Sara Stewart, New York Post

  1. Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me 2014 A generous and hilarious portrait of life as an aging legend. full review
  2. Haunt 2014 There is virtually nothing in Mac Carter's horror flick that deviates from the standard haunted house plot (or, in this case, plod). full review
  3. Maidentrip 2014 What the film lacks in plot twists it makes up for in sheer amazement, such as one scene in which Dekker, in green night-vision, sways to Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" while closing in on the equator in her 40-foot vessel, Guppy. full review
  4. Odd Thomas 2014 What worked so well for Anton Yelchin as the protagonist of "Fright Night" - scrappy, clever young guy fights supernatural evil - falls flat in this adaptation of a Dean Koontz novel from director Stephen Sommers. full review
  5. The Wait 2014 The dialogue is so vague, and the plot so minimal, it all feels like a rather pointless exercise. full review
  6. 20 Feet From Stardom 2013 In a film that's often sad but not without its triumphs, director Morgan Neville smartly explores the complex role that ego and self-promotion play in this profession. full review
  7. After Tiller 2013 "After Tiller" is groundbreaking in giving voice not only to the doctors, but to those who always seem to get overlooked in the high-volume political debate about this topic: the women themselves. full review
  8. Black Rock 2013 This indie, female-centric riff on "Deliverance" is spare, smartly written and shot through with moments of twig-snapping tension. full review
  9. The Brass Teapot 2013 Temple and Angarano, entertaining enough, never quite sell the idea that this goodhearted couple would be so easily transformed by greed. full review
  10. Dear Mr. Watterson 2013 It was one of the greats of the now-nearly-defunct Sunday funnies, no doubt. Unfortunately, there's not much cinematic magic in watching the director reading the strip, or hearing various other enthusiasts talk about how much they loved it. full review
  11. Drinking Buddies 2013 There's more plot, and scripted dialogue, here than in Swanberg's earlier, mumblecore work. But authenticity still comes first. full review
  12. Europa Report 2013 The real treat here is the science, not the fiction. The film's sleek aesthetic was developed in consultation with NASA about what such a mission would actually require, and look like as viewed on surveillance cameras. full review
  13. Free Birds 2013 A forgettable - and occasionally borderline offensive - animated tale of turkeys trying to take back Thanksgiving. full review
  14. Girl Most Likely 2013 I only laughed once ... full review
  15. Good Ol' Freda 2013 The sweet-faced Kelly is a lovely and humble storyteller, and her enduring affection for John, Paul, George and "Richie" is palpable. full review
  16. Haunter 2013 The plot spirals into increasing fuzziness ... full review
  17. Insidious: Chapter 2 2013 This is one of the more pointless follow-ups ever, just an assortment of scary-movie tropes randomly doled out, with unavoidable jolts at regular intervals. full review
  18. The Last Days On Mars 2013 Fails to live up to the awesomeness of its own campy premise. full review
  19. The Last Stand 2013 [It] just seems to want to gin up a lot of high-fiving for a lot of shooting, and right now is the least palatable time I can think of for that. full review
  20. Linsanity 2013 Leong's film isn't particularly stylish, but it makes the most of the climactic Knicks footage, as well as showcasing a sweetly goofy side of the 25-year-old ... full review
  21. Love Sick Love 2013 It's ultimately hard to care too much about a caddish protagonist like Norman - or, for that matter, about the cliched "women are crazy!" sentiment that hums nastily under the antics of Dori's unorthodox family gathering. full review
  22. Mademoiselle C 2013 As a distinctly not-insider ... I would have benefited more from a broader portrait of the woman herself, and how she became such a legend. full review
  23. Only God Forgives 2013 What makes it high art? The fact that it happens really slowly, I think, or that it's interspersed with patience-testing camera pans of wallpaper. full review
  24. Populaire 2013 The fabulous retro look and joie de vivre of this French lark are so infectious, it's easy to forgive its fatal flaw: Watching someone type is just not that interesting. full review
