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  1. Girl On A Bicycle 2014 More of a foolish plod than a weightless rollick. full review
  2. Berberian Sound Studio 2013 A twisted tribute to analog moviemaking and 1970s Italian Giallo horror flicks. full review
  3. Concussion 2013 It is Weigert's performance that gives the film its mystery and charge. Playing seriously with identity, she draws the viewer ever closer. The way she never reveals everything is electrifying. full review
  4. Escape From Planet Earth 2013 It never discovers new worlds, but "Escape From Planet Earth" is, in its genial way, escape enough. full review
  5. Good Ol' Freda 2013 White's film is a love letter not just to Kelly and the Beatles, but also to postwar working-class Liverpool. full review
  6. Haute Cuisine 2013 If the material lacks a distinctive flavor profile, its restraint is its strength. The focus on a woman's passionate hard work without need of marital-status back story is refreshing. full review
  7. The History Of Future Folk 2013 The movie could have made its points - war is bad; music is the universal language - in half the time. But the harmonies are sweet, the acoustic picking impressive. full review
  8. I Give It a Year 2013 By turns thoughtful, awkward and lacking in chemistry, the movie ultimately sticks to the rom-com template without making the outcome matter. full review
  9. Inch'Allah 2013 Barbeau-Lavalette builds a persuasive sensory immediacy in "Inch'Allah," even as her story grows increasingly contrived. full review
  10. Movie 43 2013 How many directors does it take to screw in a star-studded piece of aggressive stupidity and call it a movie? An even dozen, and there is no punch line. full review
  11. My Amityville Horror 2013 The blurring of fact and fiction has been a part of the Amityville saga since it became public, but for Lutz there's no gray area in his memories, whose power is undiminished. full review
  12. Pandora's Promise 2013 The lack of opposing voices diminishes the film, even as Stone raises issues that shouldn't be discounted out of hand. full review
  13. The Playroom 2013 The film uses the upper-middle-class setting effectively, even as it resorts to heavy-handed symbolism and melodrama in its dour, mostly unforgiving portrait of parental dysfunction. full review
  14. Touchy Feely 2013 A work that gestures toward depths without truly plumbing them. full review
  15. Winnie Mandela 2013 Like many a biopic before it, "Winnie Mandela" shoehorns an exceptional life into the standard template of a highlights reel, lurching from one Important Moment to the next. full review
  16. 17 Girls 2012 The film suggests a state of grace between childhood and adulthood, but the narrative feels increasingly tentative, and the characters remain opaque - "local divas," in one teacher's estimation. full review
  17. 360 2012 With its international collection of mostly two-dimensional characters and its barely developed ideas on adultery, capitalism, addiction and sex, "360" is an over-plotted and dreary farrago. full review
  18. 5 Broken Cameras 2012 As raw as the material of "5 Broken Cameras" can be, it is also lyrical and elegiac. full review
  19. All Together 2012 It's too bad the filmmaker felt the need to lighten his unvarnished observations about aging with "cute" stuff. full review
  20. Atlas Shrugged: Part II 2012 Director John Putch struggles to find balance or generate a single spark from the clunky mix of romance, political diatribe and thriller. full review
  21. Big Boys Gone Bananas!* 2012 An eye-opening look at the way the U.S. media fell lockstep behind Dole's claims. full review
  22. Butter 2012 Given the talent assembled for this diversion, you can't believe it's not better. full review
  23. Casa de mi padre 2012 A lot of the film unrolls like wasted opportunities, placeholders between the cheesy musical interludes and ludicrous Peckinpah-esque violence. full review
  24. Compliance 2012 That the thriller is based on real incidents only magnifies its effect. full review
  25. Friends With Kids 2012 Even as it zeros in on radical shifts in the mechanics and mores of parenthood, it sits quite comfortably in a well-worn romantic-comedy groove. full review
  26. Girl In Progress 2012 Smart girls do stupid things, there's no doubt about it. But Ansiedad's bad behavior is supposed to be both faux and earnest, a premise that doesn't jell. full review
  27. Girl Model 2012 The nonaggressive approach can be frustrating, but it nonetheless gets under the skin-deep promises of glamour and wealth that lure a seemingly endless stream of very young hopefuls. full review
  28. The Good Doctor 2012 Targeting age-old English class consciousness, not contemporary American healthcare woes, the movie is a shrewd commentary on careerism and status. full review
  29. Hitler's Children 2012 A film whose core is a haunting question: When parents are monstrous, where does filial love begin and end? full review
  30. Holy Motors 2012 In "Holy Motors" Carax insists on our other selves. His daylong ride is a wary celebration, a joyful dirge that's served up in concentrated form by a roving band of accordion players. It's all in a day's work. full review
  31. The House I Live In 2012 It's a film as profoundly sad as it is enraging and potentially galvanizing, and it's one of the most important pieces of nonfiction to hit the screen in years. full review
