Rob Nelson, Variety

  1. Generation War 2014 Overly melodramatic but fairly engrossing ... full review
  2. American Milkshake 2013 "Milkshake" sucks all the flavor out of a tasty premise ... full review
  3. Black Rock 2013 Straining to be a distaff "Deliverance," indie thriller Black Rock is unable to shock, much less convince. full review
  4. Concussion 2013 Shot as if they were ads for high-thread-count bed sheets, the pic's talky afternoon delights remain more flowery than erotic. full review
  5. Dirty Wars 2013 [The] astonishingly hard-hitting "Dirty Wars" renders the investigative work of journalist Jeremy Scahill in the form of a '70s-style conspiracy thriller. full review
  6. Escape From Tomorrow 2013 A sneakily subversive exercise in low-budget surrealism and anti-corporate satire. full review
  7. Jug Face 2013 An impressively oozing slab of indie horror that bodes well for first-time writer-director Chad Crawford Kinkle. full review
  8. Laurence Anyways 2013 Fully immodest and intermittently astonishing. full review
  9. Maniac 2013 A shocker of a remake, equal parts stylish and scuzzy. full review
  10. My Amityville Horror 2013 Where Walter's film succeeds is in rendering Lutz, onscreen throughout, as an indelibly prickly and unsettling figure. full review
  11. The ABCs of Death 2012 The ABCs of Death is an appallingly bad concoction of disgusting shorts that run through the alphabet but really should've stopped at "A." full review
  12. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding 2012 A costumer that's well named for being pleasant and conventional but little more. full review
  13. Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away 2012 A bona fide high-wire act, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away delivers towering thrills through its candy-colored 3D ode to the titular outfit's astounding acrobatics. full review
  14. Indie Game: The Movie 2012 The pic scores big points by drawing a sharp distinction between corporate vidgame programmers and indies. full review
  15. The Invisible War 2012 An aptly infuriating expose of sexual abuse within the U.S. military. full review
  16. Shut Up and Play the Hits 2012 Much like the band's self-conscious synth-pop itself, Shut Up is initially satiric but ultimately disarming in its emotional resonance. full review
  17. Struck by Lightning 2012 A mediocre coming-of-age indie. full review
  18. /titles/198174 Four members of Human Rights Watch's Emergency Team risk life and limb in this dynamic and immersive documentary. full review
  19. /titles/199335 Another demanding and deeply rewarding investigation into the Holocaust from documentarian Claude Lanzmann. full review
  20. /titles/199735 Willis Earl Beal gives a magnetic performance as a flailing musician in Tim Sutton's digressive, daringly experimental film. full review
  21. /titles/197718 An intelligent, moving docu[mentary]. full review
  22. /titles/199352 The narratively jumbled film ... features too many scenes that amount to mere stargazing. full review

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