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  1. The Act Of Killing 2013 In The Act of Killing, director Joshua Oppenheimer pulls off the impossible: He confronts great, incomprehensible evil and puts a human face on it. full review
  2. Adore 2013 This isn't an Oedipus complex. This is a Preposterous complex. full review
  3. Bad Milo! 2013 Here is a movie that, much like its eponymous character, never quite figures out what it wants to be. full review
  4. The Big Wedding 2013 The Big Wedding is a would-be screwball comedy that forgets to throw in the screws. full review
  5. Blackfish 2013 Blackfish is intended to rattle and provoke in the hopes of bringing about change. full review
  6. Blue Is The Warmest Color 2013 Forget the controversy and see Blue is the Warmest Color for what it truly is: a warm and compassionate ode to the vagaries of the heart. full review
  7. Broken 2013 Although there are some light moments and traces of dark humor, Broken's overall aura is one of dread. full review
  8. C.O.G. 2013 There are a few stretches in C.O.G. where the movie feels like it's dawdling, much like its protagonist. But the wonderfully sad, exhilarating ending proves this filmmaker knew exactly where he was headed the entire time. full review
  9. Cutie And The Boxer 2013 The story of an extraordinary marriage between two people bound together by their artistic impulse. full review
  10. Drinking Buddies 2013 The movie has a keen eye for the ways in which we sometimes resign ourselves to less-than-satisfying lives. full review
  11. The English Teacher 2013 Apropos of its title, The English Teacher feels like a movie written as a homework assignment. full review
  12. Frances Ha 2013 A modern fairy tale about a girl whose golden heart refuses to tarnish. full review
  13. The Grandmaster 2013 The Grandmaster blends right in with Wong's body of work, a gorgeous meditation on the importance of sorrow and lament. This one just happens to have kung fu, too. full review
  14. I Give It a Year 2013 Can a comedy be too funny for its own good? full review
  15. In the House 2013 Savor In the House for its meta-exploration of adolescence, class resentment and suppressed desire, but don't expect much more. full review
  16. Informant 2013 This timely documentary passes the test as a work of balanced journalism about a man of fascinating contradictions. full review
  17. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files 2013 Pulls off the seemingly impossible feat of making this horrific crime seem dull. full review
  18. John Dies at the End 2013 Despite its astronomical body count, John Dies at the End never takes itself too seriously, and neither should you. full review
  19. Lovelace 2013 A timid gloss on a hardcore subject. full review
  20. Maniac 2013 A creepy experiment that stays with you. full review
  21. Narco Cultura 2013 Narco Cultura shows in fascinating detail how these merciless killers who have taken over the city have become Robin Hood-style folk heroes. full review
  22. Only God Forgives 2013 Mocking the improbable characters and bizarre juxtapositions is too literal and superficial a reading of this dreamy, entrancing movie. full review
  23. Paradise: Faith 2013 Much like his fellow Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, Seidl knows how to keep his audience captivated while rattling us with a discomfiting precision. full review
  24. Paradise: Love 2013 That churning in your stomach may be unpleasant, but it's necessary for the film to deliver its knockout punch. full review
  25. Passion 2013 A throwaway by a gifted filmmaker who has run out of ideas. full review
  26. Pieta 2013 Like many South Korean films, revenge is a major theme here, although the way Kim handles it is particularly subtle and surprising: It sneaks up on you. full review
  27. Room 237 2013 You don't have to buy any of the nutty theories in Room 237 to appreciate what director Rodney Ascher has accomplished. full review
  28. Side Effects 2013 The main thing to keep in mind while watching Steven Soderbergh's playful new thriller is not to take the movie too seriously or else you'll feel betrayed by the end. full review
  29. Simon Killer 2013 Simon Killer is a sensory, experiential film - more of a state of mind than a straightforward story. full review
  30. Stand Up Guys 2013 An excruciating and melodramatic comedy. full review
  31. V/H/S/2 2013 V/H/S/ 2 is raw and rough-edged and rude. It is also, for the hardcore horror fan, a total blast. full review
  32. Venus And Serena 2013 The film works better as a thrilling but superficial celebration of two incredible athletes instead of a personal portrait of two world-famous women who continue to make sports history. full review
  33. 360 2012 The film's generic, meaningless title is a sign of the dullness to come. full review
  34. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 2012 The film's recurring theme is of an artist on a perpetual hunt for transparency, in his country and abroad. full review
  35. Bernie 2012 The question of why the law must always be upheld, regardless of consequences, gives this light, amiable movie a surprising heft and weight. full review
