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  1. Journey To The West 2014 Another exquisite, snail-paced cinematic perambulation from Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng. full review
  2. Best Kept Secret 2013 Unlike the majority of autism docus about white, middle-class children, Samantha Buck's film examines the poverty of options available to working-class black and Latino young adults once they leave the safe confines of the classroom. full review
  3. Birders: The Central Park Effect 2013 Birders vividly captures the distinctive colors and markings of a vast number of bird species and the equally individualized personalities of those watching them within the confines of Central Park. full review
  4. Chennai Express 2013 Shetty's need to maintain his characters' romantic heroism constantly grates against his depictions of their ridiculousness. full review
  5. Let The Fire Burn 2013 Jason Osder's riveting documentary chronicles the escalating confrontations between the Philadelphia police and the radical group Move. full review
  6. The Rocket 2013 The adventures of a 10-year-old Laotian boy are subject to radically different interpretations in The Rocket, Australian documentarian Kim Mordaunt's impressive narrative debut. full review
  7. Rubberneck 2013 Karpovsky's pic seldom surprises, its strengths lying in a leisurely journey toward a clearly predestined denouement. full review
  8. Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's 2013 Jumps skittishly from subject to subject, disjointed and repetitive for all but dyed-in-the-wool fashionistas. full review
  9. War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State 2013 Robert Greenwald's docu paints a sobering picture of a national security state. full review
  10. Ballplayer: Pelotero 2012 What gives Pelotero its edge is a nexus of corruption, exploitation and betrayal that transforms this well-shot, cannily edited item into an engrossing expose. full review
  11. Barfi! 2012 Hopping nimbly among three distinct timeframes, helmer Basu deconstructs the film's sentimental thrust to stress his hero's in-the-moment ingenuity. full review
  12. Crooked Arrows 2012 A millennial brace of lacrosse action propels Crooked Arrows through a thicket of cliches liberally planted in its path. full review
  13. Death by China 2012 One need not fully subscribe to Peter Navarro's demonization to appreciate his lucid wake-up call to the imminent dangers of the huge U.S.-China trade imbalance and its disastrous impact on the American economy. full review
  14. Detachment 2012 Brody is brilliant, but can't save the Book of Job proceedings from tilting over into the ludicrous. full review
  15. The Flat 2012 This fascinating docu should easily attract crossover auds, and merits arthouse exposure. full review
  16. The Good Doctor 2012 Daly deftly creates a disturbing, Chabrol-like tension that plays on immediate identification with the handsome medico's lonely, shy vulnerability and slow-building horror at the depths to which his self-delusion can sink. full review
  17. Grassroots 2012 full review
  18. A Little Bit Of Heaven 2012 full review
  19. Loosies 2012 Facinelli's transformation from feckless charmer to committed caretaker seems contrived, leaving the film feeling like a series of stitched-together scenes with little internal drive. full review
  20. Meet the Fokkens 2012 A racy, thoroughly enjoyable docu about a pair of 69-year-old identical-twin hookers in Amsterdam, Meet the Fokkens bounces along with defiant joie de vivre. full review
  21. What A Man 2012 A by-the-numbers romantic comedy. full review
  22. Angels Crest 2011 While there is a great deal of weeping and wailing going on in the town of Angels Crest, little of it is connected to a comprehensible or cohesive plot. full review
  23. The Chaperone 2011 Presumably there's an audience out there for old-fashioned, poorly written, unevenly thesped, family-friendly tales of redemption starring beefy wrestlers and a bunch of kids, but it's difficult to imagine who. full review
  24. Don 2 2011 full review
  25. Farmageddon 2011 Racks up damning anecdotal evidence without substantially altering the discussion. full review
  26. Inside Out 2011 If many of the script's circumstances seem a bit too convenient, Mandelberg's direction provides a cavalier "what next?" verve that invites incongruity. full review
  27. Klitschko 2011 The two-hour pic's lack of economy makes for heavy slogging, with no boxing minutiae too small for exhaustive exposition. full review
  28. The Pill 2011 Deftly avoiding both the haphazardness of mumblecore and the fakery of studio romantic comedies, Khoury deploys a light directorial touch marked by assured thesping and a genuine appreciation for neurotic angst. full review
  29. Revenge of the Electric Car 2011 Without true tension, the docu feels as slickly manufactured as its va-va-voom subject. full review
  30. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness 2011 Joseph Dorman's intelligent if conventional bio-doc of Sholem Aleichem proves particularly revealing, since the famed, dandyish Yiddish writer led a life as full of colorful ironies as the motormouth schlemiels that populate his stories. full review
  31. Snowmen 2011 full review
