Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

  1. Future Weather 2013 When a movie shows a couple of bright kids excited about a mussel, it's hard to say no. full review
  2. LUV 2013 Here is a film about African Americans that sidesteps all the usual, hopeful cliches and comments on how one failed generation raises another. full review
  3. Stand Up Guys 2013 Sometimes it's all about the casting. full review
  4. 2 Days in New York 2012 Julie Delpy has particularly impressed me over the years. full review
  5. 56 Up 2012 We are all older now, and this series proves it in a most deeply moving way. full review
  6. Alps 2012 A film peculiar beyond all understanding, based on a premise that begs belief. full review
  7. The Ambassador 2012 You can imagine how this could have become a 1950s British comedy. It is all real. full review
  8. The American Scream 2012 We discover that the haunted house hobby has inspired a small industry, annual conventions and inspirational talks by haunters. full review
  9. The Awakening 2012 Whatever. full review
  10. The Babymakers 2012 Although I am aware sperm is a precious bodily fluid, I don't find it an especially funny one, and when a character spills half of the deposits in a sperm bank and then slips around on the floor like a clown on ice, I'm not laughing. full review
  11. Bernie 2012 I had to forget what I knew about Black. He creates this character out of thin air, it's like nothing he's done before, and it proves that an actor can be a miraculous thing in the right role. full review
  12. Blancanieves 2012 It is a full-bodied silent film of the sort that might have been made by the greatest directors of the 1920s, if such details as the kinky sadomasochism of this film's evil stepmother could have been slipped past the censors. full review
  13. Brooklyn Castle 2012 Every player knows the finality when the other player sadly turns over his king, signaling surrender. We know it even better when we do it ourselves. full review
  14. Bully 2012 We feel sympathy for the victims, and their parents or friends, but the film helplessly seems to treat bullying as a problem without a solution. full review
  15. A Burning Hot Summer 2012 "A Burning Hot Summer" failed to persuade me of any reason for its existence. full review
  16. The Central Park Five 2012 Involves a detailed reconstruction of how the story broke, was developed and was dramatized by lurid tabloid headlines. full review
  17. Chasing Ice 2012 The "green" teams looking into such energy sources as solar, wind and nuclear are often ridiculed. Watch "Chasing Ice" and see if you laugh. full review
  18. Citadel 2012 This is a basic story, simply and directly told by Irish writer-director Ciaran Foy. full review
  19. Compliance 2012 This is a well-made film, with plausible performances by all the leads, especially Ann Dowd. We feel we know people like this. full review
  20. Cosmopolis 2012 A flawlessly directed film about enigmatic people who speak in morose epigrams about vague universal principles they show no sign of understanding. full review
  21. Dark Horse 2012 There are times when it is dark humor, and then times when it is simply dark. But there is something more going on here, something deeper and more ... hopeful? full review
  22. Detropia 2012 Via beautiful cinematography, the film wanders the city, contrasting a new automaker's towers with abandoned hotels, derelict theaters, ruined houses and people walking through the snow down the middle of streets because there's no traffic. full review
  23. The Do-Deca-Pentathlon 2012 You begin the film thinking you have a pretty good idea where it's going, and you find out not even Jeremy and Mark really know. full review
  24. Elles 2012 "Elles" has a surprisingly deep performance in a disappointingly shallow movie. full review
  25. Fat Kid Rules the World 2012 It's a lot better than it sounds like it has any right to be. full review
  26. The Flat 2012 A spellbinding documentary about family secrets ... full review
  27. For Ellen 2012 This performance, unlike anything Paul Dano has ever done, must have required some courage. full review
  28. For Greater Glory 2012 It is well-made, yes, but has such pro-Catholic tunnel vision I began to question its view of events. full review
  29. The Forgiveness of Blood 2012 What seems missing is a good notion of how this Albanian society functions on a daily basis. Surely a family cannot live under house arrest forever? full review
  30. Fred Won't Move Out 2012 It has a great many shots of trees, leaves and insects and some story gaps. full review
  31. Girl In Progress 2012 Attention, women! You should never sleep with a man whose only attribute is that you want to sleep with him. I should write a book of my own. full review
  32. God Bless America 2012 Here is a film that begins with merciless comic savagery and descends into merely merciless savagery. But wow, what an opening. full review
  33. Headhunters 2012 I knew I was being manipulated and didn't care. It was a pleasure to see how well it was being done. full review
  34. Hick 2012 It contains some effective performances, it does a good job of evoking bereft and empty landscapes, but what is it for? Has she learned anything? Have we? full review
  35. Holy Motors 2012 Here is a film that is exasperating, frustrating, anarchic and in a constant state of renewal. It's not tame. full review
  36. The House I Live In 2012 Jarecki's film makes a shattering case against the War on Drugs ... full review
  37. How to Survive a Plague 2012 We grow familiar with the names and faces of many of the leaders in the movement. Some look directly into the camera and say they expect to die of the disease. Some are correct. full review
  38. I Wish 2012 [The] film is built around performances by two real-life brothers who are as unaffected, spirited and lovable as I can imagine, and one of the pleasures of "I Wish" is simply spending time with them. full review
  39. The Intouchables 2012 "The Intouchables" has an element of truth that it never quite recognizes. full review
  40. The Invisible War 2012 One hearing noted that the victim was dressed provocatively. In her official uniform. full review
  41. Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012 As a documentary about world-class sushi, this film is definitive. It runs only 81 minutes, but the subject is finite. full review
  42. Kill List 2012 It's baffling and goofy, blood-soaked and not boring. That it's well-made adds to the confusion; it feels like a better film than it turns out to be. full review
  43. Last Ride 2012 As Kev, the veteran actor Weaving gives the performance of lifetime. full review
  44. Little White Lies 2012 The movie is 154 minutes long. It probably doesn't need to be that long, but there's an advantage to sinking into this milieu, growing familiar with the characters and learning their stories. full review
  45. The Loneliest Planet 2012 All of this grows tiresome. full review
  46. Monsieur Lazhar 2012 Its purpose is to present us with a situation, explore the people involved and show us a man who is dealing with his own deep hurts. full review
  47. Natural Selection 2012 [Harris is] the big reason that "Natural Selection" is so engaging. full review
  48. Nobody Else But You 2012 This one doesn't go on the list of great recent European thrillers, but it's engrossing, and in the character of Martine/Candice, it touches real poignancy. full review
  49. Nobody Walks 2012 What we have here is a household ripe with seduction, lust, betrayal and repression, all kept below the surface by increasingly strained good manners. full review
  50. October Baby 2012 The film as a whole is amateurish and ungainly, can't find a consistent tone, is too long, is overladen with music that tries to paraphrase the story and is photographed with too many beauty shots that slow the progress. full review
  51. Playing for Keeps 2012 A film that's pretty much from the assembly line. full review
  52. The Possession 2012 "The Exorcist" has influenced a lot of films, and this is one of the better ones. full review
  53. Pusher 2012 If we haven't caught on from earlier films that drug pushing is a thankless persuasion, maybe this is the movie that will pound in the lesson. full review
  54. The Queen of Versailles 2012 What I left with was not hatred. I disapprove of the values they represent, but I also find them fascinating and just slightly lovable. full review
  55. Red Dawn 2012 I think I'm beginning to understand why the Chinese were not reckoned to be a prime market for this film. full review
  56. Red Hook Summer 2012 Here is Lee at his most spontaneous and sincere, but he could have used another screenplay draft, and perhaps a few more transitional scenes. full review
  57. Red Lights 2012 For its first two acts, the movie had me in its grip. Then it comes apart. full review
  58. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 "Safety Not Guaranteed" not only has dialogue that's about something, but characters who have some depth and dimension. full review
  59. Samsara 2012 Filmed over five years, in locations in 25 countries, it is the kind of experience you simply sink into. full review
  60. Seeking Justice 2012 I continue to consider Cage a gifted (if uneven) actor, but a movie like "Seeking Justice" challenges my faith. full review
  61. Sleepwalk With Me 2012 I like this movie. More important, I like Mike Birbiglia in it. Whether he has a future in stand-up I cannot say, but he has a future as a monologist and actor. full review
  62. The Snowtown Murders 2012 The film is a chilling study of an evil, dominant personality and his victims. full review
  63. Starlet 2012 The film itself deserves praise for its portraits of these two women and the different worlds they inhabit. full review
  64. Take This Waltz 2012 I have great admiration for [Williams] as an actress, but this story might have been better told with a less lovable star. full review
  65. Tales of the Night 2012 It is so gentle and whimsical that one wonders if American children, accustomed to the whiz-bang action of most animation, will accept it. full review
  66. This Is Not a Film 2012 I would like to show "This Is Not a Film" to those in the United States who are in favor of a close union of church and state. full review
  67. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie 2012 They've gathered a cult following by doing comedy sketches that were deliberately bad, and now they've made a movie that is more of the same for 92 minutes, and it must have taken them a great deal of work to maintain their low standard. full review
  68. We Have a Pope 2012 "We Have a Pope" has great heart. full review
  69. The Wise Kids 2012 Honest, observant, and subtle. full review
  70. The Woman in the Fifth 2012 When do we first sense reality slip away? Do we? Can the film be accepted on its own terms? Can the point of view be trusted? full review
  71. The Adventures of Tintin 2011 "The Adventures of Tintin" is an ambitious and lively caper, miles smarter than your average 3-D family film. full review
