Rex Reed, New York Observer

  1. Big Bad Wolves 2014 Unpredictable, with a twisted surprise around each corner, Big Bad Wolves is a clever and arresting shocker. full review
  2. Devil's Knot 2014 Mr. Egoyan's fascination and research don't really shed any new light on the case. Don't let that deter you. full review
  3. G.B.F. 2014 I guess I've seen worse teen sex comedies, but it's rare to encounter one this stupid. full review
  4. Haunt 2014 I've had bigger scares from the windows at FAO Schwarz. full review
  5. Odd Thomas 2014 Odd Thomas has high-speed chases, explosions, narrow escapes and masses of special effects-none special enough, I'm afraid, to save it from mediocrity. full review
  6. The Wait 2014 I could no more tell you what it's trying to say than I could successfully stow away on the first space shuttle to Saturn, although I promise you that trip would be half as long. full review
  7. Aftershock 2013 Merely lurid slice-and-dice junk put through a Cuisinart. full review
  8. American Mary 2013 The acting is uniformly dreadful. The level of incompetence in both writing and direction is a scream. full review
  9. Arthur Newman 2013 The resolution for both characters, in a finale that turns disappointingly conventional, is so sad that it left me depressed beyond hope. full review
  10. Big Sur 2013 Don't worry if you don't connect. There's nothing to connect to. The characters are never developed, and nothing ever happens. full review
  11. Black Rock 2013 The writing tanks while the actors try to stay above water, but nobody leaves a trace on the radar. full review
  12. The Brass Teapot 2013 Far from the offbeat satire on the American dream gone sour it aims to be, The Brass Teapot is more like a dark flirtation with the American nightmare that backfires. full review
  13. Broken 2013 Awkward music cues and choppy camera work add baggage to a film so overwrought that its excesses seem more unintentionally silly than bleakly disturbing. full review
  14. Charlie Countryman 2013 Movies don't get any worse than Charlie Countryman. full review
  15. The English Teacher 2013 Under Craig Zisk's frisky direction, the entire cast is superb and wrinkle-free. The screenplay, by husband-wife team Dan and Stacy Chariton, is thin as a poker chip but as clever as it is contrived. full review
  16. Erased 2013 The only sure way to avoid the loss of any more I.Q. points in the world today is to stay away from movies like Erased. full review
  17. Girl Most Likely 2013 Nobody in this movie is really appealing enough to be much fun. The state of New Jersey should sue. full review
  18. HairBrained 2013 Aside from some nice autumnal shots of Ivy League college campuses, there's nothing in HairBrained to sustain much interest. full review
  19. Haunter 2013 A dull, confusing movie for which nobody bothered to provide a script. full review
  20. How I Live Now 2013 In a movie without adults, the children are spontaneous and natural. And Ms. Ronan is captivating throughout. full review
  21. If I Were You 2013 The people responsible for a hapless load of bunk called If I Were You can only be described as delusional. They think they have made an actual movie, when nothing in it qualifies. full review
  22. Kiss Of The Damned 2013 Just what we need-another sophomoric, oversexed vampire movie. full review
  23. Last Love 2013 You don't want a sequel to this one. full review
  24. Maniac 2013 Eventually it collapses in a gore fest of nauseating brutality that makes you wonder why they bothered at all. full review
  25. My Brother The Devil 2013 It's far superior to what usually comes out of the British slums in the genre of gangland thrillers. full review
  26. Parker 2013 For an old-fashioned crime thriller, you need real pros. Mr. Statham is to acting what Taco Bell is to nutrition. full review
  27. Petunia 2013 Petunia augurs more titillation than it delivers and only works occasionally. full review
  28. Phantom 2013 To sustain tension, you need the kind of claustrophobic camera movement, high-strung talk and gritty character development that are badly needed in any submarine movie and are sadly missing in Phantom. full review
  29. The Prey 2013 A slick, suspenseful adrenalin rush disguised as unexpected, nerve-wracking fun. full review
  30. Safe Haven 2013 Plods along with dialogue just above the level of crayon scribblings, and the direction by the usually reliable Lasse Hallstrom is dismayingly sluggish. full review