  32. How to Survive a Plague 2012 An exceptional portrait of a community in crisis and the focused fury of its response. full review
  33. In Another Country 2012 A beguiling set of variations on a theme, a gossamer-light etude composed for delight rather than dissection. full review
  34. Let My People Go! 2012 The road to the inevitable slapsticky Seder is paved with more sweetness than bite, a good deal of frantic foolishness and progressively thinner laughs, all wrapped in a message of acceptance and inclusiveness. full review
  35. A Little Bit Of Heaven 2012 Gren Wells' screenplay throws around a few ideas about female independence and sexuality, but finally it's as shallow as it is mawkish. full review
  36. Little White Lies 2012 With an ensemble led by Marion Cotillard and Francois Cluzet, the French hit has personality to burn, and squanders most of it. full review
  37. Mirror Mirror 2012 A booster shot of testosterone lends kinetic kick to director Tarsem Singh's visually inventive interpretation, without shortchanging the requisite froufrou or sugarcoating the story's dark Oedipal heart. full review
  38. Nobody Else But You 2012 The enduring mythology of Monroe enters the story as a mildly engaging echo and turns into an all-consuming avalanche, leaving out in the cold much of what feels fresh and appealing about the film. full review
  39. One Day On Earth 2012 The overall impression is as fleeting as much of the imagery that flashes across the screen. full review
  40. One for the Money 2012 An ungainly mix of flat-footed gumshoeing and strained attempts at hilarity, all delivered with an unconvincing Joizy vibe. full review
  41. The Queen of Versailles 2012 [An] excellent and unexpectedly nuanced documentary... full review
  42. The Rabbi's Cat 2012 It's a wild and vivid ride and a spirited reminder of the kinship between Jewish and Arab cultural traditions. full review
  43. War of the Buttons 2012 Though it's handled with little subtlety, the way the atmosphere of suspicion in Vichy France filters down to the kids is a smart slant on the material. full review
  44. We Have a Pope 2012 A gentle fable whose humanist heart beats in Michel Piccoli's nuanced performance. full review
  45. A Werewolf Boy 2012 A chaste young-adult romance that bites into supernatural melodrama, science fiction and political conspiracy theories. full review
  46. What A Man 2012 With its stock characters and low-expectation high jinks, the German import "What a Man" could have been fabricated on the Hollywood rom-com assembly line. full review
  47. Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey 2011 A documentary as gentle as its subject: the story of a boy who realized his dream and, on the film's evidence, received a lot of encouragement and support along the way. full review
  48. Crime After Crime 2011 Potash's closeness to it, and sense of healthy outrage, invigorate the film and make the saga's central participants impossible to forget. full review
  49. The Flowers of War 2011 "Flowers" abounds with well-worn movie archetypes and slathers on schmaltz. full review
  50. The Other Woman 2011 Equating interpersonal issues with drama, "The Other Woman" is mostly flat and plodding. full review
  51. Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow 2011 "Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow" is that rare art documentary - one that places the art front and center, not as an adjunct to its maker's biography. full review
  52. Peep World 2011 By turns flat and strained, "Peep World" is a collection of personality disorders in search of a story. full review
  53. Polisse 2011 Inspired by a documentary, the film is shot with verite immediacy and beautifully acted by an outstanding ensemble. full review
  54. The Robber 2011 A film as lean and taut as its marathon-winning title character. full review
  55. Seven Days In Utopia 2011 There are no real bumps in that road, and though the drama has its heartfelt moments, it unrolls as flat as the Texas terrain, cast in an idyllic summer glow. full review
  56. Sympathy for Delicious 2011 Despite the powerful sense of place, "Sympathy for Delicious" unwinds a narrative thread that grows increasingly tattered and flimsy. full review
  57. This Must Be The Place 2011 If the movie doesn't entirely get past its hard-to-buy premise, director Paolo Sorrentino does have the courage of his convictions, not just embracing every contradiction but spinning many of the story's contrivances into moments of strange, aching beauty. full review
  58. Trishna 2011 As a portrait of a nation amid accelerated and profound change, "Trishna" is a vivid piece of cinema. As a melodrama, it's provocative without being emotionally involving, the central performance more distancing than engaging. full review
  59. The Whale 2011 Thoughtful and moving, if often heavy-handed... full review
  60. Cherry Tree Lane 2010 full review
  61. Last Night 2010 It's hard to care about the fate of a marriage that never quite comes into focus. full review
  62. A Little Help 2010 If the film takes too long to reach its rather soft denouement, Fischer makes Laura's awakening convincing. full review
  63. The Tale of Despereaux 2008 Despereaux is a rare creature, not only for the handmade look and subtlety of its computer-generated imagery but also for its irony-free embrace of once-upon-a-time storytelling. full review

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