  72. Albert Nobbs 2011 This is such a brave performance by Glenn Close, who in making Albert so real, makes the character as pathetic and unlikable as she must have been in life. full review
  73. Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey 2011 Backstage at the Muppet works, we see countless drawers filled with eyeballs, eyebrows, whiskers and wigs. It's the only world Kevin wanted to live in, and he made it. full review
  74. Bellflower 2011 Possibly represents the debut of a one-of-a-kind filmmaker, a natural driven by wild energy, like Tarantino. full review
  75. Buck 2011 What I was left with was the goodness of Buck Brannaman as a man. full review
  76. Coriolanus 2011 I admired the movie even though I found it neither fish nor fowl. full review
  77. The Flowers of War 2011 A third of a million may be dead, but for our purposes, all depends on the survival of these young women, and the redemption of the alcoholic American. Do you get my drift? full review
  78. Forks Over Knives 2011 The bottom line: I am convinced this message is true. A plant-based whole foods diet is healthy. full review
  79. Goodbye First Love 2011 "Goodbye First Love" is fascinating. full review
  80. Hell and Back Again 2011 In its closing scenes, "Hell and Back Again" builds to an emotional and stylistic power that we didn't see coming. full review
  81. House of Pleasures 2011 No one, male or female, has any fun, but the men behave as if they do. They are all half-stupefied by the languor in which they drown. full review
  82. The Interrupters 2011 It is difficult to imagine the effort, day after day for a year, of following this laborious, heroic and so often fruitless volunteer work. full review
  83. The Iron Lady 2011 You have to be very talented to work with Meryl Streep. It also helps to know how to use her. "The Iron Lady" fails in both of these categories. full review
  84. Keep the Lights On 2011 When you summon memories of this film, they are almost always of two men in a room, in a default state of discontent. full review
  85. The Kid with a Bike 2011 Young Thomas Doret fills the role with natural sincerity and focus, and not a second that seems contrived. full review
  86. The Last Rites of Joe May 2011 Joe Maggio is a sure-handed director with a good eye. full review
  87. Like Crazy 2011 It's not a clunky rom-com; it's sweeter and more intimate. full review
  88. Make Believe 2011 Magicians have a saying: "The trick is told when the trick is sold. " These kids are sold on tricks. full review
  89. Munger Road 2011 "Munger Road" does an efficient, skillful job of audience manipulation using the techniques of darkness and vulnerability, and the truth that a horror not seen is almost always scarier than one you can see. full review
  90. My Piece of the Pie 2011 True, the movie sidesteps a couple of cliches it seems headed directly toward, but I might have preferred them to the preposterous melodrama it substitutes. full review
  91. My Week with Marilyn 2011 What matters is the performance by Michelle Williams. She evokes so many Marilyns, public and private, real and make-believe. We didn't know Monroe, but we believe she must have been something like this. full review
  92. One Lucky Elephant 2011 Simple enough to delight a child and complex enough to baffle a philosopher. full review
  93. Page One: Inside the New York Times 2011 I enjoyed the film very much. It was a visceral pleasure to see a hard-boiled guy like David Carr at its center. full review
  94. Pina 2011 I watched the film in a sort of reverie. full review
  95. Polisse 2011 The film's director and co-writer is Maiwenn, an actress and now third-time filmmaker, who is accomplished at following several story lines and weaving them together. full review
  96. Rapt 2011 What lends "Rapt" its fascination is that it represents such a dramatic fall from grace for its hero. full review
  97. Revenge of the Electric Car 2011 The first film was charged with drama. "Revenge" is somewhat anticlimactically charged with a wall plug. full review
  98. The Robber 2011 Here is a well-made movie with insufficient interest in its hero. full review
  99. Seven Days In Utopia 2011 I would rather eat a golf ball than see this movie again. full review
  100. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness 2011 There are many scholars and critics here, most of them useful and pleasant, who obviously love him. full review
  101. Stake Land 2011 Director Jim Mickle, who co-wrote the film with his star Nick Damici, has crafted a good-looking, well-played and atmospheric apocalyptic vision. full review
  102. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview 2011 It's a tribute to the singular popularity of Steve Jobs that he's probably the only talking head people would pay to watch for more than an hour. full review
  103. Surviving Progress 2011 It's self-evident and tells the truth. full review
  104. This Must Be The Place 2011 Although "This Must Be the Place" holds our attention, it's a little difficult to say where it's headed. full review
  105. Tomboy 2011 "Tomboy" is tender and affectionate. full review
  106. Trishna 2011 Winterbottom is a director who never repeats himself, films all over the world, and in "Trishna," effortlessly embeds his story in modern India. full review
  107. Undefeated 2011 "Undefeated" is an emotional and effective film, and I'm happy for it. full review
  108. The Women on the 6th Floor 2011 "The Women on the 6th Floor" is a pleasant movie, even-tempered, a romantic fantasy. full review
  109. You've Been Trumped 2011 I imagine Trump's idea of beauty is the antiseptic tackiness of the tinfoil towers he erects around the world. full review
  110. All Good Things 2010 Kirsten Dunst is so good here as a woman at a loss to understand who her husband really is, and what the true nature of his family involves. full review
  111. Bill Cunningham New York 2010 Here is a movie about a happy and nice man. full review
  112. Biutiful 2010 What drew me into the film and engaged my sympathy was the presence of Bardem himself. full review
  113. Blue Valentine 2010 Derek Cianfrance, the film's writer and director, observes with great exactitude the birth and decay of a relationship. This film is alive in its details. full review
  114. Casino Jack 2010 It is Spacey's performance that contains most of the movie's mystery; although Abramoff's actions left little room for justification, in Spacey's performance, there is some. full review
  115. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 To the degree that it's possible for us to walk behind Herzog into that cave, we do so. full review
  116. Centurion 2010 Most of the characters are so characterless that you can't tell who they are when they get impaled or beheaded, and you can't remember who they used to be after they're dispatched. Not that it matters. full review
  117. Exit Through The Gift Shop 2010 The widespread speculation that Exit Through the Gift Shop is a hoax only adds to its fascination. full review
  118. Forget Me Not 2010 The ending of "Forget Me Not" conceals an emotional impact, sad and carefully orchestrated, but the film isn't very compelling. full review
  119. Greenberg 2010 I never knew who Ben Stiller was born to play, but now I do. full review
  120. Hatchet II 2010 There are many good movies opening this weekend. Hatchet II is not one of them. Tickets are not cheap and time is fleeting. Why would you choose this one? full review
  121. Henry's Crime 2010 What's needed is someone nervous to play Henry. A Steve Buscemi, for example. Reeves maintains a sort of Zen detachment. full review
  122. I Am Love 2010 Tilda Swinton is a daring actress who doesn't project emotions so much as embody them. I Am Love provides an ideal role for her, in that her actions speak instead of words. full review
  123. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work 2010 She remains one of the funniest, dirtiest, most daring and transgressive of stand-up comics, and she hasn't missed a beat. full review
  124. Kaboom 2010 The movie has been cast, designed, clothed, scored and edited to the bleeding edge of hip, but it hasn't exactly been written. full review
  125. The King's Speech 2010 If the British monarchy is good for nothing else, it's superb at producing the subjects of films. full review
  126. Legendary 2010 It's a feel-good Kleenex(TM) dispenser of a movie, and there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it's routine Hallmark Hall of Afterschool Special material. full review
  127. A Little Help 2010 It's manipulative, yes, but clever and persuasive in its manipulations. full review
  128. Love Ranch 2010 That the cast includes Helen Mirren, Joe Pesci and Gina Gershon ought to provide redemption, but the script fails to persuade me this story needed to be told. full review
  129. Monsters 2010 "Monsters" is a rather special achievement. Think of it as a movie that M. Night Shyamalan (and we) would be happy he made. full review
  130. Night Catches Us 2010 The film leads to no showy conclusion, no spectacular climax. It is about movement possible within the soul even in difficult times. full review
  131. Nowhere Boy 2010 We reflect that even if all you need is love, that isn't always all you get. full review
  132. Restrepo 2010 This is hard, hard duty. A 15-month tour. Our admiration for these men grows. Their jobs seem beyond conceiving. I cannot imagine a civilian thinking he could perform them. full review
  133. Senna 2010 "Senna" is a documentary that does the job it sets out to do. I wish it had tried for more. full review
  134. Tiny Furniture 2010 If you're working with your own family in your own house and depicting passive aggression, selfishness and discontent and you produce a film this good, you can direct just about anybody in just about anything. full review
  135. Today's Special 2010 I love cooking and I love Indian food, and so I had a good time during "Today's Special." full review
  136. Waste Land 2010 I do not mean to make their lives seem easy or pleasant. It is miserable work, even after they grow accustomed to the smell. But it is useful work, and I have been thinking much about the happiness to be found by work that is honest and valuable. full review
  137. The Whistleblower 2010 These cases rarely seem to result in change, and the stories continue. We can only guess what may be going unreported. "The Whistleblower" offers chilling evidence of why that seems to be so. full review
  138. Agora 2009 I went to see Agora expecting an epic with swords, sandals and sex. I found swords and sandals, some unexpected opinions about sex, and a great deal more. full review
  139. The Art Of The Steal 2009 What is finally clear: It doesn't matter a damn what your will says if you have $25 billion, and politicians and the establishment want it. full review
  140. Best Worst Movie 2009 This curiously touching doc has a bittersweet ending. full review
  141. Blood: The Last Vampire 2009 This isn't a great movie. But it's sincere as an entertainment, it looks good, it's atmospheric. full review