  31. Shadow Dancer 2013 The movie eventually wafts into a detective story, which would be doubly effective if only we could hack our way through the thickly coated Irish brogues that render so much of the dialogue incomprehensible. full review
  32. Sightseers 2013 A morose, unsettling blend of pathology for sport and murder for laughs. full review
  33. Stranded 2013 Mr. Slater, the only real name on view, looks embarrassed to be slumming in something so cheesy. But I liked the simplicity of the narrative structure and the lack of extraneous background information you get among most movie flight crews. full review
  34. Upside Down 2013 True originality is so rare that it's a treat to welcome a movie as completely different and provocative as Upside Down. It's unlike anything you have ever seen. full review
  35. V/H/S/2 2013 A diabolically psychotic, sub-mental and completely unwatchable disaster ... full review
  36. 30 Beats 2012 Under the circumstances, even first-rate New York stage actors like Thomas Sadoski and Justin Kirk seem uncertain and tentative. full review
  37. All Together 2012 The acting is solid, and the maturity of vision mixed with humor should appeal to the same audience that turned The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel into such an unexpected runaway hit. full review
  38. Beneath The Darkness 2012 You anticipate every scene before it happens and figure out every secret before it's revealed. full review
  39. Brake 2012 It is amazing how much hair-raising action and fluid movement this film captures in the confined interior of a car trunk, or how many mood shifts Mr. Dorff conveys in a performance that can only be called multi-dimensional. full review
  40. Bringing Up Bobby 2012 Ms. Jovovich displays such a keen awareness of her strengths that she brings out magical elements I never believed possible. full review
  41. Carol Channing: Larger Than Life 2012 Let's hope Dolly finds her way back to center stage and never goes away again. full review
  42. Citizen Gangster 2012 As good as Citizen Gangster is, it would be even better if you could understand the dialogue. full review
  43. Deadfall 2012 The camera work is as beautiful as it is terrifying, with Quebec standing in for northern Michigan in the dead of winter. And the performances are resourceful, superbly etched and expertly nuanced. full review
  44. Detachment 2012 Adrien Brody, one of the weirdest looking actors of the millennium, plays Henry Barthes, a man so emotionally blocked by a lifetime of disillusion that he cannot connect with any other human being. full review
  45. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas 2012 As a writer, Mr. Burns has forgotten to make the characters likeable, and there are so many of them you need a diagram to both connect them and tell them apart. full review
  46. The Forgiveness of Blood 2012 The result is a film of great humanity that reveals Albania as a primitive region struggling to bridge the gap between medieval European customs and the tide of progress. full review
  47. Girl In Progress 2012 A corny, overwritten movie made by a director with nothing to say. full review
  48. Goats 2012 Mellow, but very much a work in progress, Goats has a bland but overcrowded menu that could benefit from a little feta. full review
  49. The Guilt Trip 2012 Eight days in a car with these two is like eight weeks with shingles. full review
  50. Hick 2012 The movie careers downhill with the speed of an unhinged kangaroo with one foot. full review
  51. The Intouchables 2012 It has warmth, humor and an understated sweetness that is not to be taken for granted. full review
  52. L!fe Happens 2012 It all sounds dreadful, like the pilot for another brainless comedy series on network TV, but it grows on you. full review
  53. Loosies 2012 Not a great movie, but satisfying enough to hold attention and win your affection -- a rare blue-plate combo on today's overcrowded menu of movie chaos that sticks to your ribs and stays there. full review
  54. Lore 2012 It's a remarkable accomplishment. full review
  55. The Magic of Belle Isle 2012 You can quarrel with the smiley-face outcome of every ordeal, but the tenderness and optimism are so powerful and ingratiating that only a viewer with the darkest sensibility will go away untouched. full review
  56. The Moth Diaries 2012 Where are the shivers? The girls are properly fragile, ethereal and neurotic, but the way Ms. Harron gingerly moves them around like porcelain dolls is too careful to stir up much terror. full review
  57. Nobody Walks 2012 The actors are all completely wasted in this dumb travesty of fumbling, unfocused, oversexed numbskulls who work in the movie business. full review
