Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

  1. Committed 2000 Graham ... has a certain joyfully lively screen presence that saves the film from itself. full review
  2. The Emperor's New Groove 2000 May be one of the brightest, funniest pieces of entertainment of the season. full review
  3. The Tigger Movie 2000 Anybody who first saw Tigger and learned the wonderful things about him more than 20 years ago is going to feel great, as will the very young who have been raised on Pooh and Co., one of the few cartoons that avoids hostility and violence. full review
  4. Better Than Chocolate 1999 full review
  5. Boys Don't Cry 1999 full review
  6. Mansfield Park 1999 A gorgeous, enchanting experience. full review
  7. Tarzan 1999 So far, the most entertaining film of the year. full review
  8. The Virgin Suicides 1999 The Virgin Suicides captures in stylized vignettes the intertwining strands of innocence, desire and despair in the psyches of teenage girls. full review
  9. Antz 1998 The filmmakers seem to have deliberately snubbed the traditional audience for animated features. full review
  10. The Big Hit 1998 Score it big-time inane but a load of fun. full review
  11. Jack Frost 1998 Its heart is in the right place. full review
  12. Madeline 1998 full review
  13. Paulie 1998 Paulie has elements of a good weepy, but overall it never quite gels beyond being a passable novelty. full review
  14. The Prince of Egypt 1998 An inspiring translation of biblical grandeur, turning the story of one of history's greatest heroes into an entertaining, visually dazzling cartoon. full review
  15. Wide Awake 1998 Children, too, will be bored to tears navigating through some of the talky spiritual gunk. full review
  16. The Castle 1997 full review
  17. Hercules 1997 What fun! full review
  18. Inventing the Abbotts 1997 full review
  19. Kiss The Girls 1997 full review
  20. Mouse Hunt (Mousehunt) 1997 full review
  21. Year of the Horse: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live 1997 This is an intimate, lyrical yet incendiary film, and it will please fans of both Young and Jarmusch. full review
  22. Michael Collins 1996 Handsome, but curiously cold, considering the emotional heat of Anglo-Irish matters. Fortunately, Liam Neeson commands almost every frame. full review
  23. Big Night 1996 A small movie -- and that's its subtle charm. full review
  24. Brassed Off 1996 The characters are beautifully drawn in this bittersweet melodrama written and directed by Mark Herman. full review
  25. The Crow: City of Angels 1996 Comes across as a scattershot video with corny and contrived action scenes. full review
  26. The English Patient 1996 Torrid, witty, passionate and intelligent. full review
  27. Fargo 1996 A crime gem that is darkly funny even when it's chilling -- and certain to become a classic. full review
  28. Harriet the Spy 1996 Harriet the Spy has real character in some of its details, but it never feels like much more than a low-budget TV show. full review
  29. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 Gorgeous but dark -- not the usual Disney experience. full review
  30. James and the Giant Peach 1996 James and the Giant Peach is frequently so alluring that viewers may feel the urge to get lost in the picture's curious shadings, intricate merriment and fantastical atmosphere. full review
  31. The Juror 1996 full review
  32. Muppet Treasure Island 1996 full review
  33. The Pallbearer 1996 full review
  34. Pocahontas 1996 Disney's 33rd animated feature, and its first with characters based on real people, is a stunning movie with clever twists, vivid characterizations, insightful songs and a surprising harvest of revisionist history. full review
  35. Restoration 1996 The movie takes on a somber, fitful atmosphere of straining epic proportions. But it strays into an episodic bog that leaves it gasping for dramatic life. full review
  36. Scream 1996 The film plays lively games with the macabre. full review
  37. The Big Green 1995 full review
  38. Blue in the Face 1995 full review
  39. Bushwhacked 1995 A little bit of Daniel Stern's mugging, dimwit style of comedy goes a long way. full review
  40. Clueless 1995 By the time you skip out of the theater, you've had a great time but can't remember a single reason why. full review
  41. Cry, the Beloved Country 1995 full review
  42. The Journey of August King 1995 full review
  43. Jumanji 1995 full review
  44. A Month by the Lake 1995 full review
  45. Picture Bride 1995 full review
  46. Priest 1995 full review
  47. While You Were Sleeping 1995 A lighthearted, charming nougat for romantics. full review
  48. Country Life 1994 full review
  49. The Innocent 1993 full review
  50. /titles/197455 A gorgeous piece of work. full review
  51. /titles/197463 There are no surprises. full review
  52. /titles/198231 At times the film seems an obsessive ode to Mel Gibson machismo. full review
  53. /titles/197147 Much of it plays like a personal boob tube with Carrey trapped inside, determined to act his way out in a freak show of mugging. He's a disturbing mixture of psychopath and lonely soul. Here, as always, a little Carrey goes a long way. full review
  54. /titles/197495 full review
  55. /titles/198363 Inspired, irreverent, spark-driven comedy that takes you places you never thought a movie would go -- even a Jim Carrey movie. full review
  56. /titles/197450 full review
  57. /titles/197478 The film, like a TV show that paints everything in black and white and aims for tabloid-style shock value, proceeds along predictable lines. full review
  58. /titles/198225 Intimate, heartfelt and wickedly funny, it's a movie whose impact lingers. full review
  59. /titles/197836 House Arrest is an uneasy mix of too much and too little: too much vapid cuteness, too little real feeling. full review
  60. /titles/197479 Jerry Maguire is a savvy depiction of a punched-up egomaniac being mauled by the tender hands of love. full review
  61. /titles/197158 full review
  62. /titles/198366 full review
  63. /titles/197462 Chase is so dull in this film, he looks as if he's sleepwalking. full review
  64. /titles/197166 full review
  65. /titles/197792 The film has no subtlety, so the one-dimensional story comes across as a sophomoric, pointless tirade. full review
  66. /titles/197802 full review
  67. /titles/197476 Vampire in Brooklyn is neither funny nor frightening and comes up a tedious middle-road hybrid from veteran scaremeister Wes Craven, who directed. full review
  68. /titles/197722 full review