  142. The Boys Are Back 2009 The film seems to regard Joe with affection, and Owen certainly portrays him as a nice man. But why are his unformed theories about bringing up Artie supposed to fill us with affection and sentiment? full review
  143. Fish Tank 2009 Arnold sees everything through Mia's eyes and never steps outside to explain things from any other point of view. She knows who the young girl is, and we are left to assume. full review
  144. The House of the Devil 2009 The film may provide an introduction for some audience members to the Hitchcockian definition of suspense: It's the anticipation, not the happening, that's the fun. full review
  145. Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel 2009 Hefner's Playboy Foundation fought for civil liberties in general. The cost for these activities came out of his profits, and that didn't give him a moment's pause. full review
  146. I Hate Valentine's Day 2009 The movie is set up as a valentine to Vardalos. She should try sending herself flowers. full review
  147. Inspector Bellamy 2009 If you, like me, are a lover of Simenon's Inspector Maigret, you will find his nature embodied here in the performance of Gerard Depardieu. If you are not, get your hands on a Maigret novel and thank me for the rest of your life. full review
  148. The Limits of Control 2009 [Jarmusch] is making some kind of a point. I think the point is that if you strip a story down to its bare essentials, you will have very little left. I wonder how he pitched this idea to his investors. full review
  149. The Perfect Game 2009 You sort of know how these underdog sports movies turn out. Doesn't matter. The Perfect Game so expertly uses the charisma and personalities of the actors, especially the young ones, that it's thrilling anyway. full review
  150. The Secret of Kells 2009 I think it will appeal to children young enough to be untutored in boredom, and to anyone old enough to be drawn in, or to appreciate the artistry. full review
  151. Survival of the Dead 2009 After you've seen, oh, I dunno, 20 or 30 zombie movies, you sort of stop caring very much, unless something new is going on, as in Zombieland. full review
  152. World's Greatest Dad 2009 Bobcat Goldthwait makes a daring assault in World's Greatest Dad against our yearning to mythologize the dead. But he loses his nerve just before the earth is completely scorched. full review
  153. Bronson 2008 The movie takes on a fearsome purity, refusing to find reasons, indifferent to motives, not even finding causes and effects. It is 92 minutes of rage, acted by Tom Hardy. full review
  154. The Burning Plain 2008 Told chronologically, it might have accumulated considerable power. Told as a labyrinthine tangle of intercut timelines and locations, it is a frustrating exercise in self-indulgence by writer-director Guillermo Arriaga. full review
  155. Constantine's Sword 2008 But I ramble. So does the movie, in an insidiously fascinating way. full review
  156. Diminished Capacity 2008 A mild pleasure from one end to the other, but not much more. full review
  157. Elegy 2008 It's nicely done. full review
  158. Food, Inc. 2008 This review doesn't read one thing like a movie review. I just wanted to scare the bejesus out of you, which is what Food, Inc. did to me. full review
  159. Happy-Go-Lucky 2008 Sally Hawkins been in movies before, including Leigh's "Vera Drake" and Woody Allen's "Cassandra's Dream," but this is her star-making role. She was named best actress at Berlin 2008. I will deliberately employ a cliche: She is a joy to behold. full review
  160. Let the Right One In 2008 Remove the vampire elements, and this is the story of two lonely and desperate kids capable of performing dark deeds without apparent emotion. full review
  161. Man on Wire 2008 Constructed like a first-rate thriller. full review
  162. Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2008 Has it come to this? Has the magical impact of George Lucas' original vision of Star Wars been reduced to the level of Saturday morning animation? full review
  163. Theater of War 2008 All of this makes an interesting, if not gripping, film about the play, the playwright and the lead-up work to a stage production. It also leaves me wanting a great deal more. full review
  164. Before the Rains 2007 I can't quite recommend it. full review
  165. Auf der Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven) (On the Other Side) 2007 Akin's purpose, I think, is a simple one: He wants us to meet these people, know them, sympathize with them....I found them fascinating. full review
  166. Evening 2007 There are few things more depressing than a weeper that doesn't make you weep. Evening creeps through its dolorous paces as prudently as an undertaker. full review
  167. Hot Rod 2007 It's funny pretty much all the way through, even in the final showdown between Rod and his stepdad. I have seen countless movie fights that stagger the imagination, but this one goes over the top and comes down on the other side. full review
  168. Into the Wild 2007 Sean Penn's spellbinding film adaptation of this book stays close to the source. full review
  169. Munyurangabo 2007 It is in every frame a beautiful and powerful film -- a masterpiece. full review
  170. No End in Sight 2007 Remember the scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex has his eyes clamped open and is forced to watch a movie? I imagine a similar experience for the architects of our catastrophe in Iraq. I would like them to see No End in Sight. full review
  171. Outsourced 2007 It is a film bursting with affection for its characters and for India. It never pushes things too far, never stoops to cheap plotting, is about people learning to really see one another. It has a fundamental sweetness and innocence. full review
  172. The Rape of Europa 2007 A startling documentary. full review
  173. Sangre De Mi Sangre 2007 Stumbles through a maddening screenplay but nevertheless generates true emotional energy. full review
  174. Surfwise 2007 The film's director, Doug Pray, has been able to track down each and every Paskowitz child, and he weaves their memories together with old home movies, still photos and news clippings to create an evocative portrait of their lives. full review
  175. Akeelah and the Bee 2006 The story of Akeelah's ascent to the finals of the National Spelling Bee makes an uncommonly good movie, entertaining and actually inspirational, and with a few tears along the way. full review
  176. Cashback 2006 The movie is lightweight, as it should be. It doesn't get all supercharged. Ben and Sharon, despite setbacks, are delighted to be admired by such wonderful partners, and we are happy for them. full review
  177. This Is England 2006 The movie is taut, tense, relentless. It shows why Shaun feels he needs to belong to a gang, what he gets out of it and how it goes wrong. Without saying so, it also explains why skinheads are skinheads. full review
  178. 49 Up 2005 Michael Apted's Up series remains one of the great imaginative leaps in film. full review
  179. Brokeback Mountain 2005 The filmmakers have focused so intently and with such feeling on Jack and Ennis that the movie is as observant as work by Bergman. full review
  180. The Constant Gardener 2005 This is one of the year's best films. full review
  181. The World's Fastest Indian 2005 The World's Fastest Indian is a movie about an old coot and his motorcycle, yes, but it is also about a kind of heroism that has gone out of style. full review
  182. 13 Going on 30 2004 You buy the magic because it comes with the territory. What I couldn't buy was the world of the magazine office, and the awkward scenes in which high-powered professionals don't seem to notice that they're dealing with a 13-year-old mind. full review
  183. Danny Deckchair 2004 A splendid movie while its hero is preparing for his flight and actually experiencing it, but it's not nearly as interesting once he descends to earth. full review
  184. Downfall (Der Untergang) 2004 It is useful to reflect that racism, xenophobia, grandiosity and fear are still with us, and the defeat of one of their manifestations does not inoculate us against others. full review
  185. Dust to Glory 2004 There is a kind of madness involved in a race like this, and that's apparently its appeal. full review
  186. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2004 No matter what your politics, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room will make you mad. full review
  187. The Final Cut 2004 Williams has extraordinary success in channeling this other person. How strange that the same actor can play some of the most uninhibited of all characters, and some of the most morose. full review
  188. The Forgotten 2004 The movie begins with a premise: A mother remembers her lost son, and everyone she trusts tells her she only imagines she had a son. That's a great story idea. But it's all downhill from there. full review
  189. Little Black Book 2004 We assume this is going to be a routine career-girl comedy, and we're surprised when it moves deeper into its subject until finally it's a satirical comedy about television that invades some of the same territory as Network or Broadcast News full review
  190. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra 2004 Has been made by people who are trying to be bad, which by definition reveals that they are playing beneath their ability. full review
  191. The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003 You get the sense of too much input, too many bright ideas, too many scenes that don't belong in the same movie. full review
  192. Brother Bear 2003 Children and their parents are likely to relate on completely different levels, the adults connecting with the transfer of souls from man to beast, while the kids are excited by the adventure stuff. full review
  193. Daddy Day Care 2003 A film so wrong-headed audiences will be more appalled than amused. full review
  194. Gigli 2003 I wonder what would happen if you sweated 15 minutes out of this movie. Maybe it would work. The materials are there. full review
  195. Holes 2003 I walked in expecting a movie for thirteensomethings, and walked out feeling challenged and satisfied. full review
  196. Hollywood Homicide 2003 One of the pleasures of Hollywood Homicide is that it's more interested in its two goofy cops than in the murder plot; their dialogue redeems otherwise standard scenes. full review
  197. The Italian Job 2003 This is just the movie for two hours of mindless escapism on a relatively skilled professional level. full review
  198. Radio 2003 Every once in a while human nature expresses itself in a way we can feel good about, and this is one of those times. full review
  199. Saints and Soldiers 2003 It has the strengths and the clean lines of a traditional war movie, without high-tech special effects to pump up the noise level. full review
  200. Scary Movie 3 2003 The movie is filled with famous and semi-famous faces, although only two of them work for their laughs and get them. full review
  201. The Station Agent 2003 Yes, this is a comedy, but it's also sad, and finally it's simply a story about trying to figure out what you love to do and then trying to figure out how to do it. full review