  36. Blancanieves 2012 Blancanieves, which won 10 Goyas (Spain's equivalent of the Oscars) and was a smash hit in its native Spain, has traces of a kinky undertone and an uncommon willingness to embrace the darkness inherent in this fairy tale. full review
  37. Cafe de Flore 2012 This is a gorgeous, flashy, widescreen epic, like Boogie Nights or Casino, about the most essential things in life: Family, friends and love. But most of all, love. full review
  38. Compliance 2012 The point of Compliance, which caused walkouts and shouting matches when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, is how we are programmed to do things that go against our natural instincts as long as we believe we have the law on our side. full review
  39. Cosmopolis 2012 The movie isn't for everyone. But if it grabs you, prepare for it to stick in your head for days. full review
  40. Dark Horse 2012 Solondz will never be much for happy endings, but the film is strangely optimistic and at times borders ever-so-slightly on the whimsical. full review
  41. Detachment 2012 A loud, grating wallow in dime-store despair. full review
  42. The Expendables 2 2012 Chuck Norris is also in this movie, although you should know that he gets roughly five minutes of screen time, half of those devoted to his telling of a Chuck Norris joke. full review
  43. Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 2012 Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai reveals yet another facet of this always-unpredictable filmmaker: a flair for compassionate, humane melodrama. full review
  44. Headhunters 2012 By film's end, we're deep into Coen brothers territory, with an extra splash of Sam Raimi-level gore. full review
  45. Holy Motors 2012 Holy Motors is wild and unfettered and playful - the work of an artist who carries his love of cinema in his bones, and knows how to share that affection with the audience. full review
  46. The House I Live In 2012 The House I Live In is a work of journalism, not propaganda: Jarecki has done his research and leaves it to you to decide what to make of it. full review
  47. The Imposter 2012 The most fascinating aspect of the movie is why the missing boy's family believed the imposter's story. full review
  48. Kill List 2012 One of the scariest films I've seen in ages, although I cannot in all honesty explain exactly what the movie is about. full review
  49. Marley 2012 You see a man, flawed and imperfect, finding his way through with his music, constantly searching for his place in the world until that quest was cut tragically short. full review
  50. The Paperboy 2012 This one has it all: sex, violence, torture, incest, jellyfish attacks, telekinetic masturbation, Nicole Kidman peeing on Zac Efron and a gator gutted in revolting close-up. full review
  51. Playing for Keeps 2012 The only thing Playing for Keeps teaches us is: Guys, forget the bars and nightclubs. Soccer moms are where the action is. full review
  52. The Queen of Versailles 2012 By the end, the movie has pulled off a small miracle: You become absorbed in the lives of these people for who they are and not what they own. full review
  53. The Raven 2012 For a good hour or so, The Raven is gruesome, ludicrous fun. Then it's just ludicrous. full review
  54. Red Lights 2012 With the sort of last-minute plot twist that sank M. Night Shyamalan's career, Red Lights comes to an unexpected, risible end. full review
  55. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Safety Not Guaranteed is droll and hilarious, but there isn't a cheap laugh in it, and the ending is so perfect it sends you soaring. full review
  56. Samsara 2012 Achingly beautiful and visually transfixing, Samsara offers a transporting vacation from the usual multiplex fare. It's a movie to get lost in. full review
  57. Side by Side 2012 Actors such as Robert Downey Jr. complain that because digital cameras can be reloaded in seconds, there is no time for performers to hang out in their trailers between takes (in protest, he urinated in jars, which he hid all over the sets of Zodiac). full review
  58. Silent House 2012 "The silence will kill you!" warn the posters for "Silent House." That's only if the boredom doesn't get you first, though. full review
  59. Skyfall 2012 Mendes' approach to action is classical and elegant - no manic editing and blurry unintelligible images here - but what makes the movie special is the attention he pays his actors. full review
  60. Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You 2012 The film is a pleasant watch, filled with nice little moments of comedy and tenderness, and optimistic about the fate of dreamers who happen to be a little slow out of the starting gate. full review
  61. The Adventures of Tintin 2011 The relentless pace is a big part of the fun. Who ever heard of a slow rollercoaster, anyway? full review
  62. Cracks 2011 Although Green is the sort of actress you can't take your eyes off , her presence is not enough to keep this movie from becoming mired in a slow and predictable rut. full review
