Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic

  1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012 Gelb apparently understood that his subject was itself so taking that he wouldn't need filmic embellishments to keep his viewers alert. full review
  2. Old Joy 2005 About [Kelly Reichardt's] directing, after praising her simplicity, one has to praise her daring. To make this film took considerable conviction -- and, for an artist, conviction usually entails courage.
  3. Me and You and Everyone We Know 2004 It seems quite possible that Me and You marks the arrival of an artist who may affect -- disturbingly yet helpfully -- films and audiences to come.
  4. Funny Games 1998 The basic puzzle is why this sophisticated director chose this tired formula.
  5. Chasing Amy 1997 Smith makes it crackle, with various aggressive honesties and wit.
  6. Jackie Brown 1997 The flat, self-exposing dud that fate often keeps in store for the initially overpraised.
  7. Mrs. Brown 1997
  8. The Wings of the Dove 1997
  9. Trainspotting 1996 A few patches are subtitled, but the general effect is of watching an opera without having read the libretto.
  10. Walking and Talking 1996
  11. Dead Man 1995