  202. Tokyo Godfathers 2003 Harrowing and heartwarming. full review
  203. Assassination Tango 2002 Duvall has created it from the inside out, seeing it not through the eyes of the audience but through the mind of Anderson. full review
  204. Below 2002 Below has ambitions to be better than average, but doesn't pull itself together and insist on realizing them. full review
  205. Bukowski: Born into This 2002 How much was legend, how much was pose, how much was real? I think it was all real, and the documentary suggests as much. full review
  206. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 Not only intriguing as a story but great to look at, a marriage of bright pop images from the 1960s and 1970s and dark, cold spyscapes that seem to have wandered in from John le Carre. full review
  207. Equilibrium 2002 It doesn't do a lot of deep thinking, but unlike many futuristic combos of sf and f/x, it does make a statement: Freedom of opinion is a threat to totalitarian systems. full review
  208. The Hard Word 2002 This movie could obviously go on fooling us forever, but we are good sports only up to a point, and then our attention drifts. full review
  209. Irreversible 2002 The reverse chronology makes Irreversible a film that structurally argues against rape and violence, while ordinary chronology would lead us down a seductive narrative path toward a shocking, exploitative payoff. full review
  210. Lost in La Mancha 2002 Some films end with a whimper; this one banged into a stone wall. full review
  211. Maid in Manhattan 2002 A skillful, glossy, formula picture, given life by the appeal of its stars. full review
  212. The Master of Disguise 2002 The movie is a desperate miscalculation. It gives poor Dana Carvey nothing to do that is really funny, and then expects us to laugh because he acts so goofy all the time. full review
  213. Morvern Callar 2002 We watch Samantha Morton so closely, with such fascination, because she is able to embody a universe of wounded privacy. full review
  214. Narc 2002 The movie's writer and director, Joe Carnahan, brings a rough, aggressive energy to the picture. full review
  215. The New Guy 2002 It makes little sense, fails as often as it succeeds, and yet is not hateful and is sometimes quite cheerfully original. full review
  216. Paid in Full 2002 The movie is ambitious, has good energy and is well-acted, but tells a familiar story in a familiar way. full review
  217. The Pianist 2002 This is not a thriller, and avoids any temptation to crank up suspense or sentiment; it is the pianist's witness to what he saw and what happened to him. full review
  218. Poolhall Junkies 2002 Is this a great movie? Not at all. Is it more or less consistently entertaining? Yes. full review
  219. Pumpkin 2002 Relentlessly, and sometimes brilliantly, it forces us to decide what we really think, how permissive our taste really is, how far a black comedy can go before it goes too far. full review
  220. Punch-Drunk Love 2002 The film is exhilarating to watch because Sandler, liberated from the constraints of formula, reveals unexpected depths as an actor. full review
  221. Rabbit-Proof Fence 2002 This journey, which evokes some of the same mystery of the outback evoked in many other Australian films (notably Walkabout), is beautiful, harrowing and sometimes heartbreaking. full review
  222. Russian Ark 2002 Apart from anything else, this is one of the best-sustained ideas I have ever seen on the screen. full review
  223. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 2002 With Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, the Spy Kids franchise establishes itself as a durable part of the movie landscape: a James Bond series for kids. full review
  224. Star Trek - Nemesis 2002 Star Trek was kind of terrific once, but now it is a copy of a copy of a copy. full review
  225. Super Troopers 2002 I can't quite recommend it -- it's too patched together -- but I almost can; it's the kind of movie that makes you want to like it. full review
  226. XXX 2002 In its own punk way, XXX is as good as a good Bond movie, and that's saying something. full review
  227. Black Hawk Down 2001 Films like this are more useful than gung-ho capers like Behind Enemy Lines. They help audiences understand and sympathize with the actual experiences of combat troops, instead of trivializing them into entertainments. full review
  228. America's Sweethearts 2001 America's Sweethearts recycles Singin' in the Rain but lacks the sassy genius of that 1952 musical. full review
  229. Atlantis - The Lost Empire 2001 It's like "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" set free by animation to look the way it dreamed of looking. full review
  230. Baran 2001 Baran is the latest in a flowering of good films from Iran, and gives voice to the moderates there. It shows people existing and growing in the cracks of their society's inflexible walls. full review
  231. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2001 The most exhilarating martial arts movie I have seen. full review
  232. The Deep End 2001 It's intense and involving, and it doesn't let us go. full review
  233. Dogtown and Z-Boys 2001 The film has an infectious enthusiasm and we're touched by the film's conviction that all life centered on that place, that time and that sport. full review
  234. Donnie Darko 2001 This set-up and development is fascinating, the payoff less so. full review
  235. The Glass House 2001 The events unfold as a series of ominous portents, real and false alarms, and music stingers on the soundtrack. full review
  236. Heartbreakers 2001 It's not a great comedy, but it's a raucous one, hard-working and ribald, and I like its spirit. full review
  237. Lost and Delirious 2001 Stirred within me memories of that season in adolescence when the heart leaps up in passionate idealism -- and inevitably mingles it with sexual desire. full review
  238. Love the Hard Way 2001 As character studies of Jack and Claire, it is daring and inventive, and worthy of comparison with the films of a French master of criminal psychology like Jean-Pierre Melville. full review
  239. Not Another Teen Movie 2001 It was not good to see yet still more wretched excess in the jokes about characters being sprayed with vast quantities of excrement. full review
  240. Novocaine 2001 A screwball film noir with a lot of medium laughs and a few great big ones. full review
  241. Pootie Tang 2001 Not bad so much as inexplicable. You watch in puzzlement. full review
  242. Shaolin Soccer 2001 It is piffle, yes, but superior piffle. full review
  243. The Shipping News 2001 Relentlessly colorful and cute. full review
  244. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 2001 Here is a movie so monumentally silly, yet so wondrous to look at, that only a churl could find fault. full review
  245. Tomcats 2001 A comedy positioned outside the normal range of human response. full review
  246. Gossip 2000 Gossip stays in the game until the bottom of the ninth and then blows it. full review
  247. 28 Days 2000 Bullock brings a kind of ground-level vulnerability to 28 Days that doesn't make her into a victim but simply into one more suitable case for treatment. full review
  248. The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle 2000 There's a word for this movie, and that word is: jolly. full review
  249. American Psycho 2000 Christian Bale is heroic in the way he allows the character to leap joyfully into despicability; there is no instinct for self-preservation here, and that is one mark of a good actor. full review
  250. Amores Perros 2000 The work of a born filmmaker. full review
  251. Butterfly 2000 full review
  252. Center Stage 2000 Center Stage has moments of joy and moments of insight. full review
  253. Diamond Men 2000 It is a treasure. full review
  254. The Gift 2000 The movie is ingenious in its plotting, colorful in its characters, taut in its direction and fortunate in possessing Cate Blanchett. full review
  255. The Golden Bowl 2000 It kept me at arm's length, but that is where I am supposed to be; the characters are after all at arm's length from each other, and the tragedy of the story is implied but never spoken aloud. full review
  256. Happy Accidents 2000 The actors make it fun to watch. full review
  257. Live Nude Girls Unite! 2000 full review
  258. Love's Labour's Lost 2000 It's so escapist it escapes even from itself. full review
  259. The Man Who Cried 2000 If [Potter] personally, in her 40s, can go to Argentina and become a tango dancer, then we can't complain about anything that happens to Suzie. Not that we'd want to. full review
  260. Memento 2000 A diabolical and absorbing experience. full review
  261. Merci Pour le Chocolat 2000 Huppert has the best poker face since Buster Keaton. She faces the camera with detached regard, inviting us to imagine what she is thinking. full review
  262. Mission: Impossible 2 2000 full review
  263. The Original Kings of Comedy 2000 Harvey is a master of timing and tone. full review
  264. Our Song 2000 Has the courage to work without a net, aware that when you're a teenager, your life is not a story so much as a million possible stories. full review
  265. Reindeer Games (Deception) 2000 I wish I'd had a stopwatch, to clock how many minutes are spent while one character holds a gun to another character's head and gabs. full review
  266. Shaft 2000 Is this a good movie? Not exactly; too much of it is on automatic pilot, as it must be, to satisfy the fans of the original Shaft. full review
  267. The Taste of Others 2000 One of the delights of The Taste of Others is that it is so smart and wears its intelligence lightly. full review
  268. Urban Legends: Final Cut 2000 I don't know if you're tired of terrified girls racing through shadowy basements pursued by masked slashers while the soundtrack pulses with variations on the Halloween theme, but I am. Real tired. full review
  269. The Weight of Water 2000 The actors are splendid, especially Sarah Polley and Sean Penn, but we never feel confident that these two plots fit together, belong together, or work together. full review
  270. With A Friend Like Harry 2000 Movies like this are more intriguing than thrillers where the heroes and villains wear name tags. full review
  271. The Yards 2000 It's that [moral] ambiguity that makes the film interesting. full review
  272. 42 Up 1999 This series should be sealed in a time capsule. It is on my list of the 10 greatest films of all time, and is a noble use of the medium. full review
  273. The Blair Witch Project 1999 At a time when digital techniques can show us almost anything, The Blair Witch Project is a reminder that what really scares us is the stuff we can't see. The noise in the dark is almost always scarier than what makes the noise in the dark. full review
  274. Brokedown Palace 1999 full review
  275. But I'm A Cheerleader 1999 full review
  276. eXistenZ 1999 The Matrix is mainstream sci-fi, but eXistenZ, written by Cronenberg, is much stranger; it creates a world where organic and inorganic are not separate states, but kind of chummy. full review
