is about as fun to watch as it sounds. full review
  17. My Best Enemy 2013 Entertaining, though conventionally told. full review
  18. Red Flag 2013 Alex Karpovsky picks at a navel better left ungazed. full review
  19. The Short Game 2013 [The Short Game] finds the most entertaining angle on one of the world's dullest sports. full review
  20. Simon Killer 2013 This noncommittal technique, relying on a combination of audience projection and unknowable complexity, defies the old-fashioned pleasure of peeling the onion of character psychology, but rewards those willing to read between the lines. full review
  21. Somebody Up There Likes Me 2013 If nonchalance were an Olympic sport, Max would be a gold medalist, and watching Somebody Up There Likes Me is about as much fun as being a spectator at that event might sound. full review
  22. Stolen Seas 2013 A dense, sometimes dangerous 90-minute immersion in a world where lawlessness applies to all sides and, shockingly, international shipping companies would rather pay the ransoms than address the underlying problems. full review
  23. Sweetwater 2013 Boasting a script ripe with overwrought, pseudo-Deadwood dialogue, Sweetwater provides three roles enticing enough to have attracted thesps deserving of better material. full review
  24. A Teacher 2013 As first features go, A Teacher demonstrates a willingness to provoke, but doesn't seem to understand the minimum expectations most audiences place on films in terms of both incident and characterization. full review
  25. Touchy Feely 2013 Trading her improv-based filmmaking style for a more traditional screenplay-grounded model, Lynn Shelton delivers an uneven mix of half-formed conflicts in Touchy Feely. full review
  26. Trash Dance 2013 A short yet satisfying glimpse behind the scenes of waste management that feels like a breath of fresh air in a field that typically leaves people holding their nose. full review
  27. Winnie Mandela 2013 TV-style biopic reduces South Africa's struggle to the status of an impediment in the blooming romance between Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie. full review
  28. 360 2012 With a multilingual cast of mostly unfamiliar faces, plus a few stars, 360 feels too abstract, orchestrating break-ups and hook-ups in a passionless vacuum. full review
  29. Get the Gringo 2012 full review
  30. In Our Nature 2012 Savelson's approach feels old-fashioned and perhaps even a little stodgy. full review
  31. Leave it on the Floor 2012 full review
  32. Nobody Walks 2012 Nobody Walks looks and sounds great. full review
  33. The Woman Who Wasn't There 2012 A singularly unsettling film no less effective for deliberately giving away its twist in the title. full review
  34. Albert Nobbs 2011 It's a career-crowning role for Glenn Close. Too bad the film is such a drag. full review
  35. Hot Coffee 2011 full review
  36. Into The Abyss 2011 Herzog's investigation may not work as an anti-death-penalty editorial, but its findings are undeniably profound. full review
  37. The Last Fall 2011 full review
  38. We Were Here 2011 We Were Here documents the epidemic through a powerful combination of first-hand testimony, archival photography and TV news footage. full review
  39. Waste Land 2010 One of the powers of great portraiture is its ability to make us wonder about the complete strangers captured within enigmatic works of art. full review
  40. The House of the Devil 2009 Call it the best '80s babysitter-in-peril movie never made. full review
  41. My Normal 2009 full review
  42. Yesterday Was a Lie 2008 James Kerwin's conceptually ambitious low-budget debut offers stunning black-and-white HD cinematography, a sultry jazz score and a refreshingly high-minded script, but feels hopelessly amateurish in the acting department. full review
  43. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father 2008 What begins as a poignant tribute to filmmaker Kurt Kuenne's dead best friend snowballs into a gut-wrenching true-crime story. full review
  44. /titles/199596 With the aid of Johnsen's doc to overcome the obstacles China has put in his path, however, Ai's voice carries louder than ever before. full review
  45. /titles/199978 It's deliciously risky, though Ferran falls far short of Icarus' folly, soaring low and returning to earth having risked too little. full review
  46. /titles/197629 [A] disorganized docu. full review
  47. /titles/197607 The Pink Flamingos star Divine gets her own well-deserved spotlight. full review
  48. /titles/199942 Malzieu has created a fully-realized, wildly imaginative storybook world and populated it with eccentric characters. full review
  49. /titles/198046 Four characters meet while planning to commit suicide and decide to annoy one another instead in this tacky Nick Hornby adaptation. full review
  50. /titles/198430 The film's scant plot plays second fiddle to Hoffman and Harwood's nuanced exploration of love so long unrequited. full review
  51. /titles/199877 This stiff, earnest production plays like a half-hearted throwback to the British-accented biblical dramas of yesteryear, its smallscreen genesis all too apparent in its Swiss-cheese construction and subpar production values. full review
  52. /titles/197354 A feat of both editing and blurring-of-the-edges nonfiction technique. full review
  53. /titles/197383 This feel-good look at a condition many refuse to acknowledge as a disease skips the self-pity and gets right to the heart of the issue: namely, the very real problems sex addicts have in creating interpersonal relationships. full review