  63. The Interrupters 2011 A heartbreaking, empowering documentary about inner-city violence... full review
  64. The Kid with a Bike 2011 Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne return to devastating form with this compelling riff on the Italian neo-realist classic "Bicycle Thieves." full review
  65. Leap Year 2011 Nothing about Leap Year plays out exactly like you expect, and Rowe prefers to send you home with enigmatic questions instead of clear-cut answers. full review
  66. Our Idiot Brother 2011 Even the usually likable Rudd can't do much with the enigmatic Ned, who often behaves exactly in the idiotic manner he's accused of. full review
  67. The Women on the 6th Floor 2011 This is one French comedy that could have used a little more hand wringing and a little less whimsy. full review
  68. Young Adult 2011 Every time you're ready to write off Hollywood comedies, along comes a picture like Young Adult to keep hope alive. full review
  69. Bill Cunningham New York 2010 Bill Cunningham New York shows us a man who not only derives great pleasure from devoting himself to his job but also, in the process, has helped shaped the greatest city in the world. full review
  70. Blue Valentine 2010 You are witnessing the implosion of a marriage, and it's a sad, discomfiting thing to behold. full review
  71. Casino Jack And The United States Of Money 2010 The picture is briskly edited, and the energy never lags. But the amount of information the viewer is asked to process is voluminous -- and never stops coming. full review
  72. Greenberg 2010 As unlikable as Roger is, Stiller finds a way to make you see past his bitterness and sympathize with his aimlessness. You don't like him, but you feel his pain. full review
  73. Hatchet II 2010 The movie is just inept and dull and stupid -- crap being passed off as a guilty, bloody pleasure. full review
  74. Kaboom 2010 With Kaboom, Araki takes a huge step backward from the maturity and restraint he demonstrated in 2004's Mysterious Skin, his best and most-assured film to date (and, tellingly, his only adaptation of someone else's material). full review
  75. The Kids Are All Right 2010 Its emotional pull remains consistent to the end. full review
  76. Nowhere Boy 2010 As the story of a young man struggling to find his own identity, Nowhere Boy would work even if its protagonist hadn't grown up to change the world. full review
  77. Somewhere 2010 The best movie directors aren't just masters of technical craft: They also are artists capable of showing you the world through their eyes -- of making you see and feel exactly what they do. full review
  78. The Switch 2010 You have to overlook a whole lot of guff in order to enjoy the slight but pleasurable entertainment of The Switch. full review
  79. Waste Land 2010 It shows us how artists find ideas and concepts for their work from the most unlikely sources, and it demonstrates the power of art to spark curiosity and cultural awareness in even the poorest, most underprivileged people. full review
  80. The Whistleblower 2010 In Weisz's eyes, we see Kathryn's transformation from a public servant doing what's expected of her to a crusader driven to by her own conscience. Her performance is terrific; the movie, sadly, is not. full review
  81. Agora 2009 All brain, no heart. full review
  82. Antichrist 2009 Von Trier, never exactly an optimist, has never been this gloomy and pessimistic. Antichrist is the feel-bad movie of the year. full review
  83. Cairo Time 2009 full review
  84. Fly Me to the Moon 2008 A tougher endurance test than anything NASA could cook up.
  85. Food, Inc. 2008 Illuminating and occasionally revolting. full review
  86. New York, I Love You 2008 The result, as is always the case with short story collections, is a mixed bag, although unlike Paris Je T'Aime, the duds outnumber the winners this time. full review
  87. Rachel Getting Married 2008 Rachel Getting Married is a portrait of a family reeling with pain and resentment -- and rising to the challenge of dealing with it head-on.
  88. Zack and Miri Make a Porno 2008 Zack and Miri Make a Porno is crude and raunchy, but it's also a great date movie. See it with someone you love -- and want to grope.
  89. Crazy Love 2007 ... the equivalent of a gripping page turner. full review
  90. The Hunting Party 2007 By the time the end credits roll, you're still not sure what kind of movie The Hunting Party is supposed to be, other than just queasy.
  91. Into the Wild 2007 The movie tries its hardest to celebrate the impetuousness of its hero and the exhilaration of his accomplishments. Mostly, though, it just reminds you of the severity of his mistakes.
  92. Lars and the Real Girl 2007 Initially sounds perverted but ends up being just the opposite.
  93. A Mighty Heart 2007 The overriding tone of A Mighty Heart is neither indignant nor sentimental: The film is consistently cool. full review
  94. There Will Be Blood 2007 Anderson is attempting to harness the old-fashioned American Western epic with the probing psychology and intimacy of a modern-day character study. The fact that that character happens to be so repellent is one of the film's many strokes of genius.