  277. The General's Daughter 1999 The General's Daughter is a well-made thriller with a lot of good acting. full review
  278. The Haunting 1999 To my surprise, I find myself recommending The Haunting on the basis of its locations, its sets, its art direction, its sound design, and the overall splendor of its visuals. full review
  279. An Ideal Husband 1999 An Ideal Husband works because Wilde created an expert mechanism (kind of slow-motion serious screwball comedy) for manipulating the plot and characters. full review
  280. In Dreams 1999 The silliest thriller in many a moon! full review
  281. Kadosh 1999 full review
  282. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1999 Lock, Stock is fun, in a slapdash way; it has an exuberance, and in a time when movies follow formulas like zombies, it's alive. full review
  283. My Life so Far 1999 full review
  284. The Ninth Gate 1999 I kept hoping Polanski would take the plot by the neck and shake life into it, but no. full review
  285. Runaway Bride 1999 After seeing Gere and Roberts play much smarter people, it is painful to see them dumbed down here. full review
  286. She's All That 1999 She's All That is not a great movie, but it has its moments. full review
  287. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut 1999 The year's most slashing political commentary is not in the new films by Oliver Stone, David Lynch or John Sayles, but in an animated comedy about obscenity. full review
  288. Teaching Mrs. Tingle 1999 There is nothing funny about the situation in Teaching Mrs. Tingle. full review
  289. The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 It might be fun to see on an airplane or rent on video. full review
  290. The Virgin Suicides 1999 [Coppola] has the courage to play it in a minor key. She doesn't hammer home ideas and interpretations. She is content with the air of mystery and loss that hangs in the air like bitter poignancy. full review
  291. A Walk on the Moon 1999 full review
  292. The Wood 1999 The growing-up stuff is kind of wonderful. full review
  293. Another Day In Paradise 1998 There's not much new here, but then there's so rarely something new at the movies that we're sometimes grateful to see the familiar done well. full review
  294. Antz 1998 It enters into a microscopic world and makes it into a world so vast and threatening that comparisons with Star Wars are not unjustified! full review
  295. Can't Hardly Wait 1998 The movie lumbers ungracefully from romantic showdowns to Deep Conversations to bathroom humor. full review
  296. Caught Up 1998 full review
  297. Clay Pigeons 1998 Within Clay Pigeons is a smaller story that might have involved us more, but it's buried by overkill. full review
  298. East Is East 1998 full review
  299. God Said, Ha! 1998 full review
  300. Gods and Monsters 1998 full review
  301. Jack Frost 1998 Now we have proof: It's possible for the Jim Henson folks and Industrial Light and Magic to put their heads together and come up with the most repulsive single creature in the history of special effects! full review
  302. Kurt & Courtney 1998 full review
  303. Little Voice 1998 full review
  304. Nightwatch 1998 full review
  305. Paulie 1998 The film is aimed at children, I suppose, although I don't think they'll like Paulie all that much. I didn't. full review
  306. Pi 1998 The seductive thing about Aronofsky's film is that it is halfway plausible in terms of modern physics and math. full review
  307. The Prince of Egypt 1998 If de Mille had seen this film, he would have gone back to the drawing board! full review
  308. Shakespeare in Love 1998 I was carried along by the wit, the energy and a surprising sweetness. full review
  309. Star Kid 1998 full review
  310. Velvet Goldmine 1998 full review
  311. Waking Ned Devine 1998 Another one of those delightful village comedies that seem to spin out of the British isles annually. full review
  312. Wide Awake 1998 I wonder who the movie was made for. full review
  313. Wild Things 1998 It's like a three-way collision between a softcore sex film, a soap opera and a B-grade noir. I liked it. full review
  314. Amistad 1997 What is most valuable about Amistad is the way it provides faces and names for its African characters, whom the movies so often make into faceless victims. full review
  315. The Apostle 1997 full review
  316. As Good As It Gets 1997 The movie succeeds at many moments even while pursuing its doomed grand design. full review
  317. Breakdown 1997 Taut, skillful and surgically effective. full review
  318. Chasing Amy 1997 While the surface of his film sparkles with sharp, ironic dialogue, deeper issues are forming, and Chasing Amy develops into a film of touching insights. full review
  319. Cop Land 1997 A movie with such a promising concept, so poorly executed, that it begs to be remade. full review
  320. Donnie Brasco 1997 The movie has many human qualities and contains what will be remembered as one of Pacino's finest scenes. full review
  321. Event Horizon 1997 full review
  322. Fairy Tale - A True Story 1997 full review
  323. The Fifth Element 1997 One of the great goofy movies -- a film so preposterous I wasn't surprised to discover it was written by a teenage boy. full review
  324. The Frighteners 1997 Incredible, the amount of work that went into ``The Frighteners.'' And appalling. full review
  325. Gattaca 1997 At a time when we read about cloned sheep and tomatoes crossed with fish, the science in Gattaca is theoretically possible. full review
  326. Good Burger 1997 It didn't do much for me, but I am prepared to predict that its target audience will have a good time. full review
  327. Hercules 1997 Jumps into the ancient legends feet-first, cheerfully tossing out what won't fit and combining what's left into a new look and a lighthearted style. full review
  328. The House of Yes 1997 When the film was over I was not particularly pleased that I had seen it; it was mostly behavior and contrivance. While it was running, I was not bored. full review
  329. The Ice Storm 1997 Despite its mordant undertones, the film is often satirical and frequently very funny, and quietly observant in its performances. full review
  330. Inventing the Abbotts 1997 full review
  331. Jackie Brown 1997 This is the movie that proves Tarantino is the real thing, and not just a two-film wonder boy. full review
  332. A Life Less Ordinary 1997 full review
  333. Mimic 1997 full review
  334. Mouse Hunt (Mousehunt) 1997 full review
  335. Mrs. Brown 1997 full review
  336. The Peacemaker 1997 full review
  337. Private Parts 1997 Stern and Quivers are both making their screen acting debuts here, and they do what seasoned actors claim is very difficult: They play convincing, engaging versions of themselves. full review
  338. The Rainmaker 1997 Francis Ford Coppola, who wrote and directed the film, has made the most of Grisham's ground-level realism. full review
  339. She's So Lovely 1997 full review
  340. Welcome to Sarajevo 1997 Too often we sense that the actors are drifting and the story is at sea. full review
  341. The Wings of the Dove 1997 full review
  342. Year of the Horse: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live 1997 Plays like This Is Spinal Tap made from anti-matter. Both films are about aging rockers, but Year of the Horse removes the humor and energy. full review
  343. Michael Collins 1996 Collins, who died at 31, was arguably the key figure in the struggles that led to the separation of Ireland and Britain. He was also, on the basis of this film, a man able to use violence without becoming intoxicated by it. full review
  344. 101 Dalmatians 1996 full review
  345. Albino Alligator 1996 full review
  346. Basquiat 1996 full review
  347. Beautiful Girls 1996 What's nicest about the film is the way it treasures the good feelings people can have for one another. full review
  348. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America 1996 Those who deplore Beavis and Butt-Head are confusing the messengers with the message. full review
  349. Big Night 1996 By the end of the movie, we have been through an emotional and a sensual wringer, in a film of great wisdom and delight. full review
  350. Brassed Off 1996 "Brassed Off'' is a sweet film with a lot of anger at its core. full review
  351. Citizen Ruth 1996 full review
  352. Curdled 1996 full review
  353. The English Patient 1996 This poetic, evocative film version of the famous novel by Michael Ondaatje circles down through layers of mystery until all of the puzzles in the story have been solved, and only the great wound of a doomed love remains. full review
  354. Escape from L.A. 1996 This is the kind of movie Independence Day could have been if it hadn't played it safe. full review
  355. Fargo 1996 To watch it is to experience steadily mounting delight, as you realize the filmmakers have taken enormous risks, gotten away with them and made a movie that is completely original, and as familiar as an old shoe. full review
  356. Flirting With Disaster 1996 full review
  357. The Ghost and the Darkness 1996 It lacks even the usual charm of being so bad it's funny. It's just bad. full review
  358. Happy Gilmore 1996 The Happy Gilmore character is strange. I guess we are supposed to like him. full review
  359. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 A high point in the renaissance of Disney animation. full review
  360. James and the Giant Peach 1996 It will, I think, entertain kids for whom stop-motion animation is the last thing they're thinking about. full review
  361. Looking for Richard 1996 Having chosen to be actors, they know they cannot respect their craft without embracing its greatest writer. Having chosen to be readers and viewers, we cannot do less, and this film is a delightful inspiration. full review
  362. Love Serenade 1996 full review
  363. The Pallbearer 1996 full review
  364. Pocahontas 1996 Pocahontas is the best-looking of the modern Disney animated features, and one of the more thoughtful: It is about real issues, even if it treats them with naive idealism. full review
  365. Restoration 1996 Restoration avoids the pitfalls of pious historical reconstructions and plunges right into the cauldron. full review
  366. Ridicule 1996 full review
  367. Scream 1996 I liked it. I liked the in-jokes and the self-aware characters. At the same time, I was aware of the incredible level of gore in this film. full review
  368. Stealing Beauty 1996 The movie plays like the kind of line a rich older guy would lay on a teenage model, suppressing his own intelligence and irony in order to spread out before her the wonderful world he would like to give her as a gift. full review
  369. Trainspotting 1996 The movie has been attacked as pro-drug and defended as anti-drug, but actually it is simply pragmatic. It knows that addiction leads to an unmanageable, exhausting, intensely uncomfortable daily routine, and it knows that only two things make it bearable full review
  370. Unhook the Stars 1996 full review