  25. Red Flag 2013 In an era when awkwardness is the new self-confidence, the director manages to be palpably neurotic without trying too hard. full review
  26. Rubberneck 2013 One can only watch so many shots of the daily goings-on in a research facility without tuning out a bit. full review
  27. Safe Haven 2013 A cinematic valentine you'll be reasonably content to watch on a flight in a year or so. full review
  28. The Selfish Giant 2013 It is admirably unsparing and gloomily atmospheric. And I looked at my watch a bunch of times. full review
  29. Shadow Dancer 2013 The proceedings move so quietly and thoughtfully as to be occasionally somnolent, though they're punctuated with spasms of the violence that marked the Troubles. full review
  30. Spinning Plates 2013 Ultimately, the portrayal of community fostered by delicious food makes a sound case for patronizing independent eateries. full review
  31. V/H/S/2 2013 Found footage is all well and good, but if it's unwatchable, it might as well have stayed lost. full review
  32. Venus And Serena 2013 Any tennis fan interested in a straight-up account of what makes these fiercely talented players tick ... will find much to enjoy in "Venus and Serena." full review
  33. We Are What We Are 2013 "We Are What We Are" is a first-rate example of good storytelling and well-timed - while not excessive - gore. full review
  34. The Awakening 2012 An enjoyably old-fashioned ghost story in the vein of "The Others" and "The Orphanage." full review
  35. The Babymakers 2012 Every so often a movie comes along that's so lame, you can almost make out a "What the hell am I doing here?" thought bubble over an actor's head. full review
  36. Backwards 2012 Hickernell soft-pedals the material into a blandly feel-good dramedy. full review
  37. Brake 2012 The whole claustrophobic one-man show feels like we've been here before, and with better material. full review
  38. Casa de mi padre 2012 As a full-length feature, "Casa" is simply a funny concept that starts to go stale around the 10-minute mark. full review
  39. Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away 2012 It's refreshing to sit back and bask in the sheer joy with which these brightly costumed, stunningly agile performers navigate fire, water and air. full review
  40. Dark Horse 2012 It's a typical Solondz sad-sack tale, but this film seems to be disgusted by its own characters, which isn't true of the director's best work. full review
  41. Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey 2012 [Plods] from one performance to the next with unnecessary asides for veteran Journey members to talk about their own lives (trivia of interest to megafans and no one else). full review
  42. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas 2012 Too much of the film is taken up by creaky plot devices and one sibling vowing to track down and talk to another one to resolve a problem. full review
  43. Gayby 2012 Harris, a talented comic actress who looks more like a real person than a Hollywood facsimile of one, makes every scene she's in shine. full review
  44. Generation Um... 2012 Director Mark L. Mann seems to be searching for the meaning in aimlessness, and in lowered expectations. But too often the narrative left me feeling the titular "um." full review
  45. God Bless America 2012 The real problem is there's just not enough plot on which to hang the message that mean people suck. full review
  46. The Good Doctor 2012 Whether you take it as a comment on our rote acceptance of authority figures or just a deliciously creepy character study, you'll come away from "The Good Doctor" wanting to keep religiously eating that apple a day. full review
  47. How to Survive a Plague 2012 A heart-wrenching portrait of one of the saddest, most heroic chapters in American history. full review
  48. The Innkeepers 2012 "The Innkeepers" is no masterpiece, but you may well leave with your nerves expertly jangled. full review
  49. The Invisible War 2012 For sheer infuriation value, you can't do much better than Kirby Dick's quietly scathing documentary on rape in the US military. full review
  50. L!fe Happens 2012 A likable concept that deflates into conventionality... full review
  51. Last Call at the Oasis 2012 Yu ends on a mildly optimistic note, but it's hard not to walk away convinced we're all in for a rather severe dry spell. full review