  95. Zodiac 2007 Fincher and screenwriter James Vanderbilt, who spent more than a year researching the script, have made one of the most detailed, factually scrupulous crime dramas to ever come out of a Hollywood studio. full review
  96. Flyboys 2006 Flyboys is so schematic and contrived, you can anticipate exactly what scene is going to come next, and who will be the next to die in combat. full review
  97. Nacho Libre 2006 The movie is a bauble, but it's an enjoyably weird and original one, and it is anchored by Black's constantly amusing performance. full review
  98. Scoop 2006 The result is decidedly minor Woody, and unlike Match Point, far from essential. full review
  99. United 93 2006 There's nothing about United 93 that qualifies as entertainment in the traditional sense: It is an unpleasant, wrenching experience, which is just as it should be. full review
  100. Capote 2005 Hoffman ... has always been an actor whose performances, no matter how small, leave a permanent impression. But his portrayal of Capote is in an entirely different league. full review
  101. Downfall (Der Untergang) 2004 With a steely, unblinking resolve, Downfall stares into the abyss, but does not pretend to comprehend it. full review
  102. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2004 Deft, entertaining and infuriating documentary about one of the most egregious cases of corporate corruption in American history. full review
  103. Secuestro Express 2004 Secuestro Express leaves you feeling like a bit of a hostage yourself. full review
  104. Spanglish 2004 You're constantly aware of how oddly these people are behaving, and the artificiality spoils the illusion. full review
  105. American Wedding 2003 [An] uneven but undeniably sweet movie. full review
  106. Beyond Borders 2003 A disastrously clumsy, heavy-handed movie. full review
  107. Control Room 2003 Modest in scope and not as well structured as it could have been, Control Room may not seem all that compelling 10 years down the road. But right now, at this very moment, it is essential, imperative viewing. full review
  108. Dirty Pretty Things 2003 It is Frears' sure directorial hand, along with some deft performances, that keeps Dirty Pretty Things from ever edging into the risible. full review
  109. Saved! 2003 Once its premise is established, Saved! doesn't have anywhere to go, repetition creeps in, and jokes that might have otherwise been funny start eliciting groans instead. full review
  110. Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over 2003 No matter how shaky the acting gets or how threadbare the plot becomes, Spy Kids 3-D always gives you something wonderful to look at. full review
  111. Touching the Void 2003 One of the most gripping and harrowing looks at mountain climbing ever filmed. full review
  112. American Dreamz 2002 Most of American Dreamz has a curiously dated, been-there feel: It's a redundant comedy, like hearing the same tired joke for the 100th time. full review
  113. Changing Lanes 2002 The story begged for a darker, more biting resolution, but that might have been deemed too bleak for a movie that is almost entirely bile. full review
  114. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 This somber, draggy movie, which is nothing like the breezy, lunatic comedy its TV ads promise, takes Barris' claims at face value and plays them for stone-faced drama. full review
  115. The Dancer Upstairs 2002 It thrives on the hush before the explosion instead of its aftermath, and it's that eerie sense of expectation that gives the film its thick aura of suspense. full review
  116. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002 A soggy coming-of-age drama, one loaded with a single fresh conceit and plenty of tired, wheezing ones. full review
  117. Men in Black II 2002 Runs a quick 80 minutes and yet it still feels padded. full review
  118. Narc 2002 A stylistic throwback to such classic 1970s cop dramas as The French Connection and Serpico, with a 21st century helping of the old ultra-violence. full review
  119. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 2002 Leaves you wishing Rodriguez had saved some of his ideas for another movie. There's a difference between fast-paced and chaotic, and Spy Kids 2 often blurs the line between the two. full review
  120. The Sum of All Fears 2002 It's a testament to how effective The Sum of All Fears really is that it sends you home feeling more scared than you were before. full review
  121. Treasure Planet 2002 If Treasure Planet falls short of Lion King's classic status, it still proves there is plenty of room in animation for movies that aren't geared exclusively to 8-year-olds. full review
  122. Amelie 2001 A blast of pure movie bliss, a hilarious, imaginative and exhilarating love letter to the romantic in all of us. full review
  123. The Deep End 2001 For all its genre trappings, this is an intelligent, probing study of an ordinary woman under extraordinary duress. full review
  124. Dogtown and Z-Boys 2001 An informative, nostalgic trip back to a fascinating era, told by those who knew it best. full review
  125. The Score 2001 Its single-mindedness still makes for a refreshing change from the preposterous bloat of most contemporary action movies. full review
  126. All the Pretty Horses 2000 Feels at once too slow and yet oddly truncated.
  127. The Gift 2000 A modest entertainment.
  128. Traffic 2000 The movie's scope is breathtaking, delivering the most expansive portrait of the illegal narcotics trade ever put on film.

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