  371. A Very Brady Sequel 1996 I didn't laugh much during A Very Brady Sequel, but I did smile a lot. full review
  372. Walking and Talking 1996 full review
  373. Bad Boys 1995 This movie is so good-looking it deserves a decent screenplay, instead of one more lope down memory lane. full review
  374. The Big Green 1995 full review
  375. Blue in the Face 1995 full review
  376. The Brady Bunch Movie 1995 The film establishes a bland, reassuring, comforting Brady reality - a certain muted tone that works just fine but needs, I think, a bleaker contrast from outside to fully exploit the humor. full review
  377. Braveheart 1995 An action epic with the spirit of the Hollywood swordplay classics and the grungy ferocity of The Road Warrior. full review
  378. Clockers 1995 Although Clockers is, as I suggested, a murder mystery, in solving its murder, it doesn't even begin to find a solution to the system that led to the murder. That is the point. full review
  379. Clueless 1995 The movie is aimed at teenagers, but like all good comedies, it will appeal to anyone who has a sense of humor and an ear for the ironic. full review
  380. Congo 1995 A splendid example of a genre no longer much in fashion, the jungle adventure story. full review
  381. The Crossing Guard 1995 full review
  382. Cry, the Beloved Country 1995 full review
  383. Dead Man 1995 full review
  384. Desperado 1995 What happens looks terrific. Now if [Rodriguez] can harness that technical facility to a screenplay that's more story than setup, he might really have something. full review
  385. Devil in a Blue Dress 1995 I liked the movie without quite being caught up in it: I liked the period, tone and look more than the story, which I never really cared much about. full review
  386. The Doom Generation 1995 This is the kind of movie where the filmmaker hopes to shock you with sickening carnage and violent amorality, while at the same time holding himself carefully aloof from it with his style. full review
  387. Fallen Angels 1995 I felt transported back to the 1960s films of Jean-Luc Godard. I was watching a film that was not afraid of its audience. full review
  388. Four Rooms 1995 The four segments are widely different in quality. On the useful scale of the Michelin guides, one is worth a trip, another is worth a detour, and the other two are a colossal waste of bandwidth. full review
  389. The Journey of August King 1995 full review
  390. Jumanji 1995 A gloomy special-effects extravaganza filled with grotesque images, generating fear and despair. full review
  391. A Month by the Lake 1995 full review
  392. Nick of Time 1995 full review
  393. Picture Bride 1995 full review
  394. Sense and Sensibility 1995 Sense and Sensibility is an enjoyable film, and yet it left me somehow unsatisfied. full review
  395. Smoke 1995 full review
  396. Strange Days 1995 It's fascinating the way Bigelow is able to suggest so much of VR's impact (and dangers) within a movie - a form of VR that's a century old. full review
  397. Stuart Saves His Family 1995 I not only enjoyed Stuart Smalley, doggone it, I liked him, and that attitude of gratitude ain't just a platitude. full review
  398. Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995 full review
  399. Tommy Boy 1995 The movie is an assembly of cliches and obligatory scenes from dozens of other movies, all its better. full review
  400. Unzipped 1995 full review
  401. The Usual Suspects 1995 Once again, my comprehension began to slip, and finally I wrote down: 'To the degree that I do understand, I don't care.' full review
  402. While You Were Sleeping 1995 A feel-good film, warm and good-hearted. full review
  403. Black Beauty 1994 full review
  404. The Scout 1994 Rarely does a movie start high and go downhill so fast. It's as if the filmmakers progressively lost their nerve with every additional scene. full review
  405. Clerks 1994 Clerks is so utterly authentic that its heroes have never heard of their generation. full review
  406. Country Life 1994 full review
  407. The Crow 1994 It is a stunning work of visual style - the best version of a comic book universe I've seen - and Brandon Lee clearly demonstrates in it that he might have become an action star, had he lived. full review
  408. Fresh 1994 full review
  409. Heavenly Creatures 1994 What makes Jackson's film enthralling and frightening is the way it shows these two unhappy girls, creating an alternative world so safe and attractive they thought it was worth killing for. full review
  410. Hoop Dreams 1994 Along the way it becomes a revealing and heartbreaking story about life in America. full review
  411. Intersection 1994 The only thing these characters have to talk about are the problems manufactured for them by the screenplay. No other conversations on any other subject amount to more than filler between crises. full review
  412. It Could Happen to You 1994 Bergman never goes for heavy-handed schmaltz, and the whole movie has the same lighthearted big city spirit as the New York Post headlines that follow the story. full review
  413. Killing Zoe 1994 full review
  414. Monkey Trouble 1994 full review
  415. Nobody's Fool 1994 It benefits from the confidence of Newman's performance. full review
  416. Pulp Fiction 1994 The movie resurrects not only an aging genre but also a few careers. full review
  417. Sirens 1994 full review
  418. Stargate 1994 The movie Ed Wood, about the worst director of all time, was made to prepare us for Stargate. full review
  419. Swimming with Sharks 1994 [Huang's] plot may be overwritten and the ending may be less than satisfying, but his eye and ear are right. full review
  420. Beethoven's 2nd 1993 full review
  421. Coneheads 1993 This is a dismal, dreary and fairly desperate movie, in which the actors try very hard but are unable to overcome an uninspired screenplay. full review
  422. El Mariachi 1993 An enormously entertaining movie. full review
  423. The Good Son 1993 The movie is a creepy, unpleasant experience, made all the worse because it stars children too young to understand the horrible things we see them doing. full review
  424. The House of the Spirits 1993 full review
  425. Indecent Proposal 1993 full review
  426. The Innocent 1993 full review
  427. Last Action Hero 1993 There is a lot of action in Last Action Hero, but the underlying story never ever quite works. full review
  428. Map of the Human Heart 1993 The best movies seem to reinvent themselves as they move along, not drawing from worn-out sources, and Map of the Human Heart is one of the year's best films. full review
  429. The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 Working with gifted artists and designers, [Burton] has made a world here that is as completely new as the worlds we saw for the first time in such films as Metropolis, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or Star Wars. full review
  430. Only the Strong 1993 I have a sinking feeling that the makers of this film feel it is in some way exemplary and even useful. full review
  431. The Piano 1993 The Piano is as peculiar and haunting as any film I've seen. full review
  432. The Snapper 1993 The Snapper sees its characters with warmth and acceptance, and earns its laughs by being wise about human nature. full review
  433. What's Eating Gilbert Grape 1993 One of the most enchanting movies of the year. full review
  434. American Me 1992 full review
  435. Bad Lieutenant 1992 Harvey Keitel plays this man with such uncompromised honesty that the performance can only be called courageous; not many actors would want to be seen in this light. full review
  436. Boomerang 1992 Whatever [Murphy] was thinking during the dark days of his career slump, it seems to have paid off handsomely. full review
  437. Ethan Frome 1992 full review
  438. Far and Away 1992 full review
  439. Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 You can see the joy with which these actors get their teeth into these great lines, after living through movies in which flat dialogue serves only to advance the story. full review
  440. Hoffa 1992 full review
  441. Incident at Oglala 1992 full review
  442. Juice 1992 The movie generates a real tension in its closing passages, as it shows its characters trapped in a plot that seems to be unfolding according to its own merciless logic. full review
  443. A League of Their Own 1992 The movie has a real bittersweet charm. full review
  444. Leap of Faith 1992 full review
  445. Passion Fish 1992 full review
  446. Patriot Games 1992 I expected this one to be a little more cerebral and without the Indiana Jones ending. full review
  447. Reservoir Dogs 1992 The movie feels like it's going to be terrific, but Tarantino's script doesn't have much curiosity about these guys. full review
  448. Rock-A-Doodle 1992 full review
  449. Sarafina 1992 full review
  450. Strictly Ballroom 1992 full review
  451. The Addams Family 1991 There are a lot of little smiles in The Addams Family, and many chuckles and grins, but they don't add up to much. full review
  452. All I Want for Christmas 1991 All I want for Christmas is to never see All I Want for Christmas again. full review
  453. Barton Fink 1991 It's an assured piece of comic filmmaking. full review
  454. Bugsy 1991 full review
  455. The Doors 1991 Watching the movie is like being stuck in a bar with an obnoxious drunk, when you're not drinking. full review
  456. Dutch 1991 Hughes has written, directed and/or produced so many of these films by now that perhaps we can even forgive him for beginning to repeat himself. full review
  457. The Fisher King 1991 The Fisher King is a disorganized, rambling and eccentric movie that contains some moments of truth, some moments of humor, and many moments of digression. full review
  458. For the Boys 1991 full review
  459. Grand Canyon 1991 full review
  460. The Hard Way 1991 full review
  461. The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear 1991 Nielsen's secret is that he does almost nothing, and certainly nothing he seems to think is funny. full review
  462. Paris Is Burning 1991 full review
  463. Return to the Blue Lagoon 1991 The sincere idiocy of this film really has to be seen to be appreciated -- not that I think there is any need for you to see, or appreciate, it. full review
  464. The Silence of the Lambs 1991 The popularity of Jonathan Demme's movie is likely to last as long as there is a market for being scared. full review
  465. Slacker 1991 A movie with an appeal almost impossible to describe. full review
  466. Soapdish 1991 This is the kind of movie that is a balancing act, really. full review
  467. Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 Nobody, I think, will complain that it doesn't have enough action. full review
  468. Another 48 Hrs. 1990 You know how sometimes, in a dream, you'll see these familiar scenes and faces floating in and out of focus, but you're not sure how they connect? Another 48 HRS is a movie that feels the same way. full review
  469. Cry-Baby 1990 If there is one constant in recent social history, it is that we feel nostalgia for yesterday's teenage badness even while we fear today's. full review
