Scott Bowles, USA Today

  1. Wolf Creek 2 2014 While Creek has some notable frights reminiscent of the 2005 original, this version tries too hard to create a franchise-able serial killer from Down Under, a Mad Max with a machete. full review
  2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 A more sure-footed shoot-'em-up that finds some heart, wit and perhaps enough momentum to spawn a formidable action franchise. full review
  3. The Hot Flashes 2013 This comedy deserves credit for taking a decided viewpoint - and delivering a heartfelt if occasionally misguided message. full review
  4. Machete Kills 2013 Machete Kills dulls more than anything. full review
  5. Paranoia 2013 Were it the sum of its formidable parts, Paranoia might give good movies an inferiority complex. full review
  6. Scenic Route 2013 It begins with energy, dulls in the middle stretches but redeems itself with a final destination that makes the trip feel worth it. full review
  7. The Short Game 2013 Like its half-pint stars, The Short Game stands on the cusp of brilliance. full review
  8. Side Effects 2013 The movie descends into a TV-grade police procedural, with twists so sharp and a plot so convoluted you may need meds to clear your head. full review
  9. Stand Up Guys 2013 It's been a long time since a movie wasted as much talent as Stand Up Guys, a film that aims to be a geezer Goodfellas but whose execution is a misfire. full review
  10. Arbitrage 2012 Arbitrage overcomes some pulpy plot twists and a little anti-corporate sermonizing to become a brisk tale of a financial wizard whose sins have returned to collect a debt. full review
  11. Assassin's Bullet 2012 Think the Bourne franchise meets the Bond franchise, without the wit or action. full review
  12. Blue Like Jazz 2012 Just earnest enough to blend its religious theme with a beer-chugging hero for a surprisingly contemporary look at faith. full review
  13. Decoding Deepak 2012 While Decoding offers some tantalizing insights into the celebrity guru, the movie, at its core, is playing out daddy issues as the filmmaker wonders aloud about whether his dad has gotten too big for his britches. full review
  14. The Hunger Games 2012 Like the select participants of its savage sport, The Hunger Games stands triumphant, if scarred and a bit wobbly from the contest. full review
  15. Marley 2012 Sprinkled with riffs, concert footage and home videos, the family-authorized documentary does what the artist usually did: When in doubt, return to the beat. full review
  16. Side by Side 2012 Alas, if you're someone who enjoys movies as, say, a two-hour escape, you may find this documentary on the death of film at digital's hands a bit too inside baseball. full review
  17. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning 2012 Universal soldiers, it seems, never die, even if they deserve a slow and deliberate farewell. full review
  18. The Eagle 2011 Despite some breathtaking scenery and documentary-like realism, The Eagle ultimately falls to some surprising contrivances that seem written by focus groups. full review
  19. The Company Men 2010 It's simple stuff, but the movie's heart is in the right place. full review
  20. Legendary 2010 For a movie with a star wrestler at the center of it, Legendary doesn't pack much of a punch. full review
  21. /titles/197693 Contrived and manic, Days can't decide whether it's a thriller, comedy or feel-good family film. full review
  22. /titles/197328 When the story gets stale, the movie inserts a "nuts" pun or, worse, resorts to a gas or burp joke. It doesn't work the first time, nor the fifth. full review
  23. /titles/197631 Rage is so full of cliche, convention and just plain odd narrative choices that it can't get out of its own way. full review
  24. /titles/197315 A film of repetition, a bloody dance consisting of three steps: stab, scream, repeat. full review