Stephen Cole, Globe and Mail

  1. Jesus Henry Christ 2012 Watching Jesus Henry Christ sometimes feels like being trapped in a building with a faulty fire alarm. full review
  2. My Way 2012 Adolescent boys will savour My Way's bombast and solemnity. Cringing adult audiences will more likely beat a retreat before final call. full review
  3. The Viral Factor 2012 Tediously overwrought and drably made, with scenes punctuated by synthesized drums out of eighties American TV drama. full review
  4. Donovan's Echo 2011 Halfway home to being a really good little clairvoyant thriller, Donovan's Echo would have benefited greatly from a Stephen King rewrite. full review
  5. The Eagle 2011 The Eagle makes for an okay parent-and-young-son film outing. But you'll want to get your youngster the Sutcliff paperback. full review
  6. Surviving Progress 2011 Though often fascinating and beautiful to look at, Surviving Progress falls into the adapting-a-book-into-a-movie trap. Trying to do too much too fast. full review
  7. We Were Here 2011 The most gripping war movie you'll see this year, We Were Here tells first-hand the story of how AIDS attacked San Francisco, killing more than 15,000. Whole peer groups were happy, healthy, and then dead in months. full review
  8. Cave of Forgotten Dreams 2010 It is our tour guide that makes Cave of Forgotten Dreams an often thrilling experience. full review
  9. Countdown to Zero 2010 A bluntly effective media campaign as opposed to a well-articulated documentary. full review
  10. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work 2010 The new documentary on Joan Rivers is so in your face, so fraught with harrowing, oversized personal stuff, you might want to get a theatre seat a couple of rows behind where you normally sit, to safely take it all in. full review
  11. Kaboom 2010 What pop spectacle! full review
  12. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage 2010 Dunn and McFadyen have done Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart the service of resolving their eventful, four-decade career. It's a smart, lyrical, often funny movie. full review
  13. Waste Land 2010 It's sheer pleasure watching Muniz work -- seeing him seized by mad impulses of delight. full review
  14. Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day 2009 Make no mistake, they're becoming Trailer Park Men, demonstrating sure signs of maturity full review
  15. The Burning Plain 2008 Throw in enough symbolism to choke an English-lit major and you have a film challenge that too often feels like a chore. full review
  16. Hot Rod 2007 The film steals one of the best laughs of Jon Heder's surprise 2004 hit, the scene where Napoleon nosedives over a bicycle jump, and stretches the gag into an 86-minute movie. full review
  17. The Hunting Party 2007 A sour, disenchanted war comedy that affects a breezy style, The Hunting Party was originally called Spring Break in Bosnia. full review
  18. The Pool 2007 A miraculous, American-made Hindi film that is every bit as tranquil as the blue-green reservoir that serves as its abiding metaphor. full review
  19. Brother Bear 2003 The film can be recommended to parents of headstrong children who are up for a wild, frequently entertaining, but not always coherent ride. Everyone else might want to download the Disney screensaver. full review
  20. American Dreamz 2002 A random episode of American Idol offers more comedy and drama, not to mention more disturbing insights into contemporary popular culture, than American Dreamz. full review
  21. /titles/200483 After preliminary special-effects high jinks -- wolves bobsledding a hollow log down a twisty mountain run -- Alpha and Omega kicks into An Important Life Lesson. full review
  22. /titles/199856 It's Duvall and Murray who make Get Low a small, wonderful thing. full review
  23. /titles/200137 A bracing survey course on the mystery genre set in a Scandinavian landscape as cold as a killer's kiss. full review
  24. /titles/199836 A third of the way into Soul Plane, maybe earlier if you're in the right mood or with the wrong company, you might actually start to enjoy disliking the movie. full review
  25. /titles/199829 Best of all, it doesn't star Ashley Judd, who has made a wearying specialty out of playing tough-tender female cops. Danger-prone Angelina Jolie is on the case here -- an improvement that pays big dividends throughout. full review