  470. Days of Thunder 1990 An entertainment of great skill but predictable construction. full review
  471. Ghost 1990 Contains some nice ideas, and occasionally, for whole moments at a time, succeeds in evoking the mysteries that it toys with. full review
  472. The Grifters 1990 This is a movie of plot, not episode. It's not just a series of things that happen to the characters, but a web, a maze of consequences. full review
  473. King of New York 1990 Walken is one of the few undeniably charismatic male villains of recent years; he can generate a snakelike charm that makes his worst characters the most memorable, and here he operates on pure style. full review
  474. The Krays 1990 full review
  475. Look Who's Talking Now 1990 The first film had maybe a shred of realism to flavor its romantic comedy. This one looks like it was chucked up by an automatic screenwriting machine. full review
  476. Night of the Living Dead 1990 full review
  477. The Rescuers Down Under 1990 The flight sequence and many of the other action scenes in this new Disney animated feature create an exhilaration and freedom that are liberating. And the rest of the story is fun, too. full review
  478. Harlem Nights 1989 An uninspired cross between Cotton Club and the characters of Damon Runyon, told in cliches so broad you keep waiting for it to poke fun at itself, but it never does. full review
  479. Look Who's Talking 1989 This fairly unlikely idea for a movie turns into a warm and lovable comedy, although I still don't think it needed the voiceovers from the baby. full review
  480. Miss Firecracker 1989 full review
  481. My Left Foot 1989 My Left Foot is a great film for many reasons, but the most important is that it gives us such a complete picture of this man's life. full review
  482. Say Anything... 1989 A movie like this is possible because its maker believes in the young characters, and in doing the right thing, and in staying true to oneself. full review
  483. See No Evil, Hear No Evil 1989 full review
  484. Steel Magnolias 1989 full review
  485. The Accused 1988 full review
  486. Bull Durham 1988 Bull Durham is a treasure of a movie because it knows so much about baseball and so little about love. full review
  487. Cocoon: The Return 1988 full review
  488. Colors 1988 Colors is a special movie -- not just a police thriller, but a movie that has researched gangs and given some thought to what it wants to say about them. full review
  489. A Fish Called Wanda 1988 The funniest movie I have seen in a long time. full review
  490. The Lair of the White Worm 1988 full review
  491. The Last Temptation of Christ 1988 Among those who do not already have rigid views on the subject, this film is likely to inspire more serious thought on the nature of Jesus than any other ever made. full review
  492. License to Drive 1988 Up until about the halfway mark of this movie, I was having a very good time. Then, somehow, it ran out of energy. full review
  493. The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad! 1988 The film is as transparent as a third-grader with a water gun, and yet I would rather review a new film by Ingmar Bergman, for there, at least, would be themes to discuss and visual strategies to analyze. full review
  494. Scrooged 1988 It was obviously intended as a comedy, but there is little comic about it, and indeed the movie's overriding emotions seem to be pain and anger. full review
  495. She's Having a Baby 1988 full review
  496. The Thin Blue Line 1988 full review
  497. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988 Sheer, enchanted entertainment from the first frame to the last -- a joyous, giddy, goofy celebration of the kind of fun you can have with a movie camera. full review
  498. Angel Heart 1987 full review
  499. Beverly Hills Cop II 1987 What is comedy? That's a pretty basic question, I know, but Cop II never thought to ask it. full review
  500. Broadcast News 1987 Broadcast News has a lot of interesting things to say about television. But the thing it does best is look into a certain kind of personality and a certain kind of relationship. full review
  501. Dirty Dancing 1987 The movie plays like one long, sad, compromise; it places packaging ahead of ambition. full review
  502. Fatal Attraction 1987 Because the good things in the movie -- including the performances -- are so very good, it's a shame that the film's potential for greatness was so blatantly compromised. full review
  503. Hellraiser 1987 This is a movie without wit, style or reason, and the true horror is that actors were made to portray, and technicians to realize, its bankruptcy of imagination. full review
  504. Jack's Back 1987 full review
  505. Less Than Zero 1987 full review
  506. Planes, Trains and Automobiles 1987 The movies that last, the ones we return to, don't always have lofty themes or Byzantine complexities. Sometimes they last because they are arrows straight to the heart. full review
  507. Project X 1987 It's content to be a well-made, intelligent entertainment aimed primarily, I imagine, at bright teenagers. It works on that level. full review
  508. The Running Man 1987 The movie's problem is that all of the action scenes are versions of the same scenario. full review
  509. The Serpent and the Rainbow 1987 The Serpent and the Rainbow is uncanny in the way it takes the most lurid images and makes them plausible. full review
  510. The Untouchables 1987 does not have a great script, great performances or great direction. full review
  511. About Last Night... 1986 It has an eye and an ear for the way we live now, and it has a heart, too, and a sense of humor. full review
  512. Big Trouble in Little China 1986 Special effects don't mean much unless we care about the characters who are surrounded by them, and in this movie the characters often seem to exist only to fill up the foregrounds. full review
  513. Brighton Beach Memoirs 1986 full review
  514. Children of a Lesser God 1986 The performances are strong and wonderful. full review
  515. Down and Out in Beverly Hills 1986 Let me just say that Down and Out in Beverly Hills made me laugh longer and louder than any film I've seen in a long time. full review
  516. Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986 The film's heart is in the right place, and Ferris Bueller is slight, whimsical and sweet. full review
  517. The Golden Child 1986 This film -- insignificant and lightweight and monumentally silly -- is entertaining from beginning to end. full review
  518. The Great Mouse Detective 1986 It's a lot of fun. full review
  519. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 1986 A low-budget tour de force that provides an unforgettable portrait of the pathology of a man for whom killing is not a crime but simply a way of passing time and relieving boredom. full review
  520. The Manhattan Project 1986 full review
  521. Pretty in Pink 1986 Although it is not a great movie, it contains some moments when the audience is likely to think, yes, being 16 was exactly like that. full review
  522. A Room With A View 1986 It is an intellectual film, but intellectual about emotions: It encourages us to think about how we feel, instead of simply acting on our feelings. full review
  523. The Breakfast Club 1985 The Breakfast Club doesn't need earthshaking revelations; it's about kids who grow willing to talk to one another, and it has a surprisingly good ear for the way they speak. full review
  524. Clue 1985 full review
  525. Day of the Dead 1985 full review
  526. Death Wish 3 1985 The action, direction and special effects are all better than the last time around, which isn't saying much. full review
  527. Fright Night 1985 Fright Night is not a distinguished movie, but it has a lot of fun being undistinguished. full review
  528. The Man with One Red Shoe 1985 full review
  529. One Magic Christmas 1985 full review
  530. Re-Animator 1985 We have been assaulted by a lurid imagination, amazed by unspeakable sights, blind-sided by the movie's curiously dry sense of humor. I guess that's our money's worth. full review
  531. Rocky IV 1985 Even Sylvester Stallone seems to be getting tired of the series; as the writer and director, as well as the star, he puts himself through the same old paces. full review
  532. Silverado 1985 This is a story, you will agree, that has been told before. What distinguishes Kasdan's telling of it is the style and energy he brings to the project. full review
  533. The Stuff 1985 full review
  534. 28 Up 1984 It is almost scary to realize that this film has given me a fair chance of predicting what lies ahead for these strangers. I almost understand the motives of those who chose to drop out of the experiment. full review
  535. Beverly Hills Cop 1984 Eddie Murphy looks like the latest victim of the Star Magic Syndrome, in which it is assumed that a movie will be a hit simply because it stars an enormously talented person. full review
  536. Conan the Destroyer 1984 full review
  537. Dreamscape 1984 Most movies that try to crowd so much into an hour and a half end up looking like a shopping list, but Dreamscape works, maybe because it has a sense of humor. full review
  538. Footloose 1984 Footloose is a seriously confused movie that tries to do three things, and does all of them badly. full review
  539. Ghostbusters 1984 This movie is an exception to the general rule that big special effects can wreck a comedy. full review
  540. Lust in the Dust 1984 full review
  541. The Muppets Take Manhattan 1984 The fact that this plot is not original does not deter you, Kermit, nor should it. It's still a good plot. full review
  542. Bad Boys 1983 full review
  543. Flashdance 1983 Jennifer Beals shouldn't feel bad. She is a natural talent, she is fresh and engaging here, and only needs to find an agent with a natural talent for turning down scripts. full review
  544. Terms of Endearment 1983 The most remarkable achievement of Terms of Endearment, which is filled with great achievements, is its ability to find the balance between the funny and the sad, between moments of deep truth and other moments of high ridiculousness. full review
  545. To Be or Not to Be 1983 full review
  546. Trading Places 1983 What's most visible in the movie is the engaging acting. Murphy and Aykroyd are perfect foils for each other. full review
  547. 48 HRS 1982 The movie's story is nothing to write home about. It's pretty routine. What makes the movie special is how it's made. Nolte and Murphy are good, and their dialogue is good, too -- quirky and funny. full review
  548. Death Wish 2 1982 While the first film convinced me of Bronson's need for vengeance, this one is just a series of dumb killings. full review
  549. Dragonslayer 1981 The scenes involving the dragon are first-rate. The beast is one of the meanest, ugliest, most reprehensible creatures I've ever seen in a film, and when it breathes flames it looks like it's really breathing flames. full review
  550. Endless Love 1981 The movie as a whole does not understand the particular strengths of the novel that inspired it, does not convince us it understands adolescent love, does not seem to know its characters very well, and is a narrative and logical mess. full review
