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  1. 49 Up 2005 But a funny thing happened on the way to the class-warfare lecture: Most of the subjects got on with living their lives, ignoring their class distinctions in the process. full review
  2. Atlantis - The Lost Empire 2001 They left behind some crucial elements on their way -- like character, drama and heart.
  3. Get Over It 2001 The surprising part is how, once you get over the crude humor that the teen-movie genre demands, Get Over It is a nice little movie.
  4. The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle 2000 Just take it as seriously as the filmmakers did, and you'll do fine.
  5. Mission: Impossible 2 2000 Isn't bad as summer action fare goes.
  6. The General's Daughter 1999 This movie's idea of psychology is Freudian at its most risque.
  7. Stuart Little 1999 The single best thing about Stuart Little is Nathan Lane.
  8. The Prince of Egypt 1998 If The Prince of Egypt falls short in its song and story, it succeeds gloriously in its epic grandeur and visual splendor.
  9. Chasing Amy 1997 What Smith does best in Chasing Amy is write clever, raunchy and emotionally true-to-life dialogue, particularly in the arguments between Holden and Alyssa.
  10. Braveheart 1995 Gibson's raw energy and storytelling power in Braveheart are undeniable. If the film doesn't meet his ambitions, it's because he set the bar so high.
  11. Sense and Sensibility 1995 Thompson's script hits its peak by keeping Austen's voice yet finding the satirical smirk behind it.
  12. The Usual Suspects 1995 Next to the steady diet of Hollywood formula, contrived plots and situations a regular moviegoer can spot a mile off, The Usual Suspects is something quite different: A movie that's smarter than you are.
  13. Supercop (Police Story 3) (Ging chaat goo si 3: Chiu kap ging chaat) 1992 Chan is fun to watch, no matter what silliness one has to put up with.

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