  58. Perfect Sense 2012 If you crave action, dialogue, explanations, character revelations and clear plot resolutions, Perfect Sense never lives up to its title. full review
  59. Red Lights 2012 Red Lights goes astray on so many levels that I gave up trying to figure it out before the end of the second reel. full review
  60. Seeking Justice 2012 Seeking Justice is an intense thriller so full of shocks it keeps you wired from start to finish. full review
  61. Union Square 2012 The actors are so good ... that they make you want to see what they could do in a better movie than this tedious acting-class experiment. full review
  62. Albert Nobbs 2011 The point is to show the misery of a underprivileged woman ahead of her time, but so much dedication for such a small payoff makes you wonder why. full review
  63. Beautiful Darling 2011 An extraordinarily sad, touching and compassionate documentary... full review
  64. The Chaperone 2011 As long as the poker-faced "Triple H" is the centerpiece, The Chaperone is not without moments of genuine sweetness. Best of all, he is the most unpretentious and least flamboyant human juggernaut to ever hit the screen. full review
  65. Cracks 2011 There is so little dialogue of any significance that I can't figure out why the film is credited with three screenwriters, but Ms. Scott knows what to do with the camera to show dark psychological forces at work... full review
  66. The Flowers of War 2011 I can't get it out of my thoughts, and I recommend it highly. full review
  67. Forks Over Knives 2011 Instead of preaching, why don't the nutrition Nazis figure out a way to make plant-based foods taste better? You are never going to force an entire population to live on spinach. full review
  68. Gun Hill Road 2011 The writing is predictable and off the scale in terms of trajectory. The basic plot structure never follows one idea through to resolution. full review
  69. I Melt with You 2011 They should have called it I Vomit With You. full review
  70. The Ledge 2011 The characters in The Ledge exist for the sole purpose of argument, and the script is too narrow to engage the viewer unconditionally. full review
  71. The Perfect Host 2011 This is bargain-basement moviemaking, and looks it. Here's wishing Mr. Pierce a vigorous movie career, and better luck next time. full review
  72. Sarah Palin: You Betcha! 2011 There may be worse things in life than sitting through a 90-minute movie about Sarah Palin. At the moment, I just can't think of any. full review
  73. Stake Land 2011 There isn't much dialogue, and most of the 98-minute running time is devoted to locking in one terrifyingly gothic encounter after another, but the characters are well defined, and director Mickle makes every dime of his micro-budget count. full review
  74. Sympathy for Delicious 2011 Sympathy for Delicious is populated by so many good people who ought to be better that it's hard to ignore. But sympathy, for Delicious or anyone else, eludes me totally. full review
  75. That's What I Am 2011 Nothing turns out as you might expect, and the plot twists provide unexpected suspense. full review
  76. 3 Backyards 2010 My mind kept wandering. full review
  77. All Good Things 2010 You go away slack-jawed with shock and sated with the chilling bedtime-story elements of a great unsolved mystery novel you can't put down. full review
  78. A Bag of Hammers 2010 Most of it seems baffled and unclear. Some nice ideas floating around in here, but A Bag of Hammers is one of the few movies I can remember that appears to be composed mainly of outtakes. full review
  79. The Best and the Brightest 2010 The Best and the Brightest should be called The Worst and the Dumbest. full review
  80. Black Death 2010 Smith keeps the fog, mist and rain machines working overtime, but to such little purpose that Black Death often looks like outtakes from Fiddler on the Roof. full review
  81. Heartbeats 2010 Xavier Dolan is the new darling of Canadian cinema, and it's easy to see why. full review
  82. Henry's Crime 2010 Close but no cigar. full review
  83. Inhale 2010 You will go away with your heart full and your eyes wide open. full review
  84. Legendary 2010 Talk about movies that cannot possibly live up to their titles. full review
  85. A Little Help 2010 The actors are sincere (especially Ms. Fischer, who plays frustration well) and the direction has a complacent rhythm, but 1 hour and 48 minutes is too long for a movie in which nothing much happens. full review