  551. The Fox and the Hound 1981 The bottom line, I suppose, is: Will kids like this movie? And the answer is, sure, I think so. full review
  552. Reds 1981 As for Beatty, Reds is his bravura turn. full review
  553. Airplane! 1980 It is sophomoric, obvious, predictable, corny, and quite often very funny. And the reason it's funny is frequently because it's sophomoric, predictable, corny, etc. full review
  554. Brubaker 1980 full review
  555. The Final Countdown 1980 It's filled with technology, special effects and action. But it just doesn't make any sense. full review
  556. Gregory's Girl 1980 Maybe only grown-ups should see this movie. You know, people who have gotten over the pains of unrequited love (hollow laugh). full review
  557. Hopscotch 1980 full review
  558. My Bodyguard 1980 This movie is fun to watch because it touches memories that are shared by most of us, and because its young characters are recognizable individuals, and not simplified cartoon figures like so many movie teen-agers. full review
  559. New Year's Evil 1980 full review
  560. Raging Bull 1980 It's the best film I've seen about the low self-esteem, sexual inadequacy and fear that lead some men to abuse women. full review
  561. Seems Like Old Times 1980 full review
  562. Stir Crazy 1980 full review
  563. Where the Buffalo Roam 1980 full review
  564. The Jerk 1979 We get the sense at times that the cast and crew arrived at a location, found the script bankrupt of real laughs, and started looking around for funny props. full review
  565. Breaking Away 1979 Breaking Away is a wonderfully sunny, funny, goofy, intelligent movie that makes you feel about as good as any movie in a long time. It is, in fact, a treasure. full review
  566. Caligula 1979 Caligula is sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash. If it is not the worst film I have ever seen, that makes it all the more shameful: People with talent allowed themselves to participate in this travesty. full review
  567. Manhattan 1979 Seeing it again I realize it's more subtle, more complex, and not about love, but loss. full review
  568. North Dallas Forty 1979 The football scenes are brutally real; the locker room scenes are totally authentic. full review
  569. Days of Heaven 1978 This is a movie made by a man who knew how something felt, and found a way to evoke it in us. full review
  570. Grease 1978 Just an average musical, pleasant and upbeat and plastic. full review
  571. High Anxiety 1978 full review
  572. 3 Women 1977 I have seen it many times, been through it twice in shot-by-shot analysis, and yet it always seems to be happening as I watch it. Recurring dreams are like that. full review
  573. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 One of the great moviegoing experiences. full review
  574. The Bad News Bears 1976 [Ritchie] directs scenes for comedy even in the face of his disturbing material and that makes the movie all the more effective; sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we can't, and the movie's working best when we're silent. full review
  575. King Kong 1976 full review
  576. Marathon Man 1976 full review
  577. Rocky 1976 A description of it would sound like a cliche from beginning to end. But Rocky isn't about a story, it's about a hero. And it's inhabited with supreme confidence by a star. full review
  578. Swashbuckler 1976 full review
  579. The Eiger Sanction 1975 full review
  580. Escape to Witch Mountain 1975 A scifi thriller that's fun, that's cheerfully implausible, that's scary but not too scary, and it works. full review
  581. The French Connection II 1975 full review
  582. The Great Waldo Pepper 1975 full review
  583. Switchblade Sisters 1975 Badly acted, written and directed. full review
  584. Xala 1975 It's very much worth seeing. full review
  585. Chinatown 1974 [Nicholson's] performance is key in keeping Chinatown from becoming just a genre crime picture--that, and a Robert Towne screenplay that evokes an older Los Angeles. full review
  586. The Conversation 1974 A taut, intelligent thriller. full review
  587. Death Wish 1974 The movie has an eerie kind of fascination, even though its message is scary. full review
  588. The Great Gatsby 1974 The movie is 'faithful' to the novel with a vengeance -- to what happens in the novel, that is, and not to the feel, mood, and spirit of it. full review
  589. Harry and Tonto 1974 full review
  590. Thieves Like Us 1974 Altman may not tell a story better than any one, but he sees one with great clarity and tenderness. full review
  591. The Long Goodbye 1973 It tries to be all genre and no story, and it almost works. full review
  592. The Paper Chase 1973 Houseman is able to project subtleties of character even while appearing stiff and unrelenting; it's a performance of Academy Award quality, and resulted in an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. full review
  593. Bad Company 1972 The movie is built as a series of more-or-less self-contained episodes, and the episodes that work are worth the effort. full review
  594. Joe Kidd 1972 full review
  595. Harold and Maude 1971 The visual style makes everyone look fresh from the Wax Museum, and all the movie lacks is a lot of day-old gardenias and lilies and roses in the lobby, filling the place with a cloying sweet smell. Nothing more to report today. full review
  596. Minnie and Moskowitz 1971 The movie is sort of a fairy tale, Cassavetes says; it's dedicated to all the people who didn't marry the person they should have. It is a movie on the side of love, and it is one of the finest movies of the year. full review
  597. The Panic in Needle Park 1971 It is not filled with quick cutting or gimmicky editing, but Jerry Schatzberg's direction is so confident that we cover the ground effortlessly. full review
  598. Silent Running 1971 ... a movie out of the ordinary -- especially if you like science fiction. full review
  599. Wake in Fright 1971 It is powerful, genuinely shocking and rather amazing. full review
  600. Love Story 1970 Hiller earns our emotional response because of the way he's directed the movie. full review
  601. M*A*S*H 1970 One of the reasons M*A*S*H is so funny is that it's so desperate. full review
  602. Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970 Tora! Tora! Tora! is one of the deadest, dullest blockbusters ever made. full review
  603. Tristana 1970 A haunting study of a human relationship in which the power changes hands. full review
  604. Two Mules For Sister Sara 1970 full review
  605. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 William Goldman's script is constantly too cute and never gets up the nerve, by God, to admit it's a Western. full review
  606. Easy Rider 1969 It plays today more as a period piece than as living cinema, but it captures so surely the tone and look of that moment in time. full review
  607. True Grit 1969 One of the glories of True Grit is that it recognizes Wayne's special presence. full review
  608. Bedazzled 1968 full review
  609. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang contains about the best two-hour children's movie you could hope for, with a marvelous magical auto and lots of adventure and a nutty old grandpa and a mean Baron and some funny dances and a couple of [scary] moments. full review
  610. Night of the Living Dead 1968 I felt real terror in that neighborhood theater last Saturday afternoon. I saw kids who had no resources they could draw upon to protect themselves from the dread and fear they felt. full review
  611. The Odd Couple 1968 It does well as an evening's entertainment. full review
  612. Planet of the Apes 1968 It is quickly paced, completely entertaining, and its philosophical pretensions don't get in the way. full review
  613. Rosemary's Baby 1968 It is a creepy film and a crawly film, and a film filled with things that go bump in the night. It is very good. full review
  614. The Graduate 1967 It is a good topical movie whose time has passed full review
  615. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967 It would be easy to tear the plot to shreds and catch Kramer in the act of copping out. But why? On its own terms, this film is a joy to see, an evening of superb entertainment. full review
  616. Valley of the Dolls 1967 It tries to raise itself to the level of sophisticated pornography, but fails. And it is dirty, not because it has lots of sex in it, but because it firmly believes that sex is dirty. full review
  617. The Endless Summer 1966 Shunning the tons of equipment ordinarily taken along on location, Brown used only what he could carry. The beautiful photography he brought home almost makes you wonder if Hollywood hasn't been trying too hard. full review
  618. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo.) 1966 Art it is, summoned out of the imagination of Leone and painted on the wide screen so vividly that we forget what marginal productions these films were. full review
  619. Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964 Dr. Strangelove (1964) is filled with great comic performances. full review
  620. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962 full review
  621. West Side Story 1961 It is a great movie ... in parts. full review
  622. The Apartment 1960 There is a melancholy gulf over the holidays between those who have someplace to go, and those who do not. The Apartment is so affecting partly because of that buried reason. full review
  623. Some Like It Hot 1959 Wilder's 1959 comedy is one of the enduring treasures of the movies, a film of inspiration and meticulous craft. full review
  624. Gojira 1954 This is a bad movie, but it has earned its place in history, and the enduring popularity of Godzilla and other monsters shows that it struck a chord. full review
  625. All About Eve 1950 [Bette Davis'] veteran actress Margo Channing in "All About Eve" (1950) was her greatest role. full review
  626. Double Indemnity 1944 Few other directors have made so many films that were so taut, savvy, cynical and, in many different ways and tones, funny. full review
  627. The Lady Eve 1941 A movie like The Lady Eve is so hard to make that you can't make it at all unless you find a way to make it seem effortless. Preston Sturges does a kind of breathless balancing act here, involving romance, deception and physical comedy. full review
  628. The Grapes of Wrath 1940 The Grapes of Wrath was often named the greatest American film, until it was dethroned by the re-release of Citizen Kane. full review
  629. Duck Soup 1933 The Marx Brothers created a body of work in which individual films are like slices from the whole, but Duck Soup (1933) is probably the best. full review
  630. Faust 1926 I sometimes feel, in this age of expert CGI, that I am being shown too much -- that technique is pushing aside artistry and imagination. The world of Faust is never intended to define a physical universe, but is a landscape of nightmares. full review

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