  32. True Legend 2011 Pic's many satisfyingly kinetic action sequences and strong thesping (particularly by femme lead Zhou Xun) outweigh its uneven scripting and occasional ill-advised forays into CGI. full review
  33. The Whale 2011 Docu dotes on its adorable, highly photogenic star, but nonstop voiceover commentary and exclamations of wonderment tend to lessen rather than enhance its impact. full review
  34. Bill Cunningham New York 2010 Whatever this Times-produced, TV-ready tribute lacks in tension is amply compensated by the pleasure of watching an enthusiast ply the craft he loves. full review
  35. El Infierno 2010 full review
  36. Inhale 2010 Walter Doty III and John Clafin's hackneyed script depicts Mexico as one vast, interconnected conspiracy engaged in the underground organ trade, whose highest-ranked traffickers are -- gasp! -- Americans. full review
  37. Legendary 2010 Better thesped and helmed than its schmaltzy premise probably warrants. full review
  38. Great Directors 2009 Her eclectic pantheon weighs in with entertaining anecdotes and illuminating comments, illustrated with well-chosen samplings of the artists' work. full review
  39. Objectified 2009 Witty, engaging and exquisitely crafted. full review
  40. Chevolution 2008 The pic comes off as too scattershot to do anything but skim the questions it raises about the nature of the image as spiritual beacon and corporate logo. full review
  41. Constantine's Sword 2008 Oren Jacoby's magnificent, thought-provoking essay film Constantine's Sword examines the unholy alliance between organized religion and military power. full review
  42. Alone with Her 2007 Leadenly scripted and blandly overliteral and therefore never capitalizes on the provocativeness of its premise. full review
  43. Arranged 2007 Precise lensing, a strong sense of locale and vibrant, eminently likeable perfs enliven Arranged. full review
  44. Ballerina 2007 full review
  45. The Inner Life of Martin Frost 2007 Strained dialogue, awkward mise-en-scene and weirdly uncomfortable thesping from superlative players contribute to a drearily self-reflective conceit. full review
  46. Phoebe in Wonderland 2007 Barnz arbitrarily posits a nonsensical series of school "rules" to embody conformity, while imagination is repped by Tourette syndrome. full review
  47. Choking Man 2006 Barron executes all the hard stuff remarkably well: vivid ensemble thesping, evocative locales and even unforced Catholic symbolism. But his high-concept protagonist is so introverted he projects a void at the film's center. full review
  48. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie 2006 Boys functions swimmingly as both a bigscreen inflation of smallscreen icons and a fairly hilarious stand-alone. full review
  49. Control Room 2003 full review
  50. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen 2003 First-time helmer Chris Browne's sense of humor captures perfectly the contradictions, absurdities and drama at the intersection of class, media, money and sports without dissing any of his player/subjects. full review
  51. Barbershop 2002 full review
  52. /titles/197772 A strong cast, formal visual style and cynical voiceover that propels the action help elevate this Seattle-set gay romp from the ranks of the stereotypical. full review
  53. /titles/199326 Antonio de la Torre is brilliant as a killer and eater of young women in Manuel Martin Cuenca's sumptuously lensed psychological drama. full review
  54. /titles/197316 A surprising, well-crafted look at a ballroom-dancing program aimed at bridging gaps between Jewish and Palestinian children in Israel. full review
  55. /titles/199828 full review
  56. /titles/197676 Dual focus on the need to end the ineffective, destructive "war on drugs" and broader questions of political compromise gives director Riley Morton's film particular resonance. full review
  57. /titles/198266 full review
  58. /titles/197765 Rather than adapting the pieces to conform to his paper-thin narrative, Brown explores the tensions and contortions of dancers expressing fresh emotion through a pre-existing art form. full review
  59. /titles/197588 Whatever leaps of logic yawn in the film's poorly cobbled-together arguments are papered over by its wash of button-pushing images, from regimented soldiers and deadly explosions to flocks of wild geese and sunbeams breaking through the clouds. full review
  60. /titles/197283 A sprightly, pedestrian, Miami-set romantic comedy whose utter predictability -- trumpet fanfares couldn't announce plot twists more blatantly -- feels more cozy than disappointing. full review
  61. /titles/200114 Deeply shocking and continually surprising. full review
  62. /titles/197090 A documentary about science for professionals and laypeople alike, Particle Fever celebrates an event of earth-shattering importance, though what far-ranging transformations it heralds remain unknown full review
  63. /titles/199707 Unevenly structured, the segments differ greatly in length and relevance. full review
  64. /titles/197779 Though it retains the narrative complexity of the Swedish bestseller on which it's based, WWII saga Simon and the Oaks never creates an emotional or intellectual throughline of its own. full review
  65. /titles/199881 A unique blend of camp and conviction, "To Be Takei" deftly showcases George Takei's eclectic personality and wildly disparate achievements, from "Star Trek" crewmate to gay-rights activist. full review