  86. Love Ranch 2010 Even Helen Mirren on a bad day is better than nine out of ten American film queens polluting movie screens on any given Sunday, but really, this is one time she should have stayed in bed. full review
  87. Vanishing On 7th Street 2010 Mr. Anderson has evidently watched a lot of old Twilight Zone reruns. So much of the film's dense, murky palette evokes menace without mayhem, but the wrap-up at the end by Rod Serling is sadly missed. full review
  88. Cairo Time 2009 What emerges is time pleasantly spent with a slice of life that examines a romantic detente between two cultures. Like smoke from an Egyptian hookah, the melancholia lingers. full review
  89. Five Minutes of Heaven 2009 Could benefit from a little less of the balanced historical context and a little more of the movie madness of Quentin Tarantino. full review
  90. Valhalla Rising 2009 Valhalla Rising is nothing more than an updated version of the kind of time-honored Hollywood Viking movie Kirk Douglas used to do in his sleep, which means lots of inhuman, bone-crunching violence and no plot. full review
  91. Downloading Nancy 2008 Not only does it waste the audience's time with 102 minutes of misery and despair, but it also trashes the talents of four fine actors who should have stayed in bed reading better screenplays that deserve attention and enhance careers. full review
  92. Gardens of the Night 2008 Good acting and sincere direction by Damian Harris act as beacons to light the haunting corridors of an underworld spook house. full review
  93. The Babysitters 2007 Like television's Six Feet Under and the recent film Juno, it's the perfect antidote to the dopey, butter-cream-frosted teen flicks of John Hughes -- Pretty in Pink with poison sauce. full review
  94. Before the Rains 2007 A lovely, lyrical film with perfect timing that is a welcome relief from BlackBerrys, iPods, gas taxes, punk rock, the failing economy and the boredom of cutthroat election campaigns. full review
  95. Day Zero 2007 For a hot-button issue movie with a lot of potential for character development, it's slower than Christmas and disappointingly sluggish. full review
  96. Flawless 2007 Flawless is anything but. full review
  97. How About You 2007 Based on a short story by the great Irish writer Maeve Binchy, the film has structure, resonance and a welcome respect for well-delineated characters, beautifully observed by a distinguished cast. full review
  98. Harsh Times 2006 Harsh Times is an hour-by-hour diary of two crazy, unreliable, irresponsible dudes trying to find a way to fit into the same society they hate, facing one hurdle after another until they appear to butcher half of Los Angeles. full review
  99. Mission: Impossible III 2006 As idiot movies go, this one is as sub-mental as you might expect. full review
  100. Rent 2005 The movie, directed without a personal stamp of any kind by Chris Columbus, is so slick that the grime comes from a spray can and the grungy bohemian costumes look rented from a Betsey Johnson boutique sale.
  101. The Forgotten 2004 Moore is too precious a commodity to fritter away her time and talent on a no-thrills thriller as bland and superficial as The Forgotten. full review
  102. The Passion of the Christ 2004 Mr. Gibson has gone to a lot of sweat and expense to make a movie that doesn't say much of anything new.
  103. The Stepford Wives 2004 To paraphrase Paul Rudnick's Premiere magazine movie-critic alter ego, Libby Gelman-Waxner: It's flat, cold, fork-resistant and tasteless, if you ask me. full review
  104. Wicker Park 2004 A shapeless mess. full review
  105. Anger Management 2003 Embarrassed and clueless, Mr. Nicholson is clearly slumming. As a goopy, doofus pet-clothes designer whose only talent is nostril-wiggling, Mr. Sandler comes closer to playing his real self. full review
  106. Gigli 2003 Shapeless and without a shred of originality, the movie mimics and copies pieces of a number of old movies, all superior in every way. full review
  107. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 2003 A tight, well-made, evocative piece of filmmaking for true connoisseurs of gangster movies that is unnerving, yet completely sure of every step it takes. full review
  108. Love Actually 2003 This movie is so unfunny, uninspired and unoriginal I swear it could have started out as a club-footed Coen Brothers vehicle for George Clooney. full review
  109. The Missing 2003 The rawest, scariest, most nerve-rattling saddlebags-and- sagebrush saga since Robert Mulligan's The Stalking Moon.