  52. The Sapphires 2012 For the most part Aussie director Wayne Blair's feature debut is snappy and fresh. full review
  53. Sleepwalk With Me 2012 A thoughtful adaptation of Birbiglia's hit one-man, off-Broadway show. full review
  54. Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap 2012 In his debut as a documentarian, Ice T creates a vibrant portrait of how and why rap came to be. full review
  55. Struck by Lightning 2012 Ultimately, it all portends a much brighter future for Colfer than for Carson. full review
  56. Angels Crest 2011 Dellal gets respectable performances all around ... but they can't elevate "Angels Crest" ... beyond its one obvious and depressing note ... full review
  57. Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey 2011 You'd have to be a true Grouch not to be moved. full review
  58. Flypaper 2011 In the end, there's just a roomful of decent character actors in search of a point. For them, the titular "Flypaper" may have simply been a paycheck. full review
  59. Last Days Here 2011 It's horrifying, and you can't look away. full review
  60. The Pill 2011 Does the title refer to contraception? Or one of this sort-of comedy's three leads? It's a toss-up; everyone involved is just so irritating. full review
  61. Tomboy 2011 Sciamma draws wonderfully natural performances from her young cast, and doesn't shy away from an uncomfortable or pensive silence. full review
  62. /titles/197276 This retrograde sex comedy is embarrassing for just about everyone involved ... full review
  63. /titles/197121 This would-be cult movie looks the part, but has little going on inside. full review
  64. /titles/200115 [A] blathery, misogynist indie ... full review
  65. /titles/200138 He's a rebellious trust-funder who specializes in strip clubs, one-night stands and gambling debts. She's a possibly schizophrenic mental patient raised in near-captivity by an abusive mother. How could these two kids not fall in love? full review
  66. /titles/199885 Every character is a pretty well-worn archetype, including Michelle Monaghan's uptight, exercise-obsessed wife. full review
  67. /titles/198040 A rather unremarkable, if endearing, entry in the quirky rom-com genre. full review
  68. /titles/199705 Mostly ... it all ends up feeling like a lost, minor episode of "The X-Files:" A little scary, a little silly and catnip for those who want to believe. full review
  69. /titles/197225 Griffith's vulnerable performance is a standout. But the film's final third seems needlessly graphic. full review
  70. /titles/198365 [A] well-intentioned, if ultimately underwhelming, ode to the ongoing fight for a cure. full review
  71. /titles/197400 It's a deftly scripted parade of low-key character studies; just don't expect too much from the plot, which feels like an afterthought. full review
  72. /titles/199857 For parents of very young children looking for a weekend distraction, "Color City" is passable fare - and will at least inspire kiddies to finish what they start, coloring-wise. full review
  73. /titles/197710 A gritty, sometimes downright heartwrenching story of two young boys left to fend for themselves for weeks during a boiling-hot summer in a Brooklyn housing project. full review
  74. /titles/200148 Hate to say it, but this film ain't half the satire it could have been. full review
  75. /titles/197141 Gorgeously shot in Brooklyn's beachfront neighborhoods and devoid of easy sentimentality, "It Felt Like Love" features realistic performances all around, understandable given the cast of mostly first-time actors. full review
  76. /titles/197764 Writer/director Andrew Levitas needlessly pads this captivating theme with over-used tropes ... full review
  77. /titles/197417 Hirsch and Dorff give it their all - as does the always-welcome Kris Kristofferson, as a boss and father figure to Frank - but they can't make up for the screenplay's shortcomings. full review
  78. /titles/197785 Unfortunately, there's a cliched bag-of-money plot surrounding Red's hell-with-old-age night out, which would have made a more unique movie on its own. full review
  79. /titles/199356 Lee may not want to let anyone in, but it's hard to engage fully with a film that doesn't seem to want to, either. full review
  80. /titles/199977 Take note, Lars von Trier: This is how you do a truly funny, subversive movie about a woman's obsession with the human body and sex. full review