  110. Something's Gotta Give 2003 A comedy of manners (and mannerisms) with two of the most mannered movie stars of our time, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, acting all over the place until you surrender with the ecstasy of pure pleasure.
  111. Tears of the Sun 2003 Raping and pillaging and blowing things up is mainly what this movie is about, although it claims to show how the most robotic, dehumanized soldiers can be transformed by human suffering. full review
  112. Under the Tuscan Sun 2003 The epitome of what a feel-good movie is supposed to be but rarely is, this one is beautiful to look at and life-affirming to think about, and it doesn't have a pretentious bone in its head. full review
  113. Changing Lanes 2002 In addition to gluing you to the edge of your seat, Changing Lanes is also a film of freshness, imagination and insight. full review
  114. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002 It's not serious enough to be profound, and not ribald enough to be giddy. full review
  115. The Hard Word 2002 It's the kind of predictable programmer that used to fill the bottom half of double bills, but it's worth the effort to catch Ms. Griffiths. full review
  116. The Hours 2002 Fragmented and stinking vaguely of literary pretentiousness, The Hours is a stretch -- it's missing the spinal fusion that might have held it together with the kind of cinematic coherence I found sadly lacking.
  117. The Importance of Being Earnest 2002 The film is a fragile frolic, but the real theme enjoyed by countless audiences through the years -- the importance of being earnest instead of deceitful in matters of the heart -- still shines through the frosting. full review
  118. Pumpkin 2002 If you believe any of this, I can make you a real deal on leftover Enron stock that will double in value a week from Friday.
  119. Punch-Drunk Love 2002 How odd that a tribute to a wildly theatrical presence should turn out so dull and prosaic.
  120. View from the Top 2002 The characters have no wit or charm, the plot has no conflict or development, nothing happens for any reason other than script requirements. full review
  121. We Were Soldiers 2002 After suffering through We Were Soldiers, I think I've seen all the war movies I care to endure for quite some time.
  122. Ali 2001 It is well-intentioned, sketchy, sprawling and unremarkable. At two hours and 38 minutes, it is also long-winded and exhausting. full review
  123. America's Sweethearts 2001 A boring, brain-dead flop. full review
  124. Love the Hard Way 2001 The cool, detached German director lacks the kind of warmth needed to bring such characters to life.
  125. Riding in Cars with Boys 2001 A film with honesty, sincerity and a great big heart. full review
  126. The Shipping News 2001 A movie that engrosses, hypnotizes and clings to the memory long after the final frame. full review
  127. Vanilla Sky 2001 A good example of what self-destructive cinematic havoc can be wrought by handing over millions of dollars to movie stars to produce their own ego trips. full review
  128. Wake in Fright 1971 Wake in Fright is the closest a movie can get to a primal scream. full review
  129. /titles/197351 If your own expectations are not too high, you crave period-costume drama and you're one of those unfortunate people who refuses to watch anything in glorious black-and-white, this Great Expectations is worth the time and effort. full review
  130. /titles/197116 The only reason to suffer through a grim wack job called McCanick is to see the late Cory Monteith in his last film role. full review
  131. /titles/197118 Pop songs, beautiful bucolic scenery and the joy of watching Jane Fonda fizz in a fun role that looks like a no-brainer are elements that a skilled director like Australia's polished Bruce Beresford blends with perfection. full review
  132. /titles/197379 It's a revolting horror film that wastes the talents and good looks of Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe in favor of severed penises and other violent atrocities performed on a